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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai watch online

The Episode starts with Naksh making excuse and leaving. Naitik and Akshara do not find the things fine, and she suggests she will talk to Naksh and Tara after puja, till then Naksh and Tara can solve matter themselves. Naitik says as you find right. Its night, Mishti wakes up from sleep. Mishti cries and says I want my mumma. Bhabhimaa tells Akshara that no child can be away from mother. Akshara makes Mishti sleep. Devyaani looks on. Bhabhimaa says I thought we have to send Mishti by Naitik.

Devyaani says children can say, but what can a mother do, she is also sad, I mean Karishma. Bhabhimaa says yes, I think we have to send Mishti. Akshara and Naitik go to Bau ji. She makes a request to Bau ji.

Its morning, Rukmani greets Dada ji and Tara and ask them did they come to pray anything special. Dada ji says no. Rukmani says mannats are surely fulfilled, Akshara got her eyesight back. They get shocked. Tara asks what. Rukmani asks did you not know this, they kept puja and invited you too. Tara says no. Rukmani says they kept puja as Akshara got her eyesight, and leaves. Tara cries and says Akshara said when she gets her eyesight, she will tell Naksh the truth, she did not tell him and not even me. Dada ji says she will have some reason. Akshara calls Tara. Tara disconnects call. Dada ji asks what are you doing, why are you angry on her, come, we will pray and then go home.

The puja goes on in Singhania house. Karishma and Naman come in puja. Devyaani smiles. Akshara thanks Bau ji. Mishti hugs Naman and Karishma. Mishti apologizes to them and says Akshara said you both will come back soon. Rukmani asks them where did they go. Devyaani says they went for work. Dada ji asks Tara why did you disconnect call. Tara goes alone. Dada ji asks where are you going, and calls Sangram.

Bhabhimaa blesses and hugs Akshara. Akshara hugs elders. She asks why did no one came from Tara and her family. Naitik asks her to call Dada ji. Naksh thinks to tell them. Naira and everyone laugh on Naksh, by teasing him. They all laugh. Tara comes and cries seeing them. She says aunty…. Akshara smiles and says Tara…. They all get glad seeing Tara.

Tara acts rude with Akshara. Akshara asks you are coming now after puja ended. Tara says I would have come in puja, if anyone told me, you did not tell me your eyesight came back. Naksh says Tara we will talk later, you go from here. Tara says I did not come to talk to you, I came to ask aunty, why did she cheat me, I was waiting there, that you will make everything fine once you get your eyesight. Akshara asks what are you saying. Tara says I know Naksh, he does not hide anything, he would have told you that he knows the truth. Akshara and Naitik look at Naksh.

Tara says I was waiting for your call, that you will clarify things, and break my broken relation, but I kept waiting… Varsha gives Ananya’s pic to Shankari Tai. The girls’ pics fall. Varsha gets sad seeing slim girls and then sees Ananya’s pic.

Naksh asks Tara to be away from her family. Tara says I have right to give an explanation, you have to listen today. Everyone get puzzled. Tara says I will not go without hearing. Naksh says no need to tell anything to my mumma, I did not tell her that I broke relation with you. Everyone get shocked. Akshara asks Naksh… Naksh says don’t worry mumma, I will handle. He asks Tara to go. Akshara says we were going to talk to Naksh today. Tara says don’t lie aunty, I don’t trust you all, you both did not say each other, still there is no problem, its all my mistake, I m depressed since few days, I can’t express, it happened good, atleast I m saved by lifelong pain, I think no relation can be made here with you all, aunty you are not like you show, you are very selfish. She cries and they all look on.

Naksh says enough, go from here, I hate you Tara. Akshara says stop it Naksh, its between me and Tara. Tara says don’t act good, its all because of you. I wanted to tell Naksh, you stopped me, and if I told Naksh, my relation would have not broken up. Akshara says trust me, I did not know Naksh knows truth. Tara says enough aunty, I know the truth, nothing matters now, congrats aunty, it happened what you wanted, Naksh and my relation broke. She thanks Akshara and leaves crying. Akshara asks her to listen…. Everyone look on. Dada ji and Sangram come there and see Tara leaving. Tara says come Dada ji, now we have no relation with this house and family. Dada ji and Sangram leave.

Shankari asks Jasmeet why did Varsha go to bring other pic. Varsha says nothing, Ananya was looking fat, I mean her clothes were simple, take this pic. Jasmeet asks her to show which is it. Varsha says show this one. Shankari says Ananya is….. Varsha says show this pic only and smiles. Shankari nods.

Akshara confronts Naksh and tells him that its not true what you are thinking, Sangram was there, but he did not push me down, I did not fall by him. Everyone get shocked. Akshara says sorry Bau ji, we were saying truth to everyone today. Naitik says Sangram realized his mistake and changed too. Akshara says its not Tara’s mistake, I told her not to tell Naksh, as I know how Naksh reacts. Naksh says whatever you say, I can never forgive Sangram and Tara, after what she told you today. He goes.

Dada ji argues with everyone and breaks relation with Naksh. Bhabhimaa argues with Dada ji and says I will get Naksh married in one week.

Written Update By Amena


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