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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Dada ji and Sangram coming to Singhania house. Akshara says we agree to keep marriage on mahurat, Naitik said he will come. Dada ji gets glad. Bau ji says don’t say you want to keep marriage today itself and jokes. Dada ji says no, we wanted to keep marriage in kuldevi temple in our village. They all get worried and say how will we manage there. Dada ji says its our family there, many relatives, everything will be managed, its my village, my land and even Tara’s parents memories are there, I had big wish that Tara marries by kuldevi blessings, you all don’t worry, it will be my responsibility, marriage will happen great way. Naksh says I don’t have a problem, it will be kind of destination wedding. Akshara says if Naksh is agreeing, we don’t have any problem. Bhabhimaa says we all agree. Dada ji thanks them. Devyaani asks the village name. Sangram tells the village. Bau ji says we heard about it in news. Dada ji says its beautiful village. Bau ji says we mean we heard about robberies there. Devyaani says it was shown last month on tv. Dada ji says don’t believe it. Sangram says don’t worry, police is there, and we all will be there too to protect you all. Dada ji asks them to come once and see their hospitality. Naira asks Naksh to manage here, she is going out at pizza shop. He allows her to go. She thanks him. He looks for sherwanis. She teases him and runs.

Akshara tells her family about the village. Vishwamber says that village is known for robberies. Akshara says yes, we told Dada ji, there is kuldevi temple there, he wants marriage to be kept there, we have to trust them, Naitik is not here, I don’t know when will he come. Shaurya asks Akshara to tell him work, I will take responsibilities till Naitik comes. Vishwamber says responsibility word does not look good from everyone. He asks Akshara to tell him, Omi and Anshu if she needs help.

Naira’s friends gets her to Dhaba which serves drinks too. She orders wine, when Naira refuses for it. police comes there. Vikram goes to dhaba and buys water. Dada ji says maybe teenagers doing something wrong again, parents have to bear this later. He gets shocked seeing Naira there.

Akshara is back at Singhania house. She says Kuhu asked about Naitik, she said she will come here when Naitik comes back. Bau ji asks about her family. Akshara says Vishwamber did not forgive Shaurya. Bau ji says time will hear every wound. She asks about Naira. Naksh says she went to pizza shop, she will come back in an hour. Dada ji calls Akshara. She gets shocked. She tells them that Dada ji asked us to leave for village tomorrow morning, I m worried, how will we manage.

They say clothes are not arranged, and worry more that Naitik did not come till now. Dada ji tells Naira that he wanted to tell everything to Akshara, but Naitik is not here and Akshara would be worried, this place is not suitable for you, you did wrong. Naira’s friend lies and says we did not know people come at this dhaba to drink. Dada ji says fine, I know Naira is Akshara and Naitik’s daughter, I m sure she won’t do anything wrong. Naira thanks him for not telling Akshara. He says fine, I will drop you home, come.

Bhabhimaa calls Nandini and invites her family. Akshara says don’t know when will Naitik come. Naksh says my friends are not coming, there is no baraati and horse too, even clothes are not ready. Akshara asks him not to worry. Naira comes home and Akshara asks her why did she not ask her before going to party. Naira says you would have not allowed me if I asked you. Naksh says Naira asked me, you just take tension of my marriage.

Everyone talk about arrangements. Vishwamber says Shaurya does not need to come. Rajshri says but Ananya and Ranveer will come and ask about Shaurya. Shaurya says its fine, I won’t come, make some excuse infront of Ananya. He gets sad. Naitik and Akshara talk on videochat. He says I can’t come tomorrow, I will reach the village directly. She says its Naksh’s marriage, I thought we will do all rasam together, you went there, I m doing everything alone. He says as if I m having fun here away from family. She says I don’t know, maybe you are making excuse to get saved of work. He says fine, bye. She says wait, I was joking, I m feeling bad. He says even I m feeling bad, I want to come to you and Naksh there. She says I miss you. He says I miss you too. She says I feel nervous, come soon. He says yes.

Bau ji thanks Dada ji on call and tells everyone that Dada ji said route is not right. Baisa comes and says the family is not right. Everyone greet her. Baisa asks why did they keep marriage so soon, why did they agree to all conditions of girl’s family. Akshara says we agreed for Naksh’s sake, don’t be annoyed now, bless Naksh. Naksh says I need your blessings. Baisa blesses him. Naira comes and greets Baisa. She asks for her suitcase. Akshara asks her to do packing soon. Mishti says I took your suitcase. Devyaani asks why, your packing is done with mine. Mishti says I took this for everyone, I have kept ice trays as Bhabhimaa said there will be much heat in village, I was just helping. They smile. Akshara asks Mishti not to help. She asks them to hurry, they have to pickup Rajshri and Nandini too. Akshara asks Rajshri and everyone to come fast. Rajshri shows a surprise for Naksh, that’s Sanju… Naksh and Akshara smile seeing Sanju.

Sanju pulls Naksh’s leg infront of Tara and hugs him. Tara and Dada ji look on.

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