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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th August 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Rukmani imagining her victory. She gives her successful speech. Nandini asks her what on earth is she imagining. Rukmani smiles. Rashmi asks Naman to hitch her in the meeting. Naira acts like helpless women and Naksh functions together with her. Mishti and Gayu also act with them, to convince Akshara for taking the put up. Naksh acts like Akshara. Naksh suggests what can I do, I don’t have any post. I did oversight, time is gone, I will check if I can perform anything at all. The elders smile. Akshara asks him to halt this drama. Naitik will come and looks on. Akshara asks him to see them. Naitik jokes and says he also wishes aid from her. All of them chuckle.

Akshara suggests she don’t want to stand in elections and leaves. Naira asks Naitik to speak to her. Naitik claims I can’t support, if she would not choose to do. Naksh suggests Rukmani can’t control this get the job done, mum can make this happen operate. Rajshri claims Akshara might have stood within the elections. He has ache and she or he will get spray to apply. Anshu and Jasmeet come to thank them for doing this Significantly for Nannu. They are saying we wish Nannu to have fine. Anshu will get happy and states nothing Erroneous can take place. Rajshri claims she asked her close friends, they said It will probably be fantastic. Vishwamber suggests some effective person experienced this issue, Nannu may also be successful.

Naitik talks to Akshara. She claims no. He asks how Are you aware what I m saying. She suggests I received’t stand in elections. He asks her to pay attention to him, he was saying I m seriously happy with you, what ever you do is by complete coronary heart, I understand you are going to do a good deal for Girls, I wanted to say this may be uncomplicated detail when you sit on that article, its not excellent to backout for Rukmani, I do think you happen to be most effective prospect for this chair. She hugs him.

Jasmeet teaches Nannu and reveals him alphabets. Kaki delivers plastic ABCD. Varsha claims We are going to analyze on cell phone. Nannu claims I wish to do drawing. Jasmeet says he is not having curiosity in nearly anything. Sanju seems on and suggests she can make a portray. She draws A and clarifies him by drawings. They all smile.

The females come to Akshara and give the merchandise they made. Akshara gives The cash for that sale. Kamla suggests they need her to consider this submit and requests her. Akshara states I recognize, if any one else gets to be head, its much better, I m below to help you. The lady claims Rukmani doesn’t have these kinds of information. All of them ask her to agree. Akshara states Rukmani. Naitik asks her not to consider her. Rukmani receives sweets for them. The lady claims we would’ve presented vote to Akshara if she stood, but we will choose her identify when any individual asks us. Akshara claims high-quality, I’ll stand. Rukmani will get shocked.

Akshara tells Naitik that she is anxious. He suggests everything are going to be high-quality, you ought to be very pleased and praises her. She thanks him for encouraging her. He asks her to fill kind, and he can get his workforce to cheer for her. She hugs him and smiles.

Rukmani tells Nandini that Akshara is preventing election againt me. Nandini suggests everyone insisted her, I will be delighted whoever wins. Rukmani asks who will win. Nandini smiles and goes for getting biscuits. Nannu reads the poem and everuone smile. They clap for him. Rajshri says this is excellent minute, we should always do nearly anything. Ananya says we must always party, had been We could go. Rajshri states We’re going to go Krishna. Vishmwaber states its great idea. Rajshri asks Anshu and Jasmeet to smile. She says Sanju went to school and she will’t come. Dadi suggests we should go in Culture Conference. Rajshri states Akshara went to fill kind. Omi claims We are going to simply call them also. Rajshri asks Vishwamber to phone them.

The women meet up with there and Dadi and Rajshri praise Akshara. Rukmani arrives there and asks Akshara not to say something, she understands. She says she will shift again, it does not make any difference as Akshara wants to stand, she has to keep relations. She taunts them sweetly. Devyaani states we were being also detailing you this, its fine you understood. Akshara says our aim is same to assist the Women of all ages, I want All people’s assist to bring a transform. Rukmani greets them and leaves. Rajshri claims its double celebration currently, so These are thinking to go for lunch. Devyaani says we might be pleased, but I have to see a patient. Bhabhimaa says I need to fulfill my family members. Devyaani suggests consider Akshara and youngsters. Akshara states but where by…. Rajshri and Dadi smile.

The kids have a chat at Krishna. Naitik sees there are no prospects. Keshav states the dhaba has put gives, shall we also preserve present. Naitik claims no. He asks Naksh that’s coming. Naksh suggests you can understand it. Maheshwaris appear there and greet Naitik. Shaurya states we’ve been your friends, welcome us. Naitik welcomes them. Naksh suggests they arrived late. Vishwamber asks them to purchase foods. Naitik asks The excellent news. Akshara states Nannu has learnt a lot. Varsha claims we wanted to rejoice. Anshu claims we will make anything Unique. Naitik says you sit, I could make Unique meals for Nannu. He asks Nannu what will he eat. Nanna asks for toothpicks. Naitik claims he is likely to make anything special. Naitik asks Gayu and claims he isn’t going to have to question Naira, he is aware of her decision. Naira smiles.

Akshara asks Naitik can she aid. He claims no, I understand why is this celebration taking place in this article. She states no, perhaps you are mistaken. He claims its identical what I m wondering. Keshav aks what to provide in starters. Naitik sends Akshara. He hears Naksh chatting on cell phone and saying 20000rs for 1 dilemma paper. He thinks Naksh is shopping for question paper.

Naitik scolds Naksh for buying exam paper. Akshara seems on shocked.

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