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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th August 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Bhabhimaa saying they all will appear. Rajshri receives glad and tells Dadi. Naitik claims Akshara obtained a fantastic sasural and she or he is Blessed. Akshara claims just about every Female need to get this sort of inlaws. Its early morning, Bau ji suggests they may visit Business and are available. Naksh goes to have his outfits and falls down. Akshara asks Naitik to phone medical professional. Bhabhimaa asks Naitik to consider Naksh. Naitik asks Naksh to halt all this. Naksh suggests it was a lot exciting, sorry mum, you got fooled yet again. Naitik says I recognized now, and he signed me not to state. Naksh smiles. Akshara suggests she will not likely appear inside their text now. Naitik suggests we have been having late for Jaipur, We’re going to come until Teej puja. He asks Akshara to just take care. Naira suggests we are in this article to take care of her.

Ananya and Sanju do all arrangemnents. Vishwamber says they did the decorations. Singhania family members will come there. Rajshri welcomes them and thanks Bhabhimaa for coming. Ananya states We’ll begin the operate. Akshara says she forgot colors in Cape city. Jasmeet states We’re going to begin with mehendi colors. Vishwamber claims we will Prepare dinner. Devyaani asks will they took these days. Anshu states don’t fret, I m with them. Naksh and Naitik are on the way. Naksh states its mum’s message appropriate, she did not connect with as information could be private, its a great deal really like involving them. Naitik states Akshara is a great lifetime associate. Naksh teases him.

The ladies dance during the Teej. Akshara sees Naitik there as she imagines him, and dances with him. She sees Varsha in his put they usually all laugh. Naksh asks Naitik did he get concept all over again. Naitik asks him to travel. Naksh states your experience glows like a bulb. Naitik asks him to change gear and not drive in velocity. Naksh stops the vehicle and asks him to travel. Naitik suggests wonderful, I will generate and provides you driving classes and tips, sit now. They leave.

Anyone watch for Naitik and Naksh and get mehendi utilized. Gayu states the foods burnt. Rajshri suggests I’ll see. Vishwamber claims just kadai burnt. Dadi asks what was while in the kadai. Vishwamber claims paneer was in it, I will make all over again. Rajshri asks him not to come once again, they usually all smile. Naitik does not just like the music and asks Naksh to change. They see a person lying on the bottom. He says I think an individual is in issue. Naksh says he could be fraud way too. Naitik states why you think so, a person stopped bus at Muskaan’s marriage time for legitimate enable, we won’t be in a position to forgive ourselves whenever they actually need enable. Naksh asks him to Re-examine.

Naitik stops the vehicle and the man claims his brother fulfilled with a mishap. Naitik and Naksh head over to begin to see the male. The man aims gun at them, and so they get stunned. Several goons occur there and asks them to present wallet, look at and mobile, also car or truck keys. Naksh claims they have guns, they won’t fully grasp, We are going to fight. Naitik states what, provide them with anything.

They offer away every little thing. The goons choose items and asks them not to show back and find out. They take the automobile and leave from there. Naksh and Naitik search on. Akshara waits for Naitik. Naitik and Naksh wander to Substantially length and possess a chat. Naksh asks Naitik why did he cease the vehicle. Naitik states yes, I did a oversight, I thought to assist them, you will be scolding me like Akshara. They see a tea stall and asks the man about cellular phone, they have got to connect with dwelling, some goons have looted every little thing. The man suggests its sad, consider cell phone and discuss, it has just 3 rs. Naitik and Naksh think whom to get in touch with.

Naitik phone calls Akshara and tells her that they’re in significant challenge. Akshara asks whose quantity Within this. He says some goons at highway took all our belongings, do anything, we don’t have cash to return home, mail somebody listed here to choose us or advise police. She claims she didn’t just like the joke, she will not be fooled now. He states I m not joking, trust me. She says they are able to wander and come. Akshara claims This is often terrible joke. Naitik says This really is significant.

Naitik asks Naksh to joke more with Akshara, now sit here. Naksh suggests I joked just as soon as, They request about law enforcement station. The man says its 7 kms away and bus are in morning and evening. Naksh gets a water bottle and beverages. He stops and sees Naitik. Naitik asks him to drink it, as he wants energy to acquire support. Naksh drinks water. Naitik thinks how to reach Akshara until evening.

Akshara says she gained’t call Naitik, they will giggle on me. Naitik and Naksh test taking carry.

Written Update By Sahir


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