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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 October 2015 Written Update

Yash asking Naksh what will he do now. Tara reaches the grounds. Naksh does naagin dance to keep everyone busy. Tara runs to the place. Naksh sees her coming and stops. He thinks his trick worked. The guard takes him. He smiles seeing Tara and winks to her. The girls ask Tara where was she, the guy has done this for her, he was making the coach wait for selection. Yash says guard would have beaten you. Naksh says its fine, see my idea worked, Tara is impressed. Yash says selectors will not take her in team if they know you did this for her, Tara will be angry on you, see she will come and scold you.

Tara comes to Naksh and asks why did he do this, the girl complained that he has done this for her, she can’t play for 3 years, how dare he do this. Naksh says I was just helping you. Tara asks did I ask help, my dreams broke because of you, I hate you. He says sorry, I won’t do this again. Yash asks what is he saying. Naksh scolds him for talking depressing.

Naira asks Devyaani to talk to Akshara. Devyaani tells Akshara about getting a phone for Naira. Akshara asks Naira why is she doing this. Naira says my classmates are phone, Dadi is saying for my safety. Naitik comes and asks Naira why is she worried. Akshara says she wants phone. He says not now, phone has distractions. Naira requests. Devyaani says we can be in contact. Akshara says fine, we will get a less feature phone, not smart phone. Naira refuses and goes. Akshara says Naira wants to show off, she is growing up and making new requests daily. She thinks of Naksh and calls him.

Naksh says he has come to play hockey, coach is coming now and ends call. Yash tells Naksh that Tara is coming to beat you. Naksh gets worried. Tara tells him that she is selected in state level team, thanks, you made committee busy. He says its by your talent. They shake hands and smile. She says real talent was your naagin dance, please do it once for me. Naksh does naagin dance and she smiles. He asks why did she get teary eyed. She says this tournament was my dream. He asks her not to get senti. She asks about his sister. He says she could not come, she had test in school and asked me to take tips for her, you can teach me. Naksh asks her for party. Ananya tells Varsha that she won’t go office today. Vishwamber asks why. Shaurya says its fine, but If there is something, tell us. Anshu asks is there any problem in office. Ananya says no, I can afford one day leave. Naira talks to her friends on video chat and says her mum refuses for everything.

Naitik and Akshara are on how. He jokes about Naksh being with a few girl. She asks him not to give her tension by his jokes. Naksh and Tara go out and invest time. Banke musibat piche padi hai…. Locha e ulfat………….. plays…………… Naksh imagines and falls by Yash. Tara laughs. Naitik and Akshara have icecream at the stall. Naksh and Tara have golgappas. Naitik offers icecreams to Akshara.

Naksh cries by the spicy golgappas. Tara asks why is he crying. Yash thinks Naksh dislikes golgappas and now eating in like. Naksh says its spicy. She states you should have instructed me in advance of, I can get icecream for you. He suggests its okay, I can get it and goes with Yash. Naksh says its tears of contentment. Yash shows Naitik. Akshara goes to golgappa stall and sees Tara. Naitik asks them What exactly are they executing right here. He suggests I have question on lazy Naksh to Opt for hockey. Naksh states I was with Yash, as he stays unfortunate as of late.

Tara greets Akshara. Akshara states you ought to question before helping others, Imagine and do just about anything. She goes. Tara states aunty said suitable and laughs. Naksh suggests I m finding late and leaves with Yash. Akshara will come and Naitik claims he achieved Naksh listed here, he was in hurry, he was with Yash. She states she achieved Tara at golgappa stall, Naksh is additionally right here, are they jointly. Naitik states you happen to be contemplating a lot of. Naksh arrived with Yash to cheer Yash.

Tara’s grand dad concerns Krishna and argues with Keshav. Akshara asks what occurred uncle. He asks who’s she to speak involving Adult males.

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