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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Akshara coming to Naitik. The goons stop. Akshara laughs scaring him. He asks about Naira. She says I did not see her, come. She shuts the door saying it makes much sound. They leave. The goons think how to take Naira outside. Naitik and Akshara come downstairs and asks Naksh and Yash to stop now, they will be tired. Naitik asks about Naira. Akshara asks everyone about Naira. They say they did not see Naira. Akshara worries and they all run back to Naira’s room. The goons hide. Naitik and Akshara do not find Naira in room and leave. Naksh tries to find Naira.

The goons think to take Naira by some idea, they will come from front door and then take Naira. They tie Naira’s hand and mouth. Akshara comes to Naira’s room again. A Candle falls and Akshara looks for it. Before she could see Naira, Jasmeet comes and asks about Naira. Akshara goes. They all get worried. Nannu asks is Naira fooling her by hiding under bed or behind curtains. Naksh says no, she does not trouble us. Vishwamber tells Naitik that Naira went with Naitik, where did she go. Naitik says Naira was changing clothes, I was waiting outside, there was some sound. He asks Nannu and Mishti did they play with stones. Mishti says no. Naitik says that means that sound was made to divert me. Akshara says did Tarun…. Shaurya says I think we will inform police. Naksh says don’t worry, I will file police complaint. Vishwamber, Omi and Naksh leave. Akshara cries for Naira.

Naksh and Yash ask people on the road about Naira. Vishwamber and Omi complaint in police. Naitik says its my mistake, Naira told me. Akshara blames herself to not understand Naira. The goons come there dressed as police. Jasmeet asks how did police come soon. Naitik asks where are our family members. The goon says we were patrolling and heard that girl is missing. Naitik asks them to come and find Tarun. The goon says let us do our work, we will find some clue. Akshara says she was with her dad upstairs. The goon says yes, she went to change and then… The goon says we got to know this from police station, don’t come with us, so that we don’t lose fingerprints. Akshara says do anything, get Naira back.

Naksh, Yash and Shaurya find Tarun’s home locked and get angry. Shaurya says we will inform police. Anshu says Bau ji said he is taking police home, come. The goons smile seeing Naira’s pic and crush it. They go to the room. Naira gets bit conscious. Shaurya says we will go home and then think what to do. Yash wishes they get Naira till they reach home.

The goons pull Naira and see her getting conscious. They make her smell more chloroform. Everyone cry and pray for Naira. The goons take Naira. Vishwamber and Omi are on the way with police and come home.

The goons take Naira from the room’s window. Real police comes with Vishwamber and Omi. Omi says we got police, they will find something. Akshara and Naitik get worried. Naitik says your officers are upstairs. Inspector says no, we just came with your Bau ji. They all get shocked.

They all rush to see Naira. Akshara sees Naira’s clothes and shouts Naitik. They get shocked. Naksh sees the goons and tells Shaurya about police men. Shaurya stops car. Varsha calls Shaurya. Shaurya drives ahead. Akshara cries and says Naira was here, I felt to check once. Naitik says it happens always, we do not listen heart and listen to mind. Inspector says everyone blame themselves, no use to regret now, we have to check on the way. Naksh says I have seen some police men on the way, were they the same. Shaurya says they have gone far by now. Inspector says my team will find them.

The goons laugh seeing Naira and leave. Tarun tries to call them and hides seeing police questioning his parents. His mum asks what did Tarun do. Inspector says he has sent fake police and kidnapped a girl. His parents say our son can’t do this. Naitik requests them to tell Tarun to leave Naira, she would be very scared. Tarun cries and says kidnap, I just asked them to scare Naira. Akshara and everyone pray for Naira.

Naira calls Akshara and asks her to save her, they are going to kill me. Akshara cries.

Written Update By Amena


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