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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sangram telling Akshara that he wants to talk to her. She says we will talk at home. He argues and asks how can she rule all the time, you insulted Dada ji. She says we will talk infront of your Dada ji. He says when Tara married, we three brothers will also get married. She starts going and he stops her. He says he has to talk. She says Tara and Naksh are young, I won’t agree if you threaten me, I have told you their marriage will not happen. He shouts on her and says he will explain her. She says let me go. He says you talk a lot, you will just hear it, why are you standing infront of my sister’s happiness. She says you are drunk, move away. He asks why and walks to her. She moves back and asks him to not come close to her, let her go.

She says I will call police. He asks did she go mad and takes her phone. She slips and the railing breaks. She falls down the cliff and Sangram calls out Madam. She recalls her marriage with Naitik, her family and Naitik’s words asking her is it necessary to go…. She falls in the river and sinks. Sangram gets shocked. Akshara comes out and tries to seek help. She shouts for help. Sangram says shall I help Madam ji and sees she has sunk…. He runs away from there.

Naitik calls Akshara and thinks why is she not taking my call. Naksh says chill, maybe she is joking as you did not receive her call. Mishti brings the dish and says she has decorated the dish with water colors. Naitik says it will mix with food. Mishti says sorry. They talk about Akshara. Naira asks Naitik to cook something else soon. They laugh on Naitik to get upset when Akshara goes away for some time.

Sangram recalls Akshara sinking and is tensed. He is on the way to city. Everyone wait for Akshara. Naitik worries. Bau ji asks Naitik to call driver. Naitik calls driver and tells them that driver left for his son’s treatment, and Akshara is driving, its two hours. They worry. Bau ji says maybe Akshara went to her Maayka home. Naira says yes, Akshara told Rajshri that she will visit her. Naksh gets Ananya’s message and tells Naitik that Akshara is not there. Naitik says I m going to find Akshara. He takes Naksh along. Naksh asks Bau ji to inform them if Akshara calls them. They leave. Elders also worry and pray.

Tara says its her duty to convince Naksh and calls him. Naksh and Naitik are on the way. Naksh disconnects her call. Tara says atleast he can reply to my call. Naksh messages he is busy and will call later. She gets annoyed. Naksh tries calling Akshara. He says even he is feeling afraid now, but they will find Akshara. He suggests they should take police’s help. Naitik agrees.

Naman tells everyone that Akshara is not found. Mishti asks did Akshara get lost? Naira says her phone is unreachable. Devyaani asks Naira to take Mishti to room. Naman says Naitik said he informed police, I will also go there. Naitik, Naksh and police see the mechanic shop as driver told them. Naitik stands in middle of the road and asks Akshara to come back. Naksh saves Naitik and asks where is your focus, what are you doing in centre of the highway. Naksh hugs him and says nothing will happen to Akshara. Naitik says yes. Naman comes to them and asks did you find anything.

The inspector says the car passed from here and not crossed the next toll area, we will inspect well, don’t worry. Rajshri calls Devyaani and asks did Akshara reach home. Devyaani finds her worried and lies that Akshara came, she is sleeping, she did not have food, shall I wake her up if you say. Rajshri says no, let her sleep. She ends call.

Naitik, Naksh, Naman and police try to find Akshara. They find her car near the cliff. Naitik worries seeing the car empty. He gets her earrings there and identifies it. He shows it to Naksh and Naman, and say it means she will be here. Naman says why will she come here alone. Naitik says yes, but if she has come here, where did she go. Naksh shows the broke railing.. Naman says did she… Naitik says no, why will she come to his broken railing. They call out Akshara. Naitik asks inspector to find Akshara, she is here. The inspector says we have to find new search team. Naitik says we don’t have time, we will find her. Naksh says wait, we will go together. The inspector says route will not be safe. Naman says we will go with police. Naitik goes alone to find her.

Naira asks about Akshara. Bau ji lies that they found Akshara. He sends kids and tells everyone that just Akshara’s car is found, there is cliff and river near the car. They worry. Karishma says its getting dark, how will they find Akshara. Bhabhimaa cries and prays. Naitik looks for Akshara. Naksh, Naman and police also try to find her. Naitik recalls his words asking her not to come back. He asks Akshara not to do this, he just said that as joke, he did not mean it.

Naitik says he has strong feeling that Akshara is here. Naksh says she is not here, we should leave Naitik jumps in the river to find Akshara. He gets shocked seeing…

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