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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sangram scolding Tara. Akshara defends Tara and says we should trust them, you are mistaken. He says Tara and Naksh are in senses, this news will spread in society like fire. She says we will support them. Dada ji says no, we will be hurt to hear society taunts, we did not wish the delay for marriage. Naksh says its my mistake, punish me, I will accept. Dada ji gets angry and asks him to understand their helplessness, they are girl’s family, girl’s respect is sensitive like glass.

The man announces the traffic jam got cleared and they can move on. Akshara says I think we should go home and talk. Kuhu looks at Varsha. Varsha asks do you want something. Kuhu nods and says call Papa. Varsha says he went to Delhi, he can’t talk now, play with Nannu. She thinks to call Naitik or not, I will ask Akshara. She asks shall I tell you a story, its interesting. Kuhu nods. Varsha tells a story. Shaurya smiles seeing them.

Naira waits for her friend. Her friend comes with her BF. She meets Naira and says finally, we met, sorry I could not come last time, my friend called me for parties. Naira is impressed seeing her. The girl asks her not to stay depressed, I know what happened in your birthday party, start a new life, don’t be scared of guys, change attitude and scare the guys. Naira says I have a car, we will go home. The girl says Richie, lets go.

Naksh and Akshara are on the way. He apologizes and says don’t know why Tara lied. She says Tara was scared and took support of lie, don’t feel bad. He says thanks for understanding, but her Dada ji… She says even Dada ji is right. Dada ji says I wish to get Naksh and Tara married soon. Akshara tells Naksh about Dada ji’s concern.

Vishwamber asks Anshu not to discuss about business with Shaurya, he is not my son. Shaurya cries. Akshara and Naksh come home. Akshara tells about the incident happened today. The elders suggest that they should keep marriage when Naksh and Tara can take the responsibility. Devyaani asks Naksh is he ready to take this responsibility. Naksh says yes, I think I m ready, I can’t lose Tara by his misunderstanding, I m not worries, as my family is with me, I m sure nothing wrong can happen. Akshara hugs and kisses him. Naira says wow, Naksh is getting married, congrats and hugs him. Naira introduces her friend Mukti.

Naksh takes elder’s blessings. Naira and Mukti watch tv. Mukti says you are so boring, movies is fun to watch with friends with friends. Naira says we will play board game. Mukti tells Naira to get adventurous. Dada ji is angry and tells Sangram that they should get Tara married soon. Akshara and Bhabhimaa come there. Akshara says yes, you should get Tara married off soon and that’s why we got this shagun. They smile.

Tara gets happy seeing the shagun. Dada ji happily cries and says it means you all…. Akshara says yes, we got marriage shagun, you can get any date and tell us. Aditya asks did you ask Naksh and Tara. Akshara says Naksh is ready and Tara… Tara smiles. Akshara says Tara is ready too, you all forget everything and make new start, it was not children’s mistake. Dada ji thanks him and they congratulate each other. Tara touches Bhabhimaa and Akshara’s feet. Tara says sorry. Akshara jokes and says we will place a foundation with love and trust after marriage. Sangram cries that house will get lonely after Tara goes. Vikram says its good thing. Sangram hugs Tara and says its happiness tears. Dada ji says his way will get clear, I know and they laugh.

Naira and Mukti find the car keys in Bau ji’s room. They get the keys. Devyaani comes there and they hide. They leave and get in the car to go for the ride. Bau ji, Akshara and Bhabhimaa come home. Naira gets tensed seeing them. Akshara looks at the other car.

Dada ji says Naksh and Tara’s marriage mahurat is after 5 days. Akshara asks what, we are helpless, Naitik is not here.

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