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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Devyaani and Rajshri getting pandit to give the late mahurat. Bau ji asks pandit about mahurat. The pandit says mahurat after 2 weeks is good. Sameer asks him to give any good near mahurat and shows the application about any near date. Naitik also asks him to try. The pandit says the time will be needed to do arrangements. Sameer says no, everything is ready. Naitik says I want everything to done soon, as my sister will get happiness. Bau ji says we will keep a day after tomorrow mahurat for engagement. Devyaani gets tensed. Naksh and everyone congratulate Sameer and Rashmi.

Sameer gets a call and goes. Devyaani looks on and hears him saying everything is going as per his plan. Akshara asks Rajshri is her driving waiting. Rajshri says no, I informed Vishwamber that I will stay here, Devyaani asked me to stay. Devyaani says yes. Rashmi looks for the rings. Sameer says Akshara did right to call the jeweler at home. The kids also join to see the rings. Sameer likes a ring and shows Rashmi. Karishma teases Rashmi. Naksh sees the price and says its costly. Sameer says I did not realize my ring is so costly. Bau ji says it does not matter. Sameer says he will give payment later, as he does not have cash now, and gives reasons.

Naitik says its okay, we will pay. Devyaani says no, ring will come from groom’s side. Sameer says I m not denying, I have been waiting for this moment since long. Bau ji says you can pay, but later, we will pay for now. Devyaani tells Rajshri that this is not right, Sameer got a costly ring for himself and not paying for Rashmi’s ring too.

The family makes the arrangements. Akshara sees Sameer choosing Rashmi’s dress and smiles. She goes and teases Rashmi. Devyaani gets irked seeing Rashmi with Sameer. They all dance practice for the engagement. Devyaani says don’t know with whom does Sameer talk. Naira says we have to do something good in Rashmi’s engagement. Bhabhimaa tells about last time and they all feel odd. Sameer asks her to say, it does not matter. He says it was Rashmi’s past, I m her present, so don’t worry, its all fine. They all smile. Devyaani asks Rajshri to see Sameer impressing everyone by his walk.

Sameer keeps his phone on charging. Devyaani thinks to check his phone and Sameer comes. He tells the lock code. Akshara see this and gets stunned. Devyaani gets tensed. He unlocks the phone and asks her to see. Devyaani says I felt its Naman’s phone, don’t feel bad. Sameer asks why is she scared if she is saying truth, and says I feel you want to do enquiry about me, all your doubts will be cleared, my family is coming, you can get sure of it. He leaves.

Akshara goes to Devyaani and asks why was she looking at Sameer’s telephone. Devyaani suggests nobody thought about Sameer’s household. Akshara says Naitik stated Rama agreed and Rashmi understands him. Devyaani says Sameer is hurrying as he fears it may get no yet again, we should know about his family before engagement, sweet talkers are incredibly clever, I m not a fool, We now have To make certain to acquire Rashmi married. Akshara claims I m happy you are worried for Rashmi, you see her pleasure. Devyaanoi asks whats promise that she will be satisfied. Rajshri arrives and claims possibly Sameer produced Rashmi pleased by his sweet talks. Devyaani says Indeed, she is right, Sameer understands our weakness properly. Akshara will not concur.

Devyaani suggests I realize you don’t agree, as we don’t have evidence, we try to obtain any proof. Rajshri suggests we must be thorough. Akshara says don’t determine what they can do. Naitik asks Chitti to go and acquire the issues altered. The relatives does the engagement arrangements. Naitik needs each of the matters to generally be accomplished correctly. He asks Akshara about the listing. Akshara asks him not to fret. They sweetly argue. Devyaani appears to be at Sameer.

Rashmi and Gayu speak to Rama on videocam. Rama claims I m coming tomorrow, I really need to do packing now. Rashmi asks is she content. Rama states I m quite pleased, in the event you agreed ahead of, you might have been settled, but its fine, joy is the best makeup. Rashmi and Gayu devote some Attractive sweet moments. Akshara and Naitik are glad observing everyone pleased and argue around the list.

Its morning, Naitik praises himself for perfect preparing and execution. Bau ji likes the function. Rajshri comes and greets Every person. Rajshri and Devyaani take a look at Sameer and so they Consider how to learn about Sameer. They ask Maharaj to spy. He receives happy as he always desired to become a spy. Devyaani states no person ought to know below. He asks whom to spy on. Devyaani states Sameer. Maharaj suggests what. Rajshri claims Indeed, that too prior to engagement starts, inform us if you have any evidence. He leaves. Rajshri says We have now to prevent engagement. Akshara will come and asks do they want any enable. Devyaani says no and leaves with Rajshri. Akshara thinks she has to understand whats Mistaken.

Dadi asks Vishwamber why is he apprehensive. Vishwamber tells him that he is in dilemma, he read Rajshri and Devyaani talking that they will not Enable this engagement take place. They all Feel he heard Improper. Dadi states fifty percent detail can produce misunderstanding. Devyaani and Rajshri Feel how to proceed, Maharaj didn’t give any information, they’ve got to stop engagement for handful of several hours. Rajshri states I have a method. Devyaani suggests she has completed the function, but she will be able to’t delay engagement for Substantially time. Rajshri suggests We’re going to see.

Naitik asks wherever did the ring go and asks Akshara wherever did she maintain. Akshara states I saved here in plate. Naitik argues and states he did not get ring wherever. Bau ji asks Akshara to Imagine. Akshara sees Devyaani and Rajshri. Sameer is worried about engagement. Akshara asks Devyaani and Rajshri regarding the ring. Rajshri and Devyaani deny it. Everybody check out obtaining the ring. Naksh receives the ring and suggests it fell in flower basket. Akshara feels sorry to doubt on Rajshri and Devyaani. Devyaani states we can get evidence from Sameer, I will not Allow engagement occur if I experience Sameer is just not ideal for Rashmi.

Rajshri and Devyaani discuss with Sameer and he talks very sweetly to them. Devyaani asks about his friend, with whom He’s staying here. He claims she might not come, she’s busy. Devyaani asks how, she is shut friend, she should come, I’ll invite her. Sameer asks does she want to discover about him. Sameer claims I like liberty in all relations and possess no guidelines in friendship. Devyaani asks Rajshri to determine how he is altering matter, I asked driver for getting his sisters by extensive route.

Maharaj receives some thing and provides them. He gives the blood donation letter and claims perhaps he donated for money. Devyaani asks what this, its severe. Akshara appears to be on. She confronts them and asks did they get nearly anything versus Sameer. Devyaani claims no, but We’re going to demonstrate after we get. Akshara receives a call and will get shocked.

Rashmi tells Sameer that she will not do engagement if Rama will not be coming. Sameer states no, I will never cancel this, as Rama also needed this, If you’re keen on her, you will have to get engaged. Devyaani claims I do think we must always make Rashmi speak to Rama, if Rama isn’t coming, we are able to postpone engagement for number of times. Bhabhimaa suggests we must always conform to Rama, as Rama also wants engagement to receive done. Bau ji also agrees. Akshara says Indeed, everything transpires when its made a decision. Maharaj appears in Sameer’s cupboard and Sameer will come there. Maharaj states he was cleansing the area.

Maharaj tells Devyaani that He’ll try out yet again. Devyaani prays. All people can be found in engagement functionality. Akshara states the purpose will take place with no hurdle. Bau ji asks Sameer in which is his household. Sameer says my household is large, and asks them to view his sisters. Rahsmi states she didn’t know Sameer has a great number of sisters. Sameer introduces his sisters. They all get glad. Naksh jokes on Sameer. The family members chat and so are satisfied.

Rajshri suggests they look like us, did we misunderstand Sameer. Akshara asks the ladies to freshen up and possess some snacks. They all get glad. Devyaani talks to Sameer’s sister and attempts being aware of about him. Devyaani and Rajshri worry as they did not get any evidence. Devyaani states she received’t Permit engagement happen like this. Akshara dances on Aai shagun ki ghadiyaan……….. Every person smile. Maharaj goes in Sameer’s space to find some proof versus him. Maharaj will get a bag beneath the bed and appears for some clue. He will get some papers and acquire stunned.

Naitik asks Akshara why did she not inform him ahead of. She states you claimed you are active, please speak to Devyaani and Rajshri, this isn’t ideal. Maharaj signs the file to Devyaani and Rajshri. Akshara states I believe they located some thing, end them. Naksh states congrats Sameer, finally the wait around is in excess of to your engagement. Devyaani says no Naksh, this engagement won’t materialize. All of them check with whats the make a difference. Devyaani claims Sameer is a drunkard. Akshara states I am aware every little thing about this. All of them get shocked.

Devyaani says Sameer has cheated everyone and broke Rashmi’s heart. Akshara says no, Rashmi knows everything.

Written Update By Sahir


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