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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with the men giving a surprise to all the women by showing their rocking cool side. They dance on Kar gayi chull……. Everyone dance along. Gayu takes Kartik for dance. Naira joins them. Kartik gets away and goes. Everyone clap for the dance performance. Naira starts dancing alone. Chu kar gai……plays………… They all smile. Naira wipes her tears and smiles. Kartik looks on. Naira dances happily and signs to Kartik. She showers flowers. Kartik gets surprised. He turns his face away. She sees Kartik in all mirrors. She imagines dancing with him. Akshara looks on and feels something seeing Naira’s dance. Everyone clap. Chitti comes and says you all are dancing here and moon has come outside. Rajshri says we forgot that. They all go. Naira thinks I will break fast with Kartik, its special day.

All the women break their fasts by seeing their husband’s face through the Channi. They all do rituals. Karishma gets sad and sees Naman’s pic. Gayu sees Kartik and smiles. Pyaar mil jaye…….plays……….. Naitik makes Akshara have water. Naira goes and removes the fuse. She smiles. Nannu says Kartik, do you know about electric connection, lights are flickering. Kartik says yes, I will see. Akshara cries happily after breaking the fast. Everyone smile. Gayu sees Kartik gone and looks for him. Naira sees a frog and recalls Kartik.

She says I did not know my dream was not a dream, but my heart’s voice, you are really frog prince. Kartik comes that way and stops. Naira waits for him. She hears footsteps and smiles. She turns and sees Gayu sighting the moon by Channi and then seeing Kartik’s pic. Naira gets shocked. She starts crying. Gayu does the rituals alone. She sees Naira standing far. The pic flies from Gayu’s hand and falls. Gayu hugs Naira and says I did not tell anyone about this, you are my sister and will understand, I love Kartik a lot. Naira cries.

Gayu says I thought to tell Akshara first, but you got to know, its okay, you had to know it some day. She asks Naira why are you not saying anything, I really love Kartik, I know what you are thinking, you have problem with Kartik, you can’t deny that he is a very good person. She asks Naira not to tell this to anyone, its sister’s secret. She goes. Naira cries.

Everyone ask Akshara about Naitik’s gift. Akshara says we did not do anything special this time. Akshara and Naitik hold hands. Mohit asks did Naitik not give anything. Akshara says we promised each other to give time. Naitik says quality time. Everyone gift Akshara and Naitik their big portrait. They smile. Rajshri says we also pray that you both stay happy.

Gayu says Kartik’s phone is off till now, I won’t break fast till I talk to him. Naira cries and says Kartik I love you a lot. Pungi calls Naira and wishes her. Naira tells her that Kartik had love for me and now I have love for him, but Gayu also has love for him, I think why is Lord creating this confusion, its simple thing, Kartik and I love each other, I think when Gayu knows this, she will understand, I should say this to Kartik first. She ends call and smiles.

Naira asks Gayu to have food, just do as I say. Baisa asks whats this way to talk. Naira says I explained her many times. Baisa asks will you talk to me same way if I don’t listen to you.

Written Update by Amena

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