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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 October 2015 Written Update

Ananya managing her diet, which makes Varsha happy. Akshara jokes on Naitik for lifting her and getting backache. She asks Girja about Naksh. Girja says he went in morning. Bau ji says I will join Naitik in exercise. Akshara gets the dress for Naira and shows Naira. She asks Naira to wear it and show. Naira thinks she can’t wear this, her hands are not waxed, everyone will joke on her. Mishti likes the dress and takes it.

Akshara says its bigger, I will ask Jasmeet to make new for you. Naira says its too short and refuses to wear it. She makes excuses of dengue. She goes. Akshara gets thinking. Akshara talks to Rajshri on phone and Rajshri understands Akshara is worried. Akshara says she feels her children are going away now, Naira is not understanding. Rajshri says every teenager does so. Akshara says Naira is acting more than her age. Rajshri says every parent says the same, Shaurya, you and Anshu have also troubled us, its lifecycle and happens in everyone’s life.

Akshara says sorry, I m feeling bad. Rajshri says Naira will take more 3-4 years in knowing things, mum works as a way to guide to river flow. She says you can do it, if I can do this, I trust my daughter, you are a good mum. Akshara thanks her and says she always wants her mum. Rajshri says you can learn from mum all your life.

Ananya comes to office and staff tells her that boss left the company by management problem. Ananya gets shocked. She says she could not meet him, and regrets. Naitik asks Akshara for food. Naksh comes and Akshara asks him about staying out. He makes studies excuse and tells he brought hockey for Naira. Naira asks when did I ask for it. Naksh says you told me about participating in school. Naira says you say anything.

Naksh asks how did she forget, we should play hockey, its national sport. Naitik smiles. Naira says I will play when I want. Akshara asks Naksh how did he get hockey craze. He says we all should play, its for fitness. The elders joke. Akshara asks Naksh why is he saying so. Naksh says no one told him anything. Akshara asks him to give hockey and goes after him to beat. They all laugh. Naksh takes hockey and leaves. He says he wants to get selected, he is waiting for this day.

Naitik asks Akshara to give him food. She says he is acting strange, I think its because of that girl, she has beaten him and this happened. Naitik jokes on her and says he has seen Naksh, but she said Naksh was in college, you manage him, you can become a mum in law. He gets a call.

Ananya comes home and is upset. Varsha asks what happened, and cheers her. Ananya says how to tell mum the reason of my bad mood, where did boss go?? She tries calling her boss and could not reach him. She checks FB and says there is no recent update. Naira is with her friends and says she has makeup kit which her mum kept safe to avoid Mishti taking it. She sees their makeup kit and smiles.

Naira likes her friend’s phone and gets to know it’s the girl’s phone which she got on daughter’s day. The girl says phone is very imp these days, and shows makeup app. Naira applies lipstick. Akshara comes there and Naira asks the girl not to open door, mum will be angry seeing lipstick. The girl asks did she lie about owning a makeup kit. Naira says we will discuss it later. Akshara saks why did she take so much time to open door. Naira makes excuse and asks why did Akshara call her. Akshara says car has come to pick your friends. Naira takes them out.

Naitik tells Akshara about Conference neighbors and paying electric power Invoice. She claims we will go later. The neighbor Girl and scolds them for thieving the electrical energy. Akshara claims you already know no-one will make this happen from out home, we didn’t do that deliberately, some other person did this, we were being coming to speak to you. The Woman asks for bill. Devyaani claims we pays. The Woman asks them to pay bill for 2 months, else she’s going to connect with police. Akshara states we will pay double Invoice, don’t threaten us about law enforcement. Bhabhimaa asks Woman to send out her mum in law. The Woman functions rude and leaves. Naksh seems to be on.

Akshara asks them to check out what that Woman did. Naksh suggests Tara has aided us. Bau ji asks Naitik to pay for Invoice. Naitik states I pays it nowadays itself. Naksh and Yash look forward to Tara within the hockey staff assortment grounds. Naksh claims Tara isn’t coming to meet me. Yash claims she will be able to miss out on variety. They listen to women saying about Tara and her grand dad. Tara is Using the cycle and is also on how.

The mentor asks the girls to come back to the ground, as match is starting. Yash tells Naksh that Tara didn’t come until now. The choice spherical commences. Tara remains to be on the way in which. Naksh waits for her.

Naksh thinks to try and do anything, and prevent the choice. He suggests He’ll take care of everything just for Tara. Yash asks what will you do.

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