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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik worrying that Naira will make him lose the job. Naitik calls him and asks are you free to meet me. Kartik worries and asks him to not to judge him by anything, my work is very good, just see my hardwork. Naitik says wait, I called you to thank you. Kartik asks what. Naitik says Akshara told me you helped her a lot in Rishikesh. Kartik says yes, she is a sweet lady, I could not bear to see her crying and longing for her daughter. Naitik says we will meet tomorrow, and ends call. Kartik says goodness always helps, and goes. Ananya talks to Varsha and says I want to meet Naira, I will stay with you and enjoy. Varsha and Rajshri get glad. Ananya asks about Naira, how is her nature, Akshara will be very happy. Varsha asks her to come and talk. Ananya says yes, I will come soon.

Gayu surprises Naira by calling her friends. Naira gets glad and hugs them. Her friends ask where did she go, they all missed her a lot. Gayu says no more senti talk. Naira sits with her friends and has a talk. Akshara looks on. Naira says you should do work what makes your heart happy, not for money. She asks them to come Rishikesh once, Ganga Maiyya water is much better than any water park. She praises the city. Naitik comes and tells Akshara that your idea is good, Naira looks happy. Akshara says its not my idea, Naksh and Gayu did all arrangements, I did not cook food, I will not go close to them, I will see from far, she should not have any problem, I will stand away and see her. He thanks Akshara. Bau ji says Naira looks happy today.

Devyaani says yes and wishes Naira stays happy. Naman and Karishma are worried and think to take precautionary step. Naitik asks Gayu can I help. Gayu says no, Naksh and I will manage. Naira’s friends ask Naira to thank Akshara for arranging this get together. Naira goes to Akshara and asks her not to do this, don’t make innocent face, stay away, I can’t bear you, why do you want to prove yourself good infront of everyone, you want to show you love me a lot, I understand its all a drama to become great. Everyone look on. Akshara says no, Naksh and Gayu arranged this, I just spoke to your friend’s parents. Naira says I will never forgive you, I will never come back, sorry for this drama, but I can’t bear Akshara and her drama, she can’t become great in my eyes. Akshara cries.

Naira asks did anyone try to understand my pain, what I went through all these years, you all praise Akshara for getting me back, you feel Naira has come back, will forgive her mum and forget everything, but your happiness won’t be for long time, sorry to hurt you all, you think your love got me here, no, I came here as I m helpless, to save my ashram, and very soon I will go back. They all get shocked. Naira says our relation will end in one month, I will repay the loan and will never come back, its matter of just one month, I can’t bear Akshara more than that. She goes. Akshara cries.

Akshara tells Naitik that I did not say anything to Naira, you can ask Varsha, why is Naira saying she will leave, she wants to go back, why, go and ask her, I want answer, I can’t talk to her, she will get more annoyed, you talk to her. He says yes, I will ask her. She says ask her why is she saying this, I won’t let her go, you don’t agree to her, I want my daughter to stay here. Naitik cries. Naksh says let Papa talk to Naira. Akshara says no, let Naitik promise, Naitik will not let Naira go back, she will stay with us. Naksh holds her. Naitik sadly goes to talk to Naira. Naman tells Karishma that now we don’t need to do anything, already much drama is happening here.

Kuhu informs Maheshwari family that Naira has come for just one month, she will go back. They all get shocked. Varsha says Akshara and I knew this, Naira came with us for money, she was helpless and wanted money to save ashram, we thought she will be glad being with us and not go back, but… Rajshri cries and says what would be Akshara going through.

Naira cries in her room. Naitik goes to her and asks her to answer, he wants to talk. He stands at the door. She asks him to go. He asks her to listen. He says we got you after many years, why did you say you will leave. She says because I want to leave, no one can stop me, I have some work to complete, I won’t go without doing it, your wife gave money to help Negi, I have to return it, I don’t want anyone’s favor, I will leave after returning money. Naitik tries explaining her, why is hatred towards one relation affecting all relations, why is my strong princess running away.

She says I don’t want to stay here, I will go and stay happy, you all will be happy too. He says we won’t be happy without you, I lost you before and don’t have courage to lose you again, don’t leave for my sake, if you don’t care, then do what you wish. She says I love you Papa, I love Naksh too, don’t use my love, let me go, I will be happy and there will be peace here, don’t stop me, I don’t want to stay here. She cries. Naitik goes to Akshara. She asks what did she say. He stays silent. She understands Naira’s refusal.

Akshara packs her bags and says I m responsible for all this, Naira stayed away because of me, I decided I won’t stay here. Naitik, Naksh and everyone get shocked.

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