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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akshara singing a lullaby for Naksh. He sleeps and she covers him with a blanket. She cries and leaves. Its morning, Naksh comes downstairs. Bhabhimaa worries for his health. Naksh says I m fine. Bau ji asks about Akshara. Devyaani says she went Mg Road. Naksh thinks Akshara went to meet Tara and asks Devyaani what did she say. Devyaani says she said she will go early to meet them. Naksh thinks he was sure of this, and goes. He gets glad. Akshara is at some furniture store. Ananya and Yash come there and talk to her about Naksh. Akshara says it is not right. Yash says Tara’s family is adamant. Ananya says Naksh’s trust will break, and maybe they can’t forgive her then. Naksh stops car and calls Tara.

Ananya asks Akshara why is she not supporting Naksh. Yash says you have supported our parents. Ananya says you know Naksh, he loves Tara, I don’t know what he will do, you may regret on your decision. Akshara worries. Yash asks Akshara to agree. Naksh comes to Tara’s house. The servant asks whom does he want to meet. Dada ji comes there and Naksh starts leaving. Dada ji asks who is he, did he come from guy’s family side. Naksh turns and Dada ji gets shocked seeing him. He recalls Naksh is Akshara’s son, who has scolded him on the road. Naksh is shocked too and recalls their fight. He thinks oh no, this is Tara’s Dada ji.

Dada ji asks how dare he come here. Sangram and Vikram come there. Dada ji asks Naksh to say truth. He insults Akshara and says your mum has no time to see you, she drives car and runs shop, give message to your dad, that he should make your mum sit at home. Naksh says by this thinking, you did not let Tara play hockey. Dada ji gets shocked and asks what did you say, he took Tara’s name, he knows hockey thing too.

Sangram says I found out, a guy has helped Tara, it will be him. Dada ji asks how dare he do this. Sangram asks Naksh to say truth, else he will break his head with hockey. Dada ji shouts. Naksh says I mean, I heard. Dada ji says I understood, Sangram make him fine. Dada ji sees the guy’s parents coming there and stops Sangram. He welcomes them, They see Naksh and asks who is he. Dada ji says he is relative, our guest, take him Sangram. Naksh goes. Tara comes there and looks around. Dada ji asks did Sumit not come. The lady says no, we came to fix engagement date.

Sangram and Vikram take Naksh with them. Preeti sees them. Sangram asks Naksh to sit in car. The goons also sit with Naksh. Akshara thanks Ananya and Yash for explaining him, she can do this for Naksh’s happiness. Preeti calls Yash and tells him about Sangram taking Naksh, do something. Yash tells Akshara that Tara’s family has taken Naksh somewhere, maybe they know about Naksh and Tara. Akshara worries and asks for Tara’s address. She leaves.

She is worried for Naksh and sees Naksh being taken in the jeep by Tara’s brothers. She follows them. Sangram brings Naksh to jungle area. Naksh asks them to leave him. Sangram says how dare you come to our house, we understood that this is hotel lady’s son, how did you take Tara’s name. Vikram says tell us, how you know our sister.

Dada ji sees Tara upset. He asks does she like this relation, these days guys and girls choose their life partner, if she likes someone… She gets teary eyed. He asks why did she get worried. She says don’t worry, I will marry where you wish. He blesses her and asks her to be happy. Akshara comes to that place and thinks where did they take Naksh.
She thinks to inform Naitik and hears some sound. She goes to see. Naksh fights with the goons. Vikram and goons beat Naksh. Sangram looks on. Naksh pushes Vikram and beats him. He then beats the goons. Sangram stops Naksh and twists his hand. He punches Naksh. Naksh falls down and gets wounded. Akshara comes there and gets shocked. She holds Sangram’s hand and moves him away. She gets worried seeing Naksh bleeding. Sangram says so you are Mata ji and greets him. He asks her to control her son, if he takes Tara’s name, he will get Naksh here again. They all hold Naksh and beat him. She shouts no and gets a stick to beat them. She asks them to be away. Sangram asks did she get mad, else he will not leave them. Akshara says shut up, don’t touch my son. The goon says this woman got mad, we will leave. Sangram warns her about Naksh. She asks them to leave. They leave. She cries and tries waking up Naksh. She calls out for help and calls Naitik by Naksh’s phone. Naitik gets shocked.

Naitik and Dada ji have a heated argument to defend their son and granddaughter. Akshara rushes to Naksh’s ward.

Written Update By Amena


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