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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 31st October 2015 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai watch online

Everyone thinking about gifting Dadi on her birthday. They all give suggestions. Akshara says we should gift her memories by taking her some good place. Naksh thinks of Tara. They all think of Goa and Naksh convinces them to take Dadi there. Naira asks Bhabhimaa to scold Akshara and Naitik for not taking her to Nani’s home. Bhabhimaa laughs and hugs her. Naksh says he has seen Goa in Naman’s marriage, Goa is good place and its for celebration. Shaurya says fine, we will go for a different birthday party. Naitik asks Akshara is she doubting Naksh again. She says no, you are making me think and teasing me. He says sorry. Rajshri says I don’t think Dadi will agree. Naksh says we will convince her and thinks he is going Goa to surprise Tara.

Bau ji says he won’t drink kada made by Devyaani and Bhabhimaa asks him to drink it. Naitik says I have work and won’t be able to come. Rajshri says she has to attend some relative’s marriage. Dadi gets sad. Ananya says she applied for new job and can get call anytime. Dadi says we will go together later. Naksh says we all are here, we will go with Dadi. Naitik says we should have been there. Akshara says men are mistaken that woman can’t manage the trip. Naksh says yes women are right. Akshara says so this will be girls’ trip. Jasmeet says we will show we can manage alone. Vishwamber says any problem can come. Dadi says this time we girls will enjoy. Naksh says he will come along, they will get confused. Akshara says sorry, this is just girl’s trip.

Tara tells Dada ji that she has to go Goa for elocution competition. Dada ji says I won’t let you go Goa. She says I filled form and told in college. He says tell something about me to praise me. She praises him. He laughs and says you got smart. He allows her to go Goa happily and asks her to make his name shine. Sangram says foreigners stay in Goa, why did they choose that place. Aditya says they chose that place to make foreigners know about Indian heritage. Dada ji says yes, Sangram does not know about college, pack your bags Tara.

She goes happily. Sangram claims you are offering her Substantially flexibility, we must always get ready to deliver her to inlaws. Dada ji suggests He’s making Tara and himself habitual by sending her absent as he has to mail her absent forever by having her married. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara is she going alone without Naitik and Rajshri. Bhabhimaa asks did Dadi agree to go Goa. Akshara claims Indeed, she get happy. Devyaani states she goes triyatra frequently, so this will be improve for her. Karishma claims she desires to appear way too. Devyaani asks what about Youngsters. Akshara claims Naira will truly feel bad. Naira states no, I will probably be Tired of elders, she has college and assignments in this article, she’s going to be occupied with All people here. Naksh asks Yash and Ananya to provide him strategy to go Goa. Ananya suggests allow them to go, you be here and satisfy Tara. Yash suggests Tara is going Goa. Ananya says oh, and asks Naksh to receive adamant eventually time, they will acquire you. Naksh thinks to perform a little something to go Goa.

Naitik asks Akshara to snooze and hopes she likes his shock. Keshav asks Akshara to return, Naitik is calling for urgent work.

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