Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai watch online
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2015 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai watch online

Naira getting her photos clicked. She gets dressed in short outfits and does makeup. Her friends compliment her. The man says you are a good model, you are photogenic. Naira says I did not know this, I will get everything done, even when mum says anything. Akshara says Naman and Karishma took Mishti out. Naira says her party was good. Naitik asks her to show pics. Naira says how will I get pics. Akshara says tell them to send it on my phone. Naksh comes and imagines Tara. He smiles seeing her working with Akshara, Devyaani and Bhabhimaa. Pehla nasha…………..plays………..

Naksh says he is getting late for college. Akshara says its Sunday today. He asks Sunday? Naitik asks where is his mind. Naksh says he dreams about projects and is stressed. Bau ji asks him work hard but living along is necessary too. Naksh says he is working hard, and have to see result. Devyaani says he will get good result. Tara is on the way and says what does he think, he filled form without asking me. Naksh says how to meet Tara now.

Tara comes to meet him. He smiles and thinks its his imagination. She asks who is he to interfere in her life. He touches her and see. He asks are you real. She asks what, tell me why you are submitted form, I have torn it, I would have any reason. He says see…. Devyaani calls out Akshara. He takes Tara away and asks her to talk slowly. She says I m not scared. He asks her to hide, as he is scared. She asks why, did I steal anything. He holds her seeing Devyaani. He leaves her and asks her to promise she will not shout.

Akshara calls him and he says he will come. Tara says I did not your name is Duggu. She says you created big problem for me. He says I think I solved big problem and takes her away seeing Naitik. He says you like to play hockey, how can you break your dream. He hides her seeing Girja. He asks why is she doing this. She tells about her Dada ji, she does not remember her parents, Dada ji raised him, he loves her a lot. Akshara comes there. Naksh says come with me and hides her. He smiles seeing her. They hide behind sofa and talk. She says I know Dada ji, he will not agree. Naksh says I know, I also love my family and I lie to them, go for championship, when he knows, he will be proud, dada ji will be happy in your happiness. She asks are you sure. He takes her out and says yes.

She asks will Lord help. He says I will help. She asks by what relation. He says friends. Akshara hears some sound and sees there. Naksh hides Tara. Akshara says I will ask Girja to clean web there. Naksh brings Tara outside the house. She laughs. He asks what happened, listen, I was helping you, sorry if you felt bad. She says no, don’t be sorry. He says I m sure everything will be fine and asks her to be positive. She says I will leave now, Dada ji will think where did I get late, bye. He asks her to say sorry or thanks. She says no sorry and no thanks principle in friendship. He says it means we are friends. She goes. Naksh dances and turns. He stops seeing Akshara.

Naira talks to her good friends and states she is going to ahead amount, and asks her to mail all pictures. She thinks whose variety to present, mum and father much better not begin to see the photos, the place is Naksh. She sees Devyaani and claims yes, Dadi. She asks Devyaani for her phone to phone. She sits on notebook to view pics and Akshara arrives there. She sees Naira studying and smiles. She goes.

Bhabhimaa asks Maharaj to check what items they’ve got. Mishti places glue about the laddoo material. Bhabhimaa claims kanya is Mata avatar and jokes on Naksh. Naksh tells Yash and Ananya to come, he is booking dandiya passes. They refuse. Naksh asks them to come, as he needs their assistance, they’ve got to come. Naksh fulfills Tara. She asks you listed here, why. Naksh offers her Dandiya move and invites her. He asks will she appear. She claims no. he claims I purchased the passes. She suggests sorry, its not allowed within our house. He asks her to return, and gives motives to her saying she need to arrive at rejoice. She claims I m really sorry, I can’t occur, if Sangram appreciates, he could make my college shut. He asks is this property or jail, just attempt. He asks shall I check with your Dada ji. She claims no. He keeps the passes there and states He’ll look forward to her. He leaves.

Naksh asks Ananya to attend, she’s going to appear, he planned some thing Distinctive. Yash states sorry, she will likely not come. Naksh and Ananya ask him to shut up.

Written Update By Sahir


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