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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira saying I have to go to washroom. Akshara says I will come along. Naira says I m not a little kid. She goes. Varsha asks Akshara not to worry and goes to get luggage. Akshara says Naitik, your daughter will be with you in some time. Naitik waits for Naira. Naira washes her face and cries. She reminds herself that she will go back and there is no place for Akshara in her life. She recalls ashram kids. Akshara worries and checks Naira in washroom. Varsha gets the bags. One of the bag falls. Naira goes from there. Akshara and Varsha pick the bag and do not see her leaving.

Naksh smiles seeing Naira’s pic and is tensed. Gayu comes there and finds him nervous. He says Naira’s flight…. She says I know it landed, some wounds can’t be expressed in words. He says Papa went to airport early, you should have gone there. She says Naira would be there with him, they would have met till now. Vishwamber asks Rajshri to save some tears for the moment when she meets Naira. Rajshri cries. Dadi says Akshara did not wish to go, but Lord has sent her there, she did not do she will get her daughter, Ganga Maiyya called Akshara there. They all think whats happening with Naitik. Vishwamber says Naitik would be fighting with time. Akshara tells Varsha that Naira is not in bathroom. Varsha asks where will she go. Akshara hurries to find Naira.

Naira comes out. Naitik’s board falls down. He bends to pick it and Naira passes by. Naira sees Udaipur written there and gets tensed. Varsha says I m sure Naira went out. Naitik waits for them. Naitik looks around and feels Naira’s presence. Akshara says Naitik will not forgive me if Naira is lost again, I will lose Naitik. Varsha asks her to calm down, this won’t happen.

Naira cries and runs away. She stops seeing Naitik. Naitik identifies her and smiles. Dilon ko bandha tha humne to rishton ke dor se…….plays……………… He shows the board. She reads Papa Missed you princess and cries. She says Papa and hugs him. They cry. Akshara and Varsha come there and smile seeing Naira and Naitik.

Varsha says I told you won’t need to make them meet, they both identified each other, come. Akshara says no, this moment is just theirs. Naitik sees young Naira smiling. He gets hiccups. Naira runs and gets water for him. She makes him drink water and asks are you fine. He calls driver to get his bag. He takes Naira. Driver gets his bag. Naitik shows Naira’s fav burger and asks do you still eat it. She says I would like anything made by my Papa. She eats the burger. Akshara and Naitik happily cry. Varsha says we asked Naira to have something, she did not even had tea by our hands, she is eating burger made by Naitik. Akshara says even I can’t take Naitik’s place in her life.

Naitik says I feel this is a dream. She says no, its truth. He asks where is Akshara, she gets the credit to make this dream true, I got my princess back. Naira thinks nothing changed, Akshara has same place in this house, control emotions, else I can’t go back. Naitik asks what happened. Naira asks where is the car. Naitik says there…. Naira goes. He gets puzzled. Varsha goes to see. Akshara asks what happened. Naitik says don’t know, I did not tell her anything. Akshara says she maybe scared, past and future thinking, I have seen she hugged you, come, everyone would be waiting at home.

Naira sits silent all the way. She thinks to go back to Rishikesh and this is not her home. They reach home. Naitik says we reached home. Naira cries and is angry. Naitik stops her and says first I will tell them that Naira is angry, beware of her. Naira says I m sorry. He says I was joking, come. Naira stumbles. Naitik holds her and asks her to be careful. She stands at the door and cries seeing her home.

Everyone sing Tum ho to har pal ek jashn hai………….. and pamper Naira with loads of love.

Written Update by Amena

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