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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai watch online

The Episode starts with everyone leaving to see the girl. Naksh worries and asks Naitik to explain them. Naitik says arranged marriage is not bad, see me and Akshara, and if girl is good, you can marry, its your age, you were marrying Tara is Goa right, I have seen her pic, she is better than Tara, come. Naksh says there can be no one better than Tara. Naitik asks did you say anything. Naksh says no. Akshara says sit down fast, we are getting late.

The guy stops Naira and says I know you like me. Naira asks him to move off her way. He says we will celebrate your birthday, I know you, I will throw a party. She scolds him and calls him mad. Akshara and everyone are on the way. She signs Bhabhimaa and Naitik. She tells Naitik about their first meet. Naksh recalls meeting Tara for the first time. Naitik says I remember everything. Akshara says I remember when you proposed me. Naksh recalls his love confession. Naitik reminds Akshara their first date. Naksh recalls his first date with Tara. Naksh worries. They smile. Tara cries in her room.

Naksh gets restless and runs getting down the car. They all laugh. Akshara says I told you, Naksh will realize it soon. Naira gets a chit from that guy, and gets shocked. She says how dare he, I will not leave him, I will tell my parents, why will they scold me, now I will not keep quiet and complain about him.

Sangram, Aditya and Vikram decorate the house. They smile seeing Naksh. Naksh comes running and Sangram stops him. Naksh asks for Tara. Sangram asks why, how did you recall Tara now. Naksh says call Tara. Sangram says she won’t come, its her engagement today. Her two relations broke, now don’t break this one, go from here. Naksh says I won’t go. Dada ji comes out and sees Naksh. He asks why did Naksh come, Sangram ask him to leave, our guests are coming. Tara gets ready. Naksh runs inside and shouts Tara….. where are you, I won’t let her engagement happen. Tara hears him and comes out. She asks Naksh, what are you doing here. He says your brothers were not letting me meet you. She asks why do you want to meet me. He asks will you get engaged to anyone. She says you broke relation with me. He asks is this your love, I was annoyed. She says it was your mistake. He says I did mistake, so this does not happen you get engaged to anyone else, what about me. She says you don’t care for me, what about me, family was insisting for my engagement.

Naksh says I will get engaged to you, I will marry you, I really love you Tara. Everyone smile. She says I missed you a lot, I can’t live without you. He says even I can’t live without you. They hug. Dada ji asks what is this, love and breaking up anytime. Naksh and Tara say sorry. Naksh says get her engaged to me. Dada ji says no, I will get her engaged where I decided. Tara says no, don’t do this. Naksh says forgive me. Dada ji says I don’t trust you now. Sangram says groom’s family has come. Dada ji asks Naksh to turn that side and stand. Naitik, Akshara and Bhabhimaa come there. Tara and Naksh get a huge surprise and smile.

Naitik asks Naksh why are you seeing this way. Naksh says you all here. Akshara says you felt we will get you engaged to someone else, we did that drama to unite you two. Akshara says yes, you did not wish to see each other. Dada ji says Tara scolded Akshara, and all this plan was by Akshara, I m very happy that Rara will go in such a nice house. Tara apologizes to Akshara and thanks her. Akshara says no need to say sorry, we did what we felt right. Dada ji says anger is not good, I have to tell this to Tara and Naksh. Akshara says yes, small problems come, but relation should not be broken, you should keep ego at bay and keep relations. Naksh says you are right mumma. Tara says really sorry. Naksh says yes, we will be careful always. They all smile. Naksh and Tara smile.

Varsha asks Shankari Tai did she find out well. Shankari praises the guys, and says the family does not stay here, the groom’s Bua stays here and wants to see the girl today evening. Varsha says so soon, no.. and worries that Ananya is fat. Omi asks them to call Akshara. Everyone tease Naksh at home and laugh. Naira thinks if I say about that guy, they all will worry. Akshara gets Rajshri’s call and tells everyone that Rajshri is calling me, guy’s family is coming to see Ananya. Bhabhimaa asks her to go. Naira says another happiness, and its my birthday tomorrow. Bhabhimaa says all happiness is coming together. Devyaani gets sad and misses Naman and Karishma.

Akshara compliments Ananya. Ananya thanks her for coming and says I m tensed, I don’t know, I don’t want to marry. Akshara pacifies her and cheers her. Varsha comes and asks Ananya to get ready. Ananya says I m ready. Varsha asks her to wear dress in which she looks slim. Akshara says its okay, groom’s family saw her pic. Ananya says I will wear what I feel comfortable in. The groom’s family comes. Akshara says family looks good. Varsha says yes, Shankari Tai said guy is also nice. Shankari talks to them. They ask Varsha to call Ananya.

Varsha gets Ananya. The groom’s family gets annoyed as Varsha has sent wrong photo. They all get shocked.

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