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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rose showing pics to Akshara. Gayu gets tensed. Akshara sees Gayu’s pics and compliments her. She shows pics to Gayu. Gayu gets relieved. Akshara asks her to sleep. Gayu asks Rose how did she hide pics. Rose shows her phone. Gayu says you changed phone. Rose asks her to say does she like Kartik. Gayu smiles and hugs her. Kartik is unable to sleep and thinks of Naira. Naira is sleeping. Gayu thinks of Kartik and smiles.

Naitik and Akshara talk on videochat. He asks are you not missing me. She says no, I m not having time, I m so busy. He says I m missing you. She asks him to come back soon. He says I also want this, just some time. Devyaani calls Akshara. She says I will talk later. Naitik gets hiccups and laughs.

Its morning, Rajshri tells Vishwamber that Kartik is getting tiffin, look there, Kohli eats at our place and don’t give food to Kartik too. The tiffin falls. Rajshri and Vishwamber ask Kartik to have kachori. Rajshri feeds him kachori. Vishwamber asks him to eat. Kartik says its amazing, I did not have such kachori in my life, everyone’s cooking is excellent here, I like Akshara’s handmade food. Kartik takes the plate and goes. Vishwamber says he is a nice guy. She says yes, you had kachori and did not praise my cooking skills. She gets annoyed.

Naira and Gayu have a talk about the value of presenting things the right way. Naira eats apple and says it tastes the same way if eaten raw than cutting, serving and then eaten in good way. Rukmani and everyone come. Nandini says we want to discuss about marriage. Martha gives them note. Martha says I have many dreams for Rose’s marriage, Akshara told me that I can do anything, Rose is my daughter. Rukmani says we did mistake to keep Martha stay here. Akshara says no, its Martha’s wish. Rukmani asks Akshara to read it. Akshara says Martha thanked us, and she wrote about keeping marriage in church and conducting it in their way, marriage rehearsal will be done, there will be no change, everything will be as per her wish. They all get shocked.

Rajshri grinds chillis. Vishwamber tries to convince her by doing shayari. He tries to praise her and annoys her more. She says enough, can’t you think anything else, its really great. She goes.

Rukmani laughs and I understood Martha wants white marriage, my grandson will get married in English style. Martha says tell me if you are not happy, there should be no problem later. Rukmani says there is problem, why should we agree to you always, did you see marriage in our place, if we not wear colorful clothes on marriage occasion, when will we fulfill our dreams. Martha asks Akshara whats this. Rukmani says everything is done as per Martha’s wish. Martha says you did engagement in your way, what about my dreams. Akshara asks them to stop it, we are from different countries, can’t we unite, this juice is mixed orange and Mosambi, why are you not drinking it separately. Rukmani says it tastes better together. Akshara says why not we mix our traditions and keep marriage. Naksh, Naira and everyone like Akshara’s idea. Everyone clap. Rajshri tells Vishwamber that the marriage will be in two styles. Vishwamber says it will be great. Varsha and Shaurya make excuse and leave. Vishwamber says I love you to Rajshri in English style. She says who taught this to you, who is here, come out. Kartik says sorry, its not my mistake, he taught me. Vishwamber says no, he is lying, he asked me to do this. Kartik says I have to go to Naitik’s house and runs. Vishwamber says sorry. Rajshri says no sorry and goes.

Akshara talks to Naitik on videochat and asks him to come back soon, atleast for Naira, Naira missed him a lot. She says I love you. The chat ends. She says come back and I will take revenge. She smiles.

Everyone ask Karishma to plan Yash’s wedding. Karishma says I m very busy, I can’t plan this. Rose asks what will happen now, I want bollywood style wedding. Akshara asks Gayu to plan the wedding. Gayu says I can’t. Kartik comes and asks why not, you told me that you organized a function and it was superhit, I will also support you, afterall its my sister’s marriage. Gayu agrees. Kartik sees Naira and thinks I can come here often now. Akshara asks Kartik to come as Rose’s brother, not office employee. Naira teases Kartik calling him frog. Rose tells Gayu that you guys can meet often now, you become my Bhabhi now, like I m your Bhabhi, its so nice. Gayu smiles seeing Kartik.

Vishwamber gifts the rose pot to Rajshri and apologizes. Rajshri gets touched by his gesture and forgives him. They smile. Kartik helps Gayu and asks her to think about wedding’s start, I will think from wedding’s end, wedding night, sorry I did not mean that. Gayu smiles and says its fine. Rose asks will you both marry. They ask what. Mishti asks them are they marrying. Rose says I meant will you both manage the arrangements. Kartik and Gayu say yes. Gayu smiles seeing him.

Rukmani and Martha argue over the marriage date.

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