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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Devyaani scolding Akshara for making Gayu feel guilty. She asks whats her benefit in this, would you forgive anyone slapping Naira, Gayu is not your daughter, so you want to get rid of, I will not be quiet, I m Rashmi’s mum, it may happen that your marriage can get in risk for Rashmi’s marriage. She says you are not able to understand Sameer, this is your problem, realize your mistake before its too late, agree to others, and yells on her.

Maheshwaris have a talk about Sameer. They feel bad for Rashmi and can’t believe Sameer can beat Gayu. Rajshri says you all felt Devyaani and I are wrong, today now you feel Akshara is wrong, but maybe they both are right, how to explain this, everyone is regarding Akshara wrong, don’t know what she is going through, everyone is annoyed with her, she got lonely. Vishwamber says Akshara supported a wrong man, she did not do right. Shaurya says its better if this marriage breaks. Naitik apologizes to Rashmi for giving her hopes and then not able to fulfill it. She asks does she feel they took wrong decision, they were afraid for her future. Rashmi says I understand, what happened is for good. She leaves. He says maybe to marry Sameer was a wrong decision.

Akshara comes to the room and sees Naitik. She rests to sleep. Devyaani talks to Bau ji. He asks her to give him medicines. Naitik asks Akshara how did she not understand him today. She cries. He says you have hurt all the family, why did you take Sameer’s side, this never happened before, you have hurt me a lot. Bau ji apologizes to Devyaani and says he is not a good husband.

She says my husband is very good man, don’t say this, we wanted Rashmi’s happiness. He says I m glad you think this, I regret that I have hurt you a lot. She asks him to think of Rashmi and Gayu’s happiness. Naitik gets annoyed and says I m happy that Rashmi’s life got saved, I would have not forgiven myself, maybe you don’t care, but their happiness is imp to me, I will do what I find right, you will not interfere in it.

Its morning, Naitik makes special sandwiches for kids. Devyaani says I will taste it first. Gayu thanks Naitik for making them smile and for making breakfast. Rashmi says she does not want to have breakfast and goes. Akshara says when mood is not good, our fav thing also does not look good Gayu. Devyaani takes Akshara away and asks why is she making Gayu feel she is responsible for Rashmi’s sorrows, if Naitik knows this, what will happen, don’t do this. She says Sameer is not right for Rashmi, I know the pain when husband loses trust on wife. Akshara says you will do what you want to, so whats the use to try to stop you.

Naksh and Naira come to Akshara, and ask does she not feel Sameer is wrong, they can see that. Akshara says don’t get in this matter. Naksh says I know my mum never supports wrong, whats the reason. Naira says please tell us. She says many times, what we see is not truth. Naksh says I can’t believe Sameer can be wrong, maybe he has beaten Gayu but.. Naira says there can be some reason. Akshara says leave it, everything will be fine. Naksh asks Naira why does she feel Sameer is right. Naira recalls Gayu’s words and her hatred for Sameer. Naksh asks her to tell him. Rajshri gives tea to Vishwamber. He refuses to have tea. She asks him not to worry for Akshara, does he not trust Akshara. He says why is she risking everyone’s happiness. She says maybe she can see some truth, she can’t see anything wrong happening. He says I wish she understand her family is right. She says just pray truth comes out, so that we stand united.

Rashmi gets Sameer’s message. Akshara asks what did he write, will she able to forget him. Rashmi says this does not matter. Akshara says you know the truth, Sameer can’t do this. Devyaani scolds her and asks why is she understanding this, their decision is right. Everyone come there and ask what happened. Devyaani tells about Akshara, who is still supporting Sameer, she does not believe Gayu. Naitik gets angry and asks Akshara to accept this. Bau ji asks Akshara does she not feel Sameer did wrong. Bhabhimaa says think if this happened with Naira. Nandini says Gayu’s pain is not small and Rashmi’s fear is big. Bau ji says what can we expect from this problematic relation. Gayu cries and leaves.

Naksh and Naira ask Gayu to say why Sameer slapped her, maybe Gayu did something that Sameer had to beat her.

Written By: Amena


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