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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai watch online

The Episode starts with Bau ji requesting Naman and Karishma to leave from this house. Bhabhimaa asks him not to do this mistake, which she did with Naitik. Bau ji says I m doing this so that there should be some relation left. He says Naman, you will get your share of business and property tomorrow, go far from us, so that we don’t face you, wounds healing need time. Akshara says Bau ji… Bau ji says don’t tell me anything. Mishti looks on sadly.

Ananya asks Varsha what is the problem. Shantari calls Varsha and says I have got a good proposal, keep my nek ready. Varsha smiles and says don’t worry. Varsha tells Ananya that we have to fix your proposal, so we told her to find, this is age to marry, if you don’t find good then… Ananya recalls Abhi with his GF and says its okay if you find this right. Varsha happily hugs her.

Devyaani looks at Naman and cries. She says now I also doubt that you regarded me your own mother or not. She goes. Naman stops him and apologizes to her. He says I don’t know why I did this, give me one chance, please tell Bau ji not to make us leave from this house. Devyaani says what to say and to whom, Bau ji and Naitik, or Akshara, you both used them and never regarded them yours, you did not realize you are doing wrong. Naman says we realized our mistake now, give me one chance, tell Naitik and Akshara to talk to Bau ji, please, they can change his decision. Devyaani refuses. Karishma says maybe our family will not break. Devyaani goes.

Naitik holds Akshara’s hand and says your eyesight came back and all this happened, I want to punish them too, their doings spoiled our happiness, we should forget everything, I m glad your eyesight came back. She asks can’t we forgive Naman and Karishma’s mistake. Naitik says no, they kept coil knowing your allergy, I can’t forgive them. Devyaani hears them and says I know they can’t be forgiven, but Bau ji’s punishment can be lessened, I m not taking their side, but I would be hurt if they leave, they are bad, but part of this family, you can punish them keeping them here, you know how much it hurts to be away from family. I can’t tell this to your Bau ji, but I can ask you being your mum, please Naitik, show right path to Naman, think about it. She goes.

Naitik says no Akshara, I know what you want to say, its not important to forgive to keep relations, making someone realize mistake is also keeping relations. She says I know, Sangram did forgiven as he did not do this intentional, and Naman and Karishma did this intentionally, sometimes punishment is necessary than forgiving.

Bau ji talks to lawyer. Devyaani comes there. Bau ji says it would be better if you don’t say anything, trust me, I won’t let injustice happen with anyone. Devyaani says its wrong whatever is happening, what did you do this Naman. She cries.

Its morning, Akshara asks Naitik to give her stick. Naitik reminds her. She smiles seeing him, and says I got habitual of that. He smiles and says habits don’t go, till we get rid of it, now stick is not needed. She says it helped a lot, I will keep it safe. He says I also kept few memories safe for you. He shows the photos. She smiles. He says I captured all this so that you don’t miss anything. She says I m very lucky, how can anyone take care of someone so much. He says I learnt from you. She says the pain when she could not see them, I wish Naman and Karishma understood there is no happiness being away from family.

Akshara does the aarti. Everyone pray. Naman and Karishma come downstairs. Bhabhimaa does tilak to the file. Bau ji gives the file to Naman. Naman refuses to take it. Bau ji says but I want to give your share, tell me if you find it less. Naman apologizes to him and holds his feet. Bau ji asks who am I to give punishment, I also did mistake, I could not make you mine in so many years, I m not great to do the thing for which my heart stops me. We will do what I thought, before we dislike each other, we should get separated with respect. He gives file to Naman. Naman cries. Devyaani looks at Naitik and Akshara, and cries. Naitik and Akshara stay silent. Devyaani angrily goes.

Karishma packs her bags and says we did big stupidity, we were planning big home and business, and lost this house too. He says we were being selfish, now we got money and lost our family. She says how will we adjust, what about Mishti, she is close to everyone, what will we answer them, why did we leave home. He says how did we make such big mistake. Mishti hears them and runs. Naman and Karishma come downstairs with bags and ask where is Mishti. Chitti says Mishti has locked herself in room. They all get shocked.

Bhabhimaa asks Naksh about Tara. He makes excuses and Akshara looks on, being doubtful.

Written Update By Amena


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