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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking is Naksh lost. Naira listens music and dances in that storage room. Naksh calls out Naira and asks her to help. Naira leaves and does not hear him. Naksh faints. Akshara cries. Naitik says where will Naksh go, don’t lose courage. Naman says maybe someone is troubling. Vikram says no, our family has no rivalry. Aditya says I m sure Naksh went by his wish. Akshara says he is not receiving call. Sukanya asks Naira did Naksh run by marriage tension. Naira says no, it’s a love marriage, he can’t run like this. Tara wonders if Naksh went by her mistake and prays. Baisa says did anyone kidnap the groom for ransom. They all worry.

Naksh recalls his family. Kuhu tries to open the door. She gets inside the storage room and calls out Naksh. Naksh gets conscious. Baisa says I m sure someone kidnapped Naksh. The villager says this did not happen in our village till now, I can’t believe this. Baisa says the people are goons and would have kidnapped him. Bhabhimaa prays. Naitik says Naksh is not a small kid, he was here infront of us, how can anyone kidnap him. Dada ji says I m sure this can’t happen, but we should not take any chance, we will file police complaint. Akshara hugs Tara and cries. Kuhu sees Naksh inside the chest and says door is not opening. Naksh asks for help. She cries. He says mumma, Papa, Tara, anyone there….. Kuhu says I will call them and runs.

Dada ji says come, we will inform police. Kuhu runs to Naitik. He asks her to play with Mishti, I have to go. Naksh faints. Kuhu goes to others. No one hears her. Kuhu asks Mishti for help and tells her. Mishti breaks a pot and tells them about Naksh that he is in grain store. Naitik asks how do you know. Kuhu says Naksh is there. They all rush to find Naksh.

Sangram, Naitik and everyone try to open the chest door. The ladies cry. They open the door and see Naksh buried in the wheat grains. They all get shocked. They bring Naksh outside and move him, asking him to wake up. Naitik says we will take him outside. Dada ji asks them to call doctor. They take him to room.

Vikram says doctor is just coming. Tara asks Naksh to wake up. Devyaani does the aid. Sangram pumps his heart and says his breath is not running, call doctor. They all get shocked and cry.

Vishwamber says I will get doctor, or take Naksh there, we can’t delay like this. Yash says I will take out car. Akshara puts water on Naksh and shouts, asking him to open eyes. She cries and asks him to wake up. She beats him and puts water on him. Naksh coughs and gets conscious. They all get relieved. Akshara hugs him and cries. Doctor comes and checks him. He says Naksh is fine, he fainted because of less oxygen. Naksh thanks them for saving her. He thanks Kuhu. Akshara hugs Kuhu and thanks her. She says she was asking us to come, we did not listen to her, sorry. Naksh hugs Kuhu.

Akshara asks Naksh why did he go there. Tara says you should have been careful. They both scold Naksh. Tara says we will change him together. Naksh asks Naitik to put him back in chest, they will scold him a lot. They all smile. Naksh apologizes to Dada ji and says I can’t marry Tara, why are you laughing, I m serious. Akshara says you scared us. Mishti says its Nannu’s mistake, he has hidden Kuhu’s doll. Akshara says its Naira’s mistake, I told Naira to take care of kids, anyone would have happened today. Naira asks Naitik does he feel its her mistake. Naitik says Akshara is right, think if Nannu or Mishti fell there instead Naksh. Devyaani says yes, you were given this responsibility. Naksh says don’t scold Naira, its my marriage today. Naira gets sad.

Dada ji and everyone take care of Naksh. Naksh asks Dada ji what happened. Dada ji says I feel I did mistake by keeping marriage in village. Tara comes and hears them. Dada ji says it was big problem today. Sangram says we are not able to take care of you, forgive us. Aditya says we are not good hosts. Naksh says you are good friends, I m enjoying a lot here, don’t think this, don’t blame yourself, its my mistake, I should have been more careful. Dada ji hugs him and cries. Tara cries seeing them. Dada ji asks him to rest. Naksh says I m fine, don’t think this Dada ji, its all fate, I m fine because of you all. He wipes Dada ji’s tears and asks him to see positive side, we came close because of this accident.

Tara gives him herbal tea. Vikram says we will give him tea, you go and get ready. Tara says its much time. Vikram says I knew she won’t go. Dada ji asks Tara to be with Naksh and get ready on time. They leave. Tara says you are very bad, you scared me. He asks her not to complain. She says you are mine. He says Nakshatra, which can never be away. They hug and say I love you.

Akshara lights diya and prays for her family, accepting all problems on her. Naitik thanks Lord for all happiness and Naksh’s life.

The man says you guys are very modern, I did not know you will do all this, Naksh and Tara made pre nup papers. Akshara and Naitik get shocked.

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