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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naitik slapping the driver. The driver justifies himself saying he was helping the girls and trying to drop them home, when his car broke down. He tells everything how he was bringing them by shortcut and girls misunderstood him, but they are brave girls and its not their mistake, the times are bad. He says even he is a daughter and he also tells his daughter to be careful. Naitik apologizes to him and gives him money. The man says no, it was my duty. Akshara thanks him and they leave.

Bhabhimaa hugs the women and cries. Rashmi comes residence and asks what took place. Akshara tells every thing. Rashmi hugs Gayu. She asks Gayu why did she come to garden. Gayu says I explained to Sameer that we’re coming to backyard. Sameer states I heard you might be coming dwelling, network was bad, sorry its my blunder. Devyaani blames Sameer. Gayu is aggravated and leaves the place, even though Rashmi apologizes. Gayu goes to Naira’s area and asks can she snooze in this article. Naira asks her to come back. Rashmi comes there and Gayu stays irritated.

Akshara and Naitik see Gayu annoyed. Naitik asks Rashmi to not feel guilty. Its morning, Rashmi tells Gayu that she is going to drop her to highschool right now. Sameer arrives there and Gayu receives irked. Naman asks Sameer the place is he having Rashmi. Sameer claims I have arrive at acquire Naira and Gayu, I will fall them to highschool, I’ll apologize for yesterday’s slip-up. Rashmi claims I promised I will fall. Sameer suggests no, I’ll fall. They argue. Naksh suggests you the two can go. Sameer calls him smart.

Gayu asks Rashmi to sit with them. Rashmi suggests he will sit in front seat. Sameer suggests I will look as driver. Rashmi sits in entrance seat. Bhabhimaa talks to Akshara. Naksh brings fantastic music and states we will enjoy nicely in sangeet, and keep combine sangeet with both Males and girls. Naitik says he has booked very best music team for the sangeet, he may even dance in sangeet.

Devyaani concerns them and claims she has to talk to them. They all really feel she is Completely wrong, but she made an effort to prevent considering, but she’s not pleased with Sameer. Bau ji asks her to not question Sameer. Devyaani says she has a way to apparent her doubt. Akshara and Naitik request her what did she Feel, they also want her to Fortunately be part of the marriage. Devyaani presents the file. Akshara sees it and suggests agreement.

Akshara suggests this is contract about relationship, if anything goes wrong then… Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani…. Devyaani receives tensed. Bau ji appears at her. Akshara asks her whats this. Bau ji asks are we performing relationship or any agreement, what are the problems. Devyaani states pay attention to me, people make the most, this is not Incorrect, I spoke to attorney, quite a few homes have this technique. Bau ji claims its regarded as bad listed here. Devyaani suggests even second relationship is considered listed here, Sameer can indicator on this. Bau ji claims I is not going to inquire Sameer. Akshara claims Sameer and his family are previously upset.

Bau ji asks Naitik to elucidate Devyaani. Naitik states Devyaani is totally appropriate. All of them get stunned. Akshara asks Naitik what transpired to you. Naitik claims Devyaani is correct. Sameer loves Rashmi, he will likely not have objection to sign this. Akshara states its about doubting him. She says we did not know each other, did we signal this kind of deal, we love each other and belief, Sameer and Rashmi know each other.

Naitik says I concur but circumstance differs now, does father and son not have confidence in one another, till father tends to make the will, Dadda ji gave POA for you. Akshara suggests Sure, it absolutely was mainly because to minimize misunderstandings. Naksh says Sameer is nice man. Naitik claims We all know. Devyaani claims I don’t desire to get risk, if Naitik is agreeing, why don’t you all agree. Akshara suggests we don’t concur, did we make you signal any contract. Devyaani says there was no reason to question on me, Rashmi has A lot assets, its significant reason for somebody who stays inside a flat taken on mortgage. Sameer and his sisters occur and hear all the things. His sisters say this was wanted now. All of them get stunned.

Sameer’s sister notify him to determine, if he indicators on the paper, they will not are available his marriage. They depart.

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