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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira running to Akshara and hugging her. She apologizes. Akshara asks what happened, are you saying sorry as CD got stuck, its not your mistake. Naira says no, I m saying sorry for all those years when I misunderstood you, you can beat me.

Naksh and Kartik look on. Akshara says calm down, what happened, did anyone tell you anything. Naira says no, I understood my annoyance has no right reason, I was very wrong, I had misunderstanding, I fell in same situation today and understood you, you can punish me. Akshara says enough, and cries. They hug. Soni chidiya…………plays………..

Naksh says if Papa was here, this happiness would have got doubled. Kartik says but we can send him this video. Akshara and Naira hold hands and cry. Kartik thanks Lord. Naira rests in Akshara’s lap. Bhabhimaa, Rajshri and Devyaani cry seeing them. Bau ji and Vishwamber look on. Rajshri thanks Lord that everything got fine. Devyaani says our Naira returned home in true sense.

Rama calls Naksh and asks is Naira’s performance over, Akshara is not attending call, Gayu is waiting. Naksh tells her that Naira and Maa’s patchup happened, we were waiting for this, I will tell her. Rama says let Akshara be there, what happened there is more imp than this result. Gayu smiles seeing a card for Akshara and says I m waiting for moment when I will call Akshara as Maa. Gayu asks Rama is Akshara coming. Rama says Akshara got her daughter, Naira’s misunderstanding got away. Gayu asks really, Akshara’s wait is over, I want to see her. Rama says Akshara should be with Naira. Gayu says yes, its big moment for them. Rama goes. Gayu cries.

Akshara says I should rush to Gayu. Naksh says I spoke to Rama, she asked you to stay here. Vishwamber says we will stay here or miss both results. Gayu wishes Akshara was with her. Naira’s result is also close. Akshara calls Gayu and apologizes that she is not with her, but she is with her always. Naira also apologizes for stopping Akshara here, we all wanted to come, results are not announced, even if we leave, we can’t reach there on time. Gayu says I can understand. Naira says I m not leaving mumma’s hand and take my share of love, can I keep mumma with me. Gayu says yes, sure. Naira wishes her all the best and says we both will make mumma feel proud. Akshara tells Gayu that her both daughters are special to her, you should be ready for any exam in life, life always shows you new things and inspires you, my blessings are with you. Gayu thanks her. Both events result go on same pace.

Akshara hears Gayu’s result on phone. Gayu gets 3rd place. She takes the award and gives credit to Akshara, who helped her in reaching here. She says I don’t have Maa, but I have Mami, she is my inspiration and Guru, I got this talent for her, she was my showstopper and my collection was named after her, she means the world for me. Akshara cries hearing her. Gayu hugs Rama. Rama congratulates her. Akshara says Gayu, you said big things. Gayu says I can’t express your place in my life. Akshara smiles.

Gayu stays on call and hears Naira’s result. Naira says we will go home, I did not get 3rd and 2nd prize. Akshara says you may get 1st prize, wait. The man declares Naira as the winner. They all get glad. Akshara gets up and phone falls down. Rama asks Gayu why did you get sad. Gayu says phone disconnected. Rama says you came third, its not a small thing, you won and you got contract, people will wear your designs, its big thing. Naira says I got 1st prize, credit goes to mumma. She thanks Akshara for helping her. Gayu says if Akshara was with me, I would have come 1st, not 3rd, I would have not changed design in last minute, my confidence would be high, my presentation would have been better. She cries.

Naira receives the trophy by Guru Maa’s hands. Guru Maa says I m glad to give this trophy to Naira, its by her hardwork, we don’t know our talent, if anyone guides us and then if we work hard, we win, such is Naira’s story. She hugs Naira. Naira thanks everyone and also Guru Maa, who has guided her. She says my first teacher is my mum, who helped me become a better person, thanks mumma. Naira asks call I call mumma. Guru Maa nods. Naira gives trophy to Akshara. Akshara cries happily and wishes Naitik comes back soon.

Kartik tells Naira about her loving family and says I love them and you. She looks at him.

Written Update by Amena

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