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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th October 2015 Written Update

Rashmi’s bidaai being done. Everyone hug her and bless her for a happy married life. Rashmi cries and leaves with Sameer. The family comes back inside home. Naksh smiles holding the hockey stick. Naitik and Akshara see the varmala under the bed and regret to not get it before. He says we can’t waste this, we can use this, then we will get inseparable. She laughs. He asks does she not get love on his love. She says no, and reminds how they exchanged varmalas in Rashmi’s marriage before. They exchange varmalas and say I love you. They hug and smile.

Naksh is unable to sleep and thinks what to do. He calls Yash. He asks him to come to their fav café. Yash asks what happened. Naksh says its about my life. Yash asks what is it about. He asks him not to fall in love, its all useless. Naksh insists. Yash says fine, I will come. Naksh sleeps and imagines Tara coming to him. She asks him to get up, its morning. He says he is dreaming her. She says I will beat you hockey if you don’t get up. He says no, I m getting up, don’t do anything. Akshara comes and asks what. Naksh says no, I thought you will scold me, I love you.

She reminds how he used to do all his work in Cape town, and now she is doing his work. He says I realized I have to do my work myself. She gets surprised and goes. He says I will find Tara today. Varsha says Ananya will come for breakfast herself. Ananya comes and Rajshri asks her to sit and have food. Ananya faints and they all rush to her. Bau ji tells Devyaani that Rashmi called, she is happy. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara about Naksh.

Akshara says he got up, he is coming. She tells Naitik that Naksh was behaving strange. Naitik says he has grown up, he needs his privacy, is it about any girl. She asks really. He says yes, Naksh told me, he is young and its his age to fall in love, I m with him. She says its matter of tension. He says you have to become saas, you are growing old. He flirts with her and she calls him smart to make her quiet. He says yes, man learns this after years of marriage.

Mishti and Naira come. They see the gifts. Sameer says its makeup kits by Sameer’s sisters for Karishma and Akshara. Naira says she wants to use it. Akshara stops her. Mishti says its fine, you can use it from my doll kit. Naira says thanks, but I want real makeup kit.

Naksh thinks where to hide the hockey stick, if Akshara sees it, it will be problem. He hides it. Akshara asks him where is he going. He says he has to help a friend and makes excuses. He says he has to do some work and he is not selfish. He falls down and leaves. Naitik smiles. Akshara asks Naitik about Naksh. Naitik says I was also lost like this when I was in love, I used to see you everywhere and thought about you all the day.

He jokes and laughs. He says I m joking and asks her not to fret. Akshara asks Naira to get ready for school. Naira states make sure you, I want to see makeupkit as soon as. Akshara claims I’ll present you when You may use it. Ananya wakes up and asks what occurred. Shaurya states you fainted. Rajshri asks how is she, did she experienced just about anything or not. Anshu says I think she’s dieting and fainted. Jasmeet says I’ll convey to, most of us really feel she was hungry and fainted, the reality is she has eaten tis medicines, see this, I bought it from her room. Shaurya asks about dieting pills. Anshu suggests its overdose. Varsha cries. Naksh tells Yash that he has to search out Tara. Yash claims enjoy is worthless and did you merely get that Woman. Naksh asks him never to be detrimental. Yash states all ladies are exact, girls depart us. Naksh suggests they will discover Tara in ladies university, and tends to make plan. Yash agrees to help you him, Naksh smiles and says he can get Tara.

Naksh runs as some girls are after him to conquer him. Naitik sees him and asks Akshara to determine. She asks exactly where is he.

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