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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd October 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gayu praying Sameer does not leave. Sameer gets message and even his sisters get Devyaani’s call. Devyaani says they are not taking my call. Devyaani says Rashmi should not be punished and prays they stop Sameer. She asks Naksh to drive fast. Gayu says she will go Mumbai to bring Sameer. Akshara thinks she can’t let Sameer go. Sameer asks driver to take them to temple, they will have darshan and leave. His sisters say we have to reach airport. He says we will go in 5mins. They stop at the temple. He goes to get Chadava. He meets Akshara, Naitik, Gayu and Rashmi there. Gayu hugs him and cries.

Sameer smiles. Gayu says I m sorry Papa, forgive me. He says he has a condition, and asks her to call him Papa. He hugs her and says sorry, I have hurt you, I should have not behaved that way. Naitik holds Akshara’s hand and she moves his hand away. Naksh stops car at the temple and asks everyone to come fast. Bau ji asks why did he bring him to temple. Devyaani says we have to go to airport. Naksh shows them Rashmi’s happiness, that’s Sameer’s sisters.

Sameer thanks Rashmi. She thanks him for understanding her. He says we got to know Gayu was not happy, if we married against her wish, she would have been sad, it happened right now, I knew you will not misunderstand me, so I did not explain anything, you told me to do, you had mum’s love, but any anger, so I left. Rashmi says thanks to Akshara, she got you back. He says yes, she helped us a lot. Rashmi says we should thank her. Naitik apologizes to Sameer.

Devyaani apologizes to Sameer’s sisters and asks them to agree for marriage. The sisters get angry and argue. Motaben says call Sameer, we are getting late for flight. Bau ji and Bhabhimaa request them to agree. His sisters argue and say they will not do this relation now. Naksh worries and messages Akshara to come soon. Sameer asks Naitik not to apologize to him. He says no brother wish to see his sister in problem. Naitik says but I have to say sorry. Sameer thanks Akshara. Akshara says don’t say this, I m happy seeing you both together, and want to see you three happy. Naitik says we have to convince your sisters. Akshara says Naksh messaged and said they did not agree, we have to do something which they can’t refuse. She sees garlands and says she has a way. The families still argue. Devyaani requests them. Motaben says she dislikes Devyaani, and advices her that it happens what Lord wants, so better accept it. Naksh thinks to do something and begs them not to break marriage. They ask him to get up. Naksh smiles and Sameer and Rashmi coming from temple wearing garlands. They all get shocked.

Rajshri is worried for Rashmi and Varsha says I m trying to talk to them. Dadi says Akshara has magic wand, she will make everything fine. Sameer says they got married as they have to live life. He asks the elders for blessings and sees them annoyed. He says he will spend life without their blessings. Motaben says he has hurt them, they came for his marriage, he got married without telling them. Sameer says they got chance and they married. Motaben asks Akshara why did she not stop them, just she is the smart one. Sameer says yes, this was Akshara’s idea.

Akshara states what can we do when they both equally had been ready. His sisters scold Sameer. They ask did they not believe in the elders, they’d haven’t long gone towards his joy when he advised them the moment. Sameer suggests you reported ideal, Is that this legitimate. Motaben agrees. Sameer suggests high-quality, then do relationship now. Naitik suggests they didn’t marry. Akshara says it absolutely was a drama to influence you all. Sameer says we did this drama and Motaben pulls his ears. All of them smile. Akshara apologizes. Motaben many thanks her. Devyaani claims there remains anything. She apologizes to Sameer. Sameer asks her to bless him. Bau ji also apologizes. Motaben praises Akshara. All of them chortle. Naitik says its all high-quality now. Sameer claims there continues to be a dilemma.

Rajshri will get this news and tells loved ones that everybody agreed for marriage. Vishwamber jokes on her get worried. Naitik claims I will get new mahurat quickly. Naksh and Naira tease Rashmi’s smile. Naitik many thanks Akshara for receiving happiness in your house. She goes. Naksh and Naira glimpse on.

Naira tells Naitik that mum is hurt as you did not believe in her. Akshara tells Naitik that he has hurt her a great deal and cries.

Written Update By Sahir


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