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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th October 2015 Written Update

Dada ji scolding Akshara. Yash asks Naksh are you not nervous. Naksh says I have little nervousness. He says he is in love and is sure of Tara’s yes. Yash says I don’t think you will ask. Naksh says I did rehearsals, tell me how do I look. Yash says nothing special, same. Don’t propose if you don’t feel, even if she says yes, ultimately she will break up. Naksh asks him not to be negative, come I will drop him. They leave from home. Dada ji calls police and tells inspector about Akshara hitting his car. Akshara says she was taking car reverse and his driver did not see my car. The inspector asks her to come to police station. She says I will talk to my husband first and calls him. Naitik is busy in meeting at Krishna. Akshara worries as he does not pick call.

Naksh drops Yash and asks him to wish all the best. Yash hugs him and goes. Akshara calls Naksh and asks him to come to main market fast. Naksh says fine, coming and ends call. He calls Tara to inform her to come late. He thinks what to do, one side is Tara and other side is mumma. Tara waits in garden and thinks why did he not come. She checks for network in phone and says there is no network. Two guys look at her and smile.

The inspector says he will not take Dada ji to police station as he is old. Dada ji says she does not know law, she has no time to have values, as she is busy competing with men. She requests him to talk slowly. He has no right to shout on her. He says you don’t know me and my rights, you will teach me manners? You just stay silent. He says she wanted to give me tea as per her wish, I refused, she hit my car to take revenge, take her to police station, she will get senses being there for 3-4 days.

Naksh comes there and asks him to just stop it. Dada ji and Akshara look at Naksh. Naksh asks how dare you talk to my mumma like this. Dada ji laughs and says her son has come, fine, I got to know she has men in her house. Naksh says yes, we have men at home, but I think you don’t have women in your house, so you don’t know how to talk to women. Dada ji calls him ill mannered, he does not know to talk to elders. He says I m of your grandpa’s age, have some shame. Naksh says that’s why I m just talking, else I would have not leave anyone misbehaving with my mum. Dada ji asks how dare he threaten him. Naksh asks how dare you talk to my mumma like this. Akshara asks him not to argue. Dada ji says see their values, these are their manners, what can be expect from son if mum is like this, he understood their family now.

Naksh says I m taught good values, but I m also taught if any elder misbehave with woman, then stop elder and show right path, don’t worry for my upbringing, its good and I m proud of it. She says its getting much, I accept my mistake. The inspector asks Dada ji to drop this matter. Dada ji says she would have accepted mistake before. Akshara says I will pay for your loss, end this here. The police leaves. Tara waits for Naksh and says he did not say what work he has, was Preeti saying true, is Naksh going to propose me.

The guys whistle and come to tease her. She tries to go and they block her way. She thinks where is Naksh. Akshara asks Naksh to leave anger. Naksh says don’t know how family bears that man. Akshara says yes, I thought same when I met him for the first time in restaurant. He says he can’t tolerate anyone misbehaving with my mum. She says my son has grown up and pulls his cheek. He says we are in market, girls are seeing. She says even girls like such guys who take a stand for women, Naitik will be proud, I will tell him, but don’t tell family, come lets go home. Naksh says I have some work and asks them to go.

The guys tease Tara. Naksh comes there with gift and gets shocked seeing Tara beating the guys. He keeps the gift in car and goes to her. He asks who are they, what happened. She says you called me and did not come, they started proposing me, see their courage. Naksh imagines Tara beating him after he proposed her. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She asks why did he call her. He says actually I wanted to ask something. She asks did he get this place, why did he get late. He says he called and messaged her. She says no network here. He says sorry. Actually I wanted to ask about your practice and championship, play well, all the best. She asks did he call her here to ask this. He says yes, what did you feel. She thinks what did she think and he did not say anything. She says I m going Goa for championship. He says Goa…. And offers to drop her home. She says thanks, I have cycle and goes.

Naitik fumes on knowing what happened. She says its okay, I called Naksh. I was scared when inspector was asking me to come to police station. He says so sorry, you could have called on landline, I would have come. She says its fine, but Naksh got much angry. Naitik says its good Naksh scolded that uncle, how can we change such people, I m very angry. She says we can change habits, not thinking, leave it now, we have to go to your inlaws, smile now, and pulls his cheek. Naitik says its restaurant. She says Papa and son are same and laughs.

Naksh tells Yash that he could not propose Tara as circumstance was this kind of. Yash claims I realized this. Naksh says no person might have proposed her nowadays. Preeti tells Tara that Naksh saw you beating Young ones and got fearful. Tara states I did not Feel so, its great, I don’t like cowards. Naksh says I m not coward, but I did not desire to glimpse silly. Yash claims I might have acquired my sleep back again in the event you proposed now.

Preeti asks Tara what did she Consider seeing him, you might have requested him with like. Tara suggests I didn’t Assume. Yash asks Naksh to Consider. Naksh suggests she goes Goa for her championship. Yash asks him to hurry up. Naksh thanks him for getting good. Preeti asks Tara to speak to Naksh before going Goa. Naksh suggests I want to inform mum about Goa vacation, she is cool, she’ll concur. Yash claims my mum knew at my time, even Akshara would know. Naksh suggests I want to tell Everybody. Yash asks him to propose Tara, resolve Assembly at some good position, just inform her your feelings, don’t be afraid. Naksh states I guarantee, I will explain to my emotions and know her thoughts far too.
Akshara says we are able to reward Reminiscences to Dadi. Naksh says you may take her to Goa. Dadi likes the idea. Akshara says We are going to go Goa, but It will likely be just women excursion. Naksh receives upset.

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