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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd November 2015 Written Update

Naksh taking all other things than proposal. He thinks Yash and Ananya are waiting for him, before she runs, he should say her. He sits and says Tara… She asks what is he doing. He says he is tying lace. She says he can’t do it. He says no, I m expert in tying lace. She says fine, I will leave now, its time for my flight. He asks shall I drop you. She goes. She says he did not say even today, don’t know when will he say. Yash calls Naksh and asks did he say. Naksh says no, I tried, I think I have to say in Goa. Yash asks is he surely going. Naksh says I m trying, its imp for me to go Goa.

Akshara notes the things to take Goa. Naitik helps her. She says she does not wear short clothes. He says he wanted her pics. She says she knows him, he meant she does not look in these clothes which she is wearing. Naira comes and asks for money. Naitik gives her enough money. Akshara asks Naitik to ask why Naira needs money. Naira says she wants to buy gift to her friend, she can’t give cheap gifts, else others will laugh. Akshara says I told you to stop comparing. Naitik says let her go, don’t stop her always. Naira hugs and thanks him. She goes.

Akshara asks Naitik why did he support Naira, and they argue over the kids. The elders look on. Bhabhimaa asks them not to argue, its not good. Maheshwari ladies pack clothes. Dadi gets her dresses and asks their help. Jasmeet says her bag is ready and shows her western clothes. Dadi says she won’t wear it, what will people say. Rajshri says no one will know you there, don’t care. Vishwamber comes and hears them. Jasmeet says they got western clothes for them too.

Naitik and Akshara argue in room about Naksh and Naira. She says she did not take kids’ side for wrong things. Naitik says you praise Naksh, then doubt and spy on him. She asks him why is he taking Naksh’s side now. They continue arguing. Naira talks to her friend and says we will enjoy a lot in party this time. Rajshri asks Vishwamber why is he worried. He asks what happened to them, the clothes they bought, it will not suit Maa. He is worried. Rajshri says son wants to see mum as he has seen since childhood, but he is worrying for no reason.

He says he will take her to America. She asks him to think before saying. They smile. Karishma asks Akshara to wear simple jewelry on western outfits. Devyaani gives a gift for Dadi. Naitik says I can’t come to drop you at airport, as I have pending orders in Krishna. She says fine I will manage. He asks why did she get annoyed. She says I did not say. They argue again. The elders worry.

Bhabhimaa asks Naitik why is he troubling Akshara. Naitik asks what did I do. Bau ji asks him not to annoy Akshara. Naitik says I don’t know when she gets annoyed. Bhabhimaa says you did wrong by taking Naira’s side. Bau ji asks him to learn from Devyaani, if she has to scold him, she takes him to room and scolds him. He laughs and says he is joking. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik to convince Akshara before she leaves, they will be happy.

Naksh thinks of some way to convince Dadi to take him to Goa, if he tells Akshara, she will doubt again, he has to express his love to Tara. Akshara comes and he hides the love letter in his diary. She asks what is he hiding. He says some imp personal thing. She says fine, I know you will never hide anything from me, I came to say I m going Goa, take care of Naira. He thinks how to say he wants to go Goa. He says don’t worry. She goes.

Sangram asks Tara to be Desi even in Goa. Dada ji asks for her Instructor’s variety. Tara claims its not authorized. Aditya says I will drop Tara. Dada ji says I can even arrive. Tara states I was wondering, you’re going to be tired. He says its fantastic, I will manage. Tara tells Aditya that everybody will be there with hockey kits. Aditya suggests Dada ji you might have Conference. Dada ji states I received’t go in Conference. Tara thinks even Naksh will occur at airport. Sangram says I truly feel they don’t would like to choose Dada ji, is Tara lying. Tara states why will I lie, Dada ji have us. Dada ji says I’ll come as I like you, not for the reason that I doubt. He asks Sangram to not question on Tara, she’s his pride.

Tara reaches airport and is particularly tensed. Dada ji suggests his leg obtained aching. She gets tensed looking at Naksh running in direction of her. She asks Aditya to help Dada ji. She indicators Naksh to cover. Naksh hides looking at her household together with her. Sangram arrives between and Naksh would not see Dada ji. He claims That is Tara’s dangerous household and hides.

Naksh tells Yash that he enjoys her, and he felt she also enjoys him, he will get obvious answer. Akshara hears this and thinks she’ll be in Goa tomorrow, she has to prevent Naksh from Conference that Female, there is only one way….

Written Update By Sahir


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