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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Baisa arguing with Tara. Tara says her coach is like her father, how can she scold him. Baisa scolds Tara a lot. Akshara and Naitik ask Baisa to change her mindset, Tara’s coach is very happy and lifted her. Dada ji says I know Tara, she won’t do anything wrong, if its Tara’s mistake, I m sorry, don’t say wrong things, this is Tara’s Guru, he is our guest, don’t say this to him, I request you to apologize to him. Baisa gets angry. Baisa apologizes. Akshara, Naitik and Naksh also apologize. Coach says its fine, I should be careful to respect the traditions, sorry Tara, your and your family mood spoiled because of me, I will leave. Tara cries.

Dada ji says I m seeing many hurdles are coming, since I kept Tara’s marriage, I m tensed. Akshara says Naitik and I had many problems in our marriage, its said its all well that ends well, Tara and we all will be happy.

Tara is angry. Sangram asks her not to be angry and think with cool mind, the family supports her always. Tara says Baisa said a lot, I keep quiet as she is elder, but I felt bad. Sangram says yes, you have grown up and would feel bad if we say anything. She says no. Aditya says think how everyone took your side, we will leave. Sangram calls Tara lucky. They leave asking her to take time and think.

Akshara tells Naitik that everything is going bad, Naira, Baisa, Naman, Karishma and everyone is annoyed with us. He says we have to find something cool to calm the family anger, don’t worry. She says we have to do something that there is no hurdle in Naksh’s marriage, thank God, you came, else how would I manage. Naitik says everything will be fine.

Preeti tells Tara that someone should stop Baisa. Tara says everyone stopped her. Preeti reminds Shaalu’s inlaws, who were supportive initially and then stopped her hockey. I m scared for you Tara. Naksh tells Akshara that Baisa is after Tara, why does she not leave from here if she has problem, I m sorry, I don’t want Tara to get more hurt. Naitik and Akshara laugh. Naksh asks them to laugh, you find my tensed situation funny. Akshara says sorry, we are laughing on your solution, if we have problem, will you ask us to leave. Naitik says elders are not so bad, they want to help us by experience, we Indians are lucky to have elder generations with us, its support system.

Akshara says we are never alone here, you forgot Baisa, how many mistakes she has forgiven in childhood, you can’t forgive her. Naitik says elders become like kids in this age, you understand this and forget what Baisa said, remember Baisa loves you a lot and wants your good, so she interferes in your life. Akshara says I would have done same being in Baisa’s place. Naksh says I understood. Naitik says its good you realized mistake. Tara and Preeti look on. Akshara says we are explaining you as Baisa won’t understand, Tara has to understand. Preeti asks Tara to see, how they are explaining Naksh.

Mishti says I won’t stop Baisa this time. Dada ji comes and says Baisa is elder, don’t talk to elders like this. Naksh goes to Tara and says don’t worry, mum and dad will convince Baisa. She says do you think Baisa will get calm down, there will be new problem, will this go on all life, I m sorry, I want simple life, not such happening life. Dada ji apologizes to Baisa and says we will not hurt you even. The bag zip breaks. Kids laugh. Dada ji says everything breaks in anger.

Tara says Baisa insulted me, once we get married, don’t know what will happen. Naksh says mumma is there, don’t worry. Tara says yes, but aunty did a lot for us, we have to do something. Naksh says Dada ji and Sangram told wrong to mumma, even then they changed, Baisa will change too. They start arguing over their families.

Dada ji makes Baisa smile and compliments her smile. She says enough, I m not Baby Maasi to fall in your words and get glad. They all smile. He says you are right, even children are right, leave it now, we should think of marriage, there should be no problem. Mishti asks them to do pinky promise. Dada ji and Baisa do pinky promise. Naitik and Akshara come and smile seeing them. Naksh tells Tara to have patience. Tara says I feel just I have to change, so I was thinking… Naksh gets Akshara’s call and says wow, great news, Baisa agreed. He goes. Preeti asks Tara to tell Naksh, family is imp, but career is imp too, talk to Naksh, else you will get scolding by Baisa all life, and will end up in cooking and kitchen work.

Mishti argues with Kuhu and says Naitik is not your dad. Kuhu says he is my dad. They fight. Elders come there. Akshara asks why are they fighting. Nannu says Mishti said Kuhu is bad girl. Mishti says my mumma said wherever Kuhu goes, everyone gets sad. Akshara says no, Kuhu is nice girl, everyone get happy seeing her. Mishti says but she is saying Naitik is her dad. Naitik sends Kuhu and kids. Baisa asks Akshara what are they hiding, who is Kuhu’s father. Dada ji says you all know her father right. Shaurya says Kuhu is my daughter, I m her father. They all get shocked. Baisa asks Shaurya what did you do.

Tara reads pre nuptial contract brought by Preeti. Naksh comes and reads it. He looks at Tara.

Written Update by Amena

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