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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Rashmi crying seeing her bridal dress. She sees her engagement ring and tries removing it. Gayu comes there and cries seeing Rashmi. Rashmi says we will talk later, I m sorting out things. Devyaani comes and sends Gayu to Naira. Gayu leaves. Devyaani gives the juice glass to Rashmi and asks her to take care of her health. Rashmi thanks her. Devyaani says I m your mum, I can do this. Rashmi says for saving me from big problem. Devyaani hugs her.

Sameer tells his sisters to check their belongings as taxi has come. Motaben tells about Rashmi. Gayu sits upset. Naira asks her to play game with her. Gayu refuses. Naira asks Naksh to play this CD while he is working. Gayu asks Naira not to be adamant. Naksh pushes Naira and says you deleted the file. Naira says you pushed me, I will complain to dad. She asks Gayu to take her side. Gayu says why, Naksh told you not to disturb him, even then you disturbed.

Naksh says yes, Gayu knows the mistake, the one who pushes or beats is not wrong always. He says sorry, I did not mean it, I know it was Sameer’s mistake, we call know our Gayu can’t do anything wrong, I m sure Sameer has beaten you, why are you worried, do you want to tell something, did Sameer tell anything, everyone should know what he said, we gave Rashmi hope, we must help her and say Sameer is bad, she makes your happiness the base of her life, you can tell us. Naira says maybe Sameer did not do anything, or Gayu did something that Sameer reacted. Naksh says yes, Gayu tell us. Naira asks Gayu to say, everyone is angry on Akshara, Rashmi is upset because of her. Gayu cries and runs. She hugs Akshara. Everyone look on.

Akshara asks what happened, why are you crying, tell me. Devyaani blames Akshara for this and scolds her. Akshara says I did not say anything. Gayu says I m very bad, everyone is worried because of me, my mum is upset, I m really sorry. Devyaani says its not because of you, its because of Sameer. Gayu says no, its my fault, not Sameer’s. Devyaani says we should know the truth. She blames Akshara to take Gayu on her side.

Devyaani says Sameer is not a good man, no one will trouble or slap you. Gayu says no one will become my Papa, Sameer uncle is very nice, he did not beat me. She says she has troubled him intentionally. They all get shocked. Bau ji asks what is she saying, why did she do this. Bhabhimaa asks her to tell everything. Gayu says I went to pick dress with him.

FB shows Sameer and Gayu on the way. He talks to Gayu and asks a man about a market by stopping his car. Gayu gets down the car and leaves. Sameer sees she has gone and runs after her to stop her. He asks what happened and stops her. She says leave my hand and cries. He says fine, we will talk in car, what happened. She says you are bad, I hate you, you want to separate me from my mum. He asks who told you. She says I m not a kid, I understand everything. He says I did not mean so, you said yes for Rashmi and my marriage. She says you are selfish and bad, go back to Mumbai and never come back. He says fine, I will go, sit in car, we will not create drama on road. She says he is smart and made everyone on her side. She asks how she ignored him, and his sisters came home to say they will not take her along. H says but… She says you planned this, I won’t let this happen, I will die and stands infront of the car. He pulls her hand and scolds her, asking her to tell everything at home. FB ends.

The relatives will get shocked realizing the truth. Gayu suggests I felt he will inform the truth And that i can get scolded, so I lied, I m sorry, I did Mistaken. Naira asks Gayu to tell everyone what she did. Gayu tells how she built sizzling soup drop on Sameer’s hand intentionally. They get shocked. Gayu tells about spoiling Rashmi’s mehendi. She cries and Rashmi hugs her. Akshara looks at Naitik. Bau ji claims I don’t know how to proceed, we are sorry Akshara.

Akshara states its not your oversight. Bhabhimaa suggests we scolded Akshara, ways to apologize. Nandini states we misunderstood you. Akshara says no have to apologize to me, we should apologize to Sameer and his family members, we should rectify our miscalculation. Devyaani claims wonderful, it had been Gayu’s oversight, but his eyes have been red, he was drunk. Akshara says I known as him to talk to why he has crushed Gayu, and arrived to be aware of he has taken overdose of cough syrup for getting well before long, he didn’t convey to something in his protection, he said its no use to marry if Anybody human being is not really delighted, he did not beat Gayu. Gayu says sorry, I read his sisters and was fearful to acquire clear of Rashmi. Rashmi suggests you ought to have requested me and phone calls her courageous to accept her mistake. Naksh claims our lifetime is dramatic, I m contemplating to make Motion picture on Rashmi’s marriage, contact Sameer quick to fix relationship date. Devyaani phone calls Sameer’s sister. Motaben disconnects the call.

Naitik calls Sameer. Motaben asks Sameer not to reply the calls. She suggests don’t get harm, why are they troubling us. Bau ji suggests I feel we should always go there and communicate. Naksh states fantastic notion. Akshara asks Gayu and Rashmi to come back. Akshara is irritated with Naitik and isn’t going to sit in automobile. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to go with Naitik. They all go away. Rajshri tells Everybody that Akshara was proper, we must have not misunderstood her. Vishwamber says I used to be believing Gayu. Dadi suggests Young ones do this kind of silliness sometimes. They are happy that it obtained solved. Shaurya states but Sameer was insulted, will he and his family members concur now. Singhanias come to the visitor home and request about Sameer and his spouse and children. The watchman claims they remaining for airport to go Mumbai. They get shocked.

Gayu prays Sameer does not leave. Devyaani asks Naksh to take them to Sameer.

Written Update By Sahir


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