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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira running and seeing Naitik’s pic. She says if Papa was here, he would have helped me, shall I call him, he trusts and understands me. She does not call thinking she will go to jail if she is caught. She hides. Naksh comes there and looks around. He goes. Police tries catching Vicky. Naitik slaps Vicky. Naira cries and leaves from home. Naman sees Naira leaving and calls her out. He thinks to inform Akshara about it and stops. He says why shall I say that Naira is going, they won’t trust me and do what they want, they made us leave house, they did not think Mishti will be away from us, when Naira is away from them, then Naitik and Akshara will realize, I will not say anyone.

Inspector asks Vicky to say what happened. Naitik says Naira can go to jail, her life will be ruined if you don’t say truth. Vicky says Naira and I did not kill Sukanya, it was an accident. Inspector asks him to say clearly what happened. Naira runs on road. Akshara goes to talk to Naira. Naira sees police and hides.

Akshara thinks Naira is sleeping and stops Mishti from waking her up. She says when Naira wakes up, we will talk to her, I love you. Naira says I hate you mumma and cries. She washes her face by a public water tap. She says mumma is sending me to jail, why is she like this.

Varsha tells Dadi and everyone that children are not taking any scolding these days, they are threatening parents, we can’t say what children do. Dadi says I feel restless today, don’t know why. Naksh prays to Lord for Naira and says give strength to Naira and make everything fine.

Vicky tells everything to inspector. He cries and says Sukanya would have thought I m ghost, as I died according to her, her balance got out by seeing me, no one pushed her. Inspector says good story, but who will believe this. Vicky says I m saying truth, Naira and I are innocent. Inspector asks why did you run away. Vicky says I was scared and thought blame will come on me, it was an accident. Naitik says Naira is bearing this by your foolishness. Inspector tells another staff member not to end case, and continue investigation. Naitik comes home and signs happily to Akshara. She gets happy and hugs him.

Akshara tells everyone that Naira is innocent. They all thank Lord. Naksh asks how did this happen. Naitik says Vicky said Naira is innocent, case is not shut, as Sukanya’s parents want justice. Akshara says I knew my daughter can’t do this, and truth will come out some day. Naitik says yes, but what she has bear all these days… Akshara says she is very afraid. Devyaani goes to call Bau ji and inform him. Naitik says I will be with Naira all the time till she gets out of this trauma. Akshara says come, we will give this good news to Naira, she is sleeping in her room, she will be happy knowing this news.

Naira sees some women eating at the dhaba. She eats the leftover food. She sees news of Sukanya’s mother asking police to get Sukanya’s murderers punished. She sees her pic flashing on the screen. The dhaba man sees her. Naira runs away. Akshara and Naitik get shocked seeing pillows in Naira’s place. She says she was here, I did not see this, it means Naira has run away. Naira gets hit by a tree by running and faints. Naksh and everyone look for Naira. Naman gets tensed.

Naitik cries and says Naksh, why are we not getting our Naira. Naksh says we will get her. Naitik says I m scared, we lost her once, this time I m feeling like….. if we don’t get her, how will we live without her. Naksh says nothing will happen to her, we will find her.

Naira removes Akshara’s pic from her locket and throws on the road. She boards a train.

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