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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira asking Kartik about the file. He says its Naitik’s dream, you don’t know about dance. Naira says I love dance a lot. Akshara comes and takes the file. Naira asks about Naitik’s dream. Akshara says Naitik wanted to open dance academy for Naira, its for those kids who can’t pay much fees to learn dance, Naitik asked me to do this work, he said Rishikesh ashram kids should be involved in this. Kartik says brilliant idea, ashram kids and dance is perfect, some people just pretend to do big things for ashram kids. He asks Naira did she forget the kids now, her priorities changed. Naira says yes, a lot of things changed, the ashram and my feelings for them can’t change, I can do anything for them, and this is my Papa’s wish, I have to fulfill this. She goes. Akshara and Kartik smile.

Rukmani comes to Akshara and Devyaani, and says I need to talk something imp. Akshara says I m going in Gayu’s competition. Rukmani says its imp, we have to explain Yash, he is stubborn, he will come here, you don’t support him, don’t let him come inside the house, if anyone supports him, I will break relations with them. She says what are we asking him, not to marry that foreign girl, but he is not listening. Naira comes and says foreign couples are also committed in relations, if you do this, Yash will get away from you. Rukmani says you don’t worry for me, children don’t talk between elders. Naira says why can’t young lot give advice to elders, you are wrong, change your thinking. Akshara shouts Naira and stops her. She asks her to go to her room, its elder’s matter. Naira goes.

Rukmani says Naira spoiled so much. Akshara says she loves Yash and kept her view. Rukmani says even I love Yash. Akshara says if Yash’s happiness is in marrying that girl, then why are you refusing, Naira is saying right. Naira hears them. Rukmani says just don’t keep Yash if he comes here. She leaves.

Gayu waits for family and asks the man to give her 2mins, she is waiting for someone. She gets Kartik’s message. He apologizes for not coming and wishes her all the best. Naksh asks what happened. She says I wanted family to come. He asks did Maa not come, anyways show me your designs. He asks her to submit designs soon, else she would disqualify. Gayu submits designs. Akshara comes and says sorry, show me designs. Naksh says you got late, she submitted designs. Akshara says sorry, Naira’s dance academy talk started and then Rukmani aunty came. Gayu says its fine and goes. Naksh says Gayu really felt bad, you should have come on time.

Kohli gets Kartik inside house and says all paying guests are sleeping, go straight to room and sleep. Kartik says why did you not call me before. Kohli says this is shubh mahurat. Rajshri gets up to get water. Kartik asks for kitchen, he has to make tea. Kohli says make tea in morning, gas is over. Rajshri sees the main door open.

Akshara goes to Gayu and sees her sleeping. She covers Gayu and switches off lights. She says sorry for not coming and goes. She then goes to Naira and sees her sleeping. She says sorry for being angry on you, forgive me. She goes. Naira wakes up and cries recalling Akshara’s words.

Naksh gets Yash home. Akshara gets shocked seeing Yash and asks when did you come. Yash asks Naksh to talk. She asks what happened. Yash says sorry, Rukmani is not letting me stay happy. Naksh says Yash needs your help. Yash says please help me, you helped my parents too, please Rose and I will not forget your favor, I want you to meet Rose right away. She asks how. Naksh asks Akshara to please help Yash. She says fine, I will talk to Nandini, I will know what she thinks about this. Yash thanks her. Akshara sees Rose at the door. Rose smiles and touches Akshara’s feet saying Namaste. Yash asks Akshara to convince her family. Naksh says please help them.

Akshara asks Yash to go home. Yash says I don’t know they will let us enter house. She says this is not right, Rukmani told us not to help you. Yash says it means you won’t help us, we will leave. Akshara says no, I did not mean it, Naksh take Yash to your room, Rose will stay with me, I will try to talk to Rukmani and Nandini. Yash thanks and hugs her. Naksh stops him from hugging Rose. Naksh and Yash leave. Rose gives water to Akshara and says sorry for trouble, but will you help us, I want to marry Yash.

Its morning, Kartik wakes up by alarm. Kohli stops him from going out and asks him not to talk to anyone, no one talks straight. Kartik asks why did you keep them here then. Kohli says they are my sister’s relatives. Kartik says I won’t talk to anyone and follow your instructions. Kohli says great and goes. Kartik gets good morning message from Gayu and says this maybe my GF Mishti. He replies good morning. Gayu smiles.

Everyone ask Yash whats the matter, tell us. Everyone see a girl coming. Rose comes hiding her face in saree’s ghunghat.

Naira dances happily on dil se bandhi ek dor…………. Akshara happily cries seeing her.

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