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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai watch online

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Sangram what is he saying. Do you really want to repent? Sangram says I really regret, Akshara is in that state because of me, when I saw death close, I understand what big mistake I did that day, I did not push her, but I ran from there to leave her to die. Dada ji says great, you really repent, its good step, who knows this repentance will make a way for Tara and Naksh’s marriage. Tara comes and says Dada ji…. Dada ji asks her to come, why did you not sleep. Sangram says she would have come to give new year wishes. Tara says yes and wishes them happy new year. They hug. She goes thinking what was Dada ji saying, what repentance, he is hiding something, I have to find out.

Its morning, Akshara wakes up and moves her hand to get her stick. She touches the tanpura and says its my tanpura. Naitik says this is your new year gift, wishes and kisses her. He asks her to think of her dreams, which she left. She asks what happened to you suddenly. He says nothing, its better to polish your hobby, you have time now, I m sure music will give happiness. She says my happiness is that my husband cares for my happiness. She plays the strings and smiles.

Varsha comes to Jasmeet and gives her gifts sent by Anshu. She says Anshu missed you a lot, they were busy and I roamed alone, Anshu chose gifts for you. Jasmeet says fine, I understood, why are you telling me to make me jealous, go again and get gifts for me, I m dying for it. She gets angry and leaves.

Akshara plays tanpura. The family sits to hear her. Akshara sings siya ram…………… everyone smile. Karishma calls Naman and says my friends organized party for me, will you come. He says no, I m busy, you go ahead and enjoy. She gets angry and ends call. She gets annoyed with him.

Mishti gets a toy. Naira asks her to go, as Akshara is getting disturbed. Akshara says no, I m not getting disturbed, its not always you get environment like you want. Karishma gets disturbed by them. She gets her anger on everyone, asking why is it so noisy, there is no peace. Akshara says I m sorry Karishma, I did not know you are also here. Naira feels bad.

She goes to Karishma and asks how can she tell this, Akshara would be hurt, she did not tell anyone when she got disturbed. Karishma says I did not tell her, stop saying this. Naira says everyone felt bad, mum stays depressed, so Naitik gave her tanpura. Karishma asks her not to give her headache. Naira says you don’t come downstairs, my mum will play tanpura wherever she want. Karishma says I m getting angry, go. Naira asks why do you do this with my mum. Karishma says just leave Naira. Mishta hears them and thinks to do something.

Naksh surprises Tara and makes her have golgappas. She says its spicy. He gives her water and says sorry. She asks whats your new year resolution. He says to find the person who did this with Akshara, whats yours. She murmurs to find whats happening in her house. She says playing hockey and… he says coming close to me. They smile.

Naira comes to Mishti and asks her not to play with her school items. Akshara and Naitik come to Naira, and ask why did she interfere in elder’s matter. Mishti says sorry, I told Akshara. Naitik and Akshara explain Naira about arguing with Karishma. Naira says I did not feel bad how Karishma spoke to mumma. Naitik says we will talk to her. Akshara says she was irritated and reacted that way, there was nothing to feel bad, you forgot what she did for you on time. Naitik says if anyone does wrong, show doing right. Naira says sorry. Akshara asks her to say sorry to one she has hurt. Naira goes to Karishma. Akshara says I feel worried for Karishma, she is sad with fight with Naman.

Naitik says your children love you, see the good thing, they fight for you, my importance will end. He hugs her. Naira goes to Karishma and apologizes to her. She says she will not argue again and leaves. Karishma says its good as if sorry makes everything fine, I m so done with you all, I don’t want any sorry. She gets angry. Naira hugs Akshara and says I think Karishma is very annoyed, I told sorry and she did not say anything. Akshara says your work is done, when she realizes, she will talk to you, its her work now. Naitik says forget it if its by heart. Akshara praises Naira. Naitik says she will not interfere in elder’s matters now. Naira says sure and hugs them.

Naitik tells Akshara that he will talk to Karishma. She says no, Karishma will forget it soon, it will take time. Naitik asks what happened. She says I told Girja to shut windows before evening, It gets cold. She goes to window and shuts it. He looks on and asks how did you know where was the window, you went confidently there, its great. She says I have counted steps and know it, I can feel your eyes on my face, does anyone see me with love, are you not happy. He says you are my heroine. She says no, I realize if you stay with helplessness, if breaks you, if you make it your inspiration, it becomes your strength. He says yes, you know to bring bad situation in favor. They hug and smile.

Karishma asks Naman how did this happen, its big problem, we are ruined. Naitik tells Akshara that Naman is hiding something.

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