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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Sanju telling Naksh about leaving in her video message. She says she has to be happy and keep others happy, she tried, but Yash and she are different, ask Yash to forget me, do me a favor, I did not have courage to tell this at home, please tell them before they worry, handle Rajshri, I promise I will come to meet her. Naksh says I hate you. She says but I love you. He says this is not fair and cries.

Karishma tells Bhabhimaa about marriage arrangements. Naitik comes home and asks for tea. Akshara asks Girja to make tea. Naitik asks her whats this, he has headache and wants tea made by her. She says she felt he is making excuse. He says its getting too much. She says I m not any machine to agree. He says you are making it an issue. She says she has no answer. He says I know I told wrong, I was in tension about Rashmi, I realized my mistake. She says if you have right to react, don’t I have right to react, I m silent and not being angry on anyone, I m not blaming anyone. They see elders watching. Naitik leaves.

Devyaani says its all my mistake, forgive me and drop this annoyance. Bhabhimaa says its not just Naitik’s mistake. Akshara says you all doubted on my intentions, if I don’t agree with your opinion, I became bad. Bhabhimaa apologizes. Akshara asks them not to apologize, she is feeling bad, just be in her place, Rashmi is her loved one, I will be happy if she settles, why am I blamed always, do you really feel I would hurt Rashmi and ruin her future. She says she wants some time to answer herself, and till then they better not try. She says sorry and leaves.

Naitik says Akshara is so adamant. Devyaani says Akshara is annoyed, you have to talk with love. Naksh tells Maheshwaris that Sanju left. Rajshri gets shocked. Ananya says yes, her cupboard is empty, she kept gifts. Rajshri asks why did Sanju go without telling us. Naksh says she wanted to tell you all, but don’t misunderstand her, she love you all so much, she did not tell me. Rajshri says I will scold her. Naksh hugs Rajshri.

Naitik comes to room. He hugs Akshara and promises he will not say sorry, but he loves her a lot. He asks her to leave the annoyance, as family is getting worried. He asks why is she upset. She says I can’t help if you just see my annoyance, end this matter here. He says even I m saying the same, you follow your advice. She says fine, I won’t give advice to anyone, I can’t see anything wrong so I speak you, but I will try, I got a lesson. He asks her to behave normal, as everyone hope. She asks him not to hope, he does not care for her feelings and just see his wishes, and reminds him how many times did this happen.

He says you have got so much in heart, you are misunderstanding. She says you have hurt me a lot, if you want to smile, I will. He says no need, be as you want, you are not agreeing, I can’t try more. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai……………….plays………

Naksh says he hates Sanju. Ananya says Sanju trusts you a lot. Naksh gets upset. Sameer and his sisters come to meet Singhanias. Akshara says she will make good spots list for them. Bhabhimaa says Akshara does her duty so well always. Naitik smiles seeing Akshara. Sameer says this is last time I m going alone, next time I will take you and Gayu. She says this time everyone will be happy in marriage. Gayu asks Sameer not to worry, as she will take care of Rashmi.

Rajshri wonders why Sanju still left. Ananya states she did not had any dilemma, else she might have informed Naksh. Varsha states probably she missed her parents and went. Vishwamber tends to make Rajshri have foods and pacifies her. Akshara tells elders that she could make record. Bau ji asks her to recommend. Naitik comes and asks for his papers. She suggests I don’t know. He asks do you’ve All those papers. She asks him not responsible Many others and maintain his papers safe. They begin arguing. The elders appear on. Naksh arrives and asks whats Erroneous with them. Naitik and Akshara go away. Naksh talks to elders. Bhabhimaa asks him to unravel their fight. Devyaani suggests I feel we should always give the perfect time to Akshara. Bau ji states we did miscalculation to misunderstand her. Devyaani says Naitik and I misunderstood her, we mustn’t hurry. Naksh attempts calling Yash and may’t join. He messages him.

Yash will get offended and asks how could Sanju make a decision this by itself. Naksh asks him to halt. Yash drives rashly. Naksh comes infront of his car to stop him. Yash appears in cellphone even though driving and doesn’t see Naksh infront of him. He hits Naksh and shouts.

Written Update By Sahir


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