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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dada ji apologizing. Baisa scolds him for the things they lost. Akshara tries to defend Dada ji. Dada ji talks to Sangram about the bags. Baisa says our bags got stolen. He says I don’t think so, you will get the bag. He asks his grandsons to find the bag. Akshara asks him to calm down, else he can get unwell, it will be wrong. He says wrong happened, its about my relations and village too.

Naitik talks to Shaurya on phone and asks him to be patient, and keep trying, I did not mean to make you feel guilty. A man tells Naitik that something wrong happened. Baisa says thief would have sold jewelry till now. Vikram says bags are not there. Dada ji asks them to check again. Baisa argues and speaks against Tara’s family.

The villagers ask Dada ji to check their homes, its their sister’s marriage. Akshara and Bau ji ask Baisa to see and calm down. Baisa calls them foolish. A man brings the box and asks whose box is it, we got this at kuldevi temple, I checked its jewelry and came here to give you. They all look on. Dada ji hugs the man. Akshara thanks the man. Sanju says its filmi village, who returns jewelry in reality. Dada ji and Sangram make Baisa see the truth. Dada ji apologize. Akshara says its our mistake, I m seeing you got tired and working a lot. He asks what shall I do, I m girl’s Dada, I won’t get peace till she gets married and goes to her inlaws, I wish no hurdle happens now. Akshara says all marriages in our house had something or other, these become memories.

The man tells Naitik about the deal. Naitik asks him to cancel deal. The man says its matter of one day, I think you should go. Naitik agrees and says I m sorry Akshara, I can’t put everyone’s job at stake, how to tell this to you. Everyone talk about Ghanguar. Varsha says Ananya messaged, she said she will come soon. Akshara says I spoke to Naitik, maybe he will come tomorrow. Jasmeet says Karishma said she can’t come. Devyaani says Naman said he will come, but Naitik, he is Naksh’s father, it will be wrong to keep this marriage without him. Akshara asks them to be happy. Rajshri says we are smiling, click our pic and send to Naitik.

Naitik tells Akshara about the urgent meeting and delay to come back. She asks what will we do now. He says I will come soon, one function will be missed, I will be in marriage, don’t spoil your mood, smile fast. She smiles and ends videochat. Shaurya calls her. Akshara talks to Shaurya and asks him not to worry, she understands Varsha’s pain and does not need his help. He says I understand, tell me if you need my help. Varsha hears Akshara and hugs her, saying you would be my sister in last birth to think so much for me, Shaurya gave me big sorrow, but your love is also great. Akshara says we will not go away from you, we will never force you, but I have a wish. Varsha says I know its not Kuhu’s mistake, I pity seeing her, she lost her mother and does not have father, my heart melts seeing Kuhu. Akshara says I know you are very good, relations can be illegitimate, but not children. She asks her to work now. Varsha asks did you talk to Naitik.

Dada ji calls out Tara and compliments her. The brothers joke on Tara. She says I feel uneasy, I should be happy, but I m confused. Dada ji says this happens at marriage time, I m sure you will be happy and keep everyone happy. Sangram says don’t know, no one told us about anything. She says I was just joking and they laugh. Dada ji asks her to apply black dot behind ears, so that she does not get bad sight. They leave. She says my love caught bad sight, Naksh has no time to talk to me, he did not meet her, I feel Naksh does not care, how to explain this to family.

Akshara tells Devyaani that Naitik will come till sangeet. Devyaani says its good. Varsha comes there without wearing any jewelry. She says I know its ghangaur but… Akshara says festival should be celebrated from heart, its fine. Kuhu asks Varsha to wear jewelry. Everyone look n. Varsha wears jewelry.

Shaurya is sad at home. Rajshri says we lost chunris at home, don’t know will we get chunri here or not. Akshara says its Tara’s first ghangaur, I want to do everyone by rituals, I will ask Ananya to get that. Varsha says Ananya can get from market, as she will see Shaurya at home.

Everyone get shocked seeing Shaurya injured.

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