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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sangram and everyone knowing about the horse. Sangram gets angry. Baby Maasi says I spoke to Ranveer, he said they are arranging. Dada ji says they will manage. Tara wishes nothing wrong happens now. She asks Preeti did she burn papers. Preeti says yes. Tara says just Naksh should come and take my doli. Everyone look for Akshara. Akshara comes driving the tractor. They all get surprised and smile. Naitik asks do you know driving this. He says yes, its like car driving, its not tough. She asks the kids to decorate the tractor fast.

They all decorate the tractor. Naitik says Akshara, you always surprise, why did you not tell me. She says this is revenge, you did not tell before coming me. He says I will take revenge by taking you on long drive. Naksh says its my marriage, you guys started. They see the cool looking tractor and smile. Akshara says many people can go in this tractor. She asks them to come. Naitik asks who will drive it, you? She says yes, I will take my son’s baraat. Everyone clap. They all leave and dance while taking the baraat with dhol and band.

Dada ji and Tara’s brothers laugh seeing the baraat. Dada ji and Sangram say Akshara is great, she can do anything. The baraat reaches inside the venue and women start dancing. Tara smiles. Chote chote bhaiyon ke bade bhaiya…………….plays……………. They all smile. Naksh does Naagin dance. Tara laughs seeing him. Naitik and Akshara sing and dance with Naksh. Naksh gets the papers and keeps it in pocket. He dances with everyone.

Dada ji does Naksh’s aarti. Akshara smiles and tells about a rasam. Devyaani tells about the rasam. Dada ji says we don’t have the rasam. Sangram says you tell us, we will do. Dada ji says tell us what you need. Akshara says neem sticks. Aditya brings the sticks. Naksh does rasam. They all ask Dada ji to pull Naksh’s nose. Dada ji says no. They insist Dada ji. Dada ji holds Naksh’s nose and Naksh poses as if he got ache. They all laugh. Baisa says we will have varmala rasam now. Naitik and Akshara say we will go it inside. Baisa says fine. Sangram, Vikram and Aditya go to Tara and see her crying.

Tara hugs Sangram. Sangram asks her to come, its time to kick her out. She says you all are bad. He hugs her. They get Tara outside. Naksh and everyone smile seeing Tara. Naira makes Tara beside Naksh. Naksh and Tara smile seeing each other. Akshara says Tara looks so lovely. Naira teases Naksh. They all laugh. They ask for varmala.

Naitik says this always happens. Naira gets the varmala. Dada ji says we have special varmalas. Vikram says we got our varmalas. Akshara says we will do varmala exchange twice as per both families rituals.

Everyone ask Naksh not to bend infront of wife. Naitik asks him to bend, and learn from me, I always did this all my life. Naksh bends. Tara makes him wear garlands. Tara also bends and Karishma says you should have shown some attitude. Tara says no, I don’t want to show ego. Dada ji says girls should bend. Akshara says don’t say this, husband and wife’s relation is of love and friendship. Naksh makes Tara wear garlands. Vikram asks them to wear their varmala now. Naksh asks this one? They all smile. Naksh and Tara exchange garlands. Naksh says I will strange, I will remove this. Akshara says no, they got it by love. Dada ji tells about another rasam. Akshara asks what is it. Dada ji says we ask groom’s family about any complains or demands. Bau ji says we have no complains or demands. Baisa says I have a complain with you. Dada ji asks her to say. Baisa says yes, you have to fulfill one thing less, you are doing varmala rasam without scolding us, we did not have fun. They all laugh. Baisa asks Dada ji to say bad to her. Dada ji sings and tells about Baisa who is after rituals. They all get glad.

Naksh checks the pre nup papers and says I have to talk to Tara before marriage, so that there is no confusion later. They all get worried.

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