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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd August 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Naksh scolding the sardar. They’ve a giant argument in regards to the problem. Naitik arrives there and controls Naksh. Sardar ji asks Naitik to take his son, and gets offended. He asks Naksh to do what he wishes, he is not afraid of any individual, and raises hand on Naitik. Naksh retains his hand and scolds him. He pushes the sardar and receives extra angry. Naitik will take Naksh absent. Sardar ji falls more than the stone and faints. Naitik brings Naksh to Krishna, and asks him to discover to control his anger, this isn’t excellent, assure me you received’t do these types of detail once more.

Naksh guarantees him. Naitik says if we’re jointly, no one can do everything. He asks him to acquire drinking water. Akshara waits for them. They come residence. She asks what transpired, why did they not reply to her message. Naitik suggests my car broke And that i named Naksh for support. He asks her to serve foods. Rajshri wakes up through the desire. She tells Vishwamber that she has viewed a bad aspiration that both of those families are someplace at bad area, Akshara is crying and Naitik and Naksh are not there. Vishwamber asks her to neglect the desire. She anxieties and prays.

The elders have a chat and the kids begins laughing declaring about their Competitors. Bhabhimaa asks Naksh and Naitik to obtain tea. Bau ji asks Naitik about sardar ji. Naitik states everything is ok.Karishma claims she didn’t have a theme recorded. Naira implies to have the tune recorded by Bhabhimaa and Devyaani. Karishma likes The concept and asks them to test at the time. They Participate in dhol and sing the music.

The law enforcement is on how. The household smiles and are certainly delighted. The law enforcement sees Krishna resort. Keshav calls Naitik and informs about law enforcement. Naitik is shocked. Naksh seems to be on and asks what transpired, why are you presently shocked. Naitik states sardar ji is in medical center and tells every thing. Naksh will get shocked. Naitik asks Naksh not to tell everything, He’ll regulate this. They see Akshara guiding them. She asks them to state the truth. Naitik hides it and goes.

She asks Naksh to mention. Karishma comes and asks for Naksh’s assist in recording. He goes. The elders talk about the folk music. Naksh remembers Naitik’s phrases that sardar ji is in danger as a consequence of them, if anything at all occurs to him then… He commences sweating and receives tensed. Devyaani asks Naksh to deliver the medicines to her customer and asks him to go before long. Naksh leaves.

Maheshwari household Have a very discuss the problems gents do, and how girls regulate every little thing. They have got a light converse. Rajshri commences counting and Shaurya asks her to Enable it be now. Devyaani tells Akshara that massive issues get diverted when tiny comes. Akshara needs so and asks Naitik wherever is he likely. He states he can’t inform her. They get stunned looking at the law enforcement at the door.

The inspector claims Mr Naitik Singhania, the sardar on the dhaba is in healthcare facility, another person has pushed him, Are you aware of this? Naitik states I just came to find out. The inspector states we came to learn both you and your son were there at some time this occurred. Naitik suggests Indeed, but I didn’t do that intentionally, it transpired by mistake. Akshara asks what, he can’t do this. Naitik suggests no, I have done this. He says I arrived to understand this now by Keshav, I was offended and will not Manage. The inspector states Sardar is really serious, if he dies, you will be in jail for murder scenario, occur for investigation now, if everything comes about, you may be arrested.

Anyone cry observing Naitik taken away in police jeep soon after acquiring arrested.

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