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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th October 2015 Written Update

Sameer’s sister asking Devyaani to clear her heart by saying what she dislikes. Devyaani says she did this ritual before, its all clear now. Rukmani smiles. Sameer asks his sister to leave it. His sister says let us do this ritual. Motaben says we will start if you are scared. They say we think Devyaani should write detective series, don’t feel bad Devyaani. Rukmani says Rashmi should be saved, she got seven Nanands. Sameer’s sister says Rashmi will get seven Nanand’s love and she will be fine. They all get into an argument. Akshara says enough of this ritual, we will start marriage ritual now. Sameer thanks her for saving him.

Naira says what can be way to find the shoes. Naksh smiles recalling Tara. Naira asks Yash about Naksh. Yash says I think he got hit by hockey stick and lost senses. Naira asks Naksh to help, how to find Sameer’s shoes. Naksh says we have to check all purses, girl will know what ladies have in purses and how to check. Naira thanks him. Naitik says we ordered two varmala and did not get any. Akshara says yes.

Naira asks Sameer’s sisters for safety pin. Motaben asks everyone to look for the pin in their purse. Naira looks in everyone’s purse and sees the shoes. She smiles and takes the pin. She thanks them and goes. Ananya takes a tablet and worries. Akshara asks her what is she doing here. Ananya says I was just going. Akshara asks did she fight with Varsha, she is mum, don’t feel bad, smile now, you look good. Ananya smiles and goes.

Rajshri says I want to congratulate Akshara, its her hardwork that they are seeing this day. Akshara says this is Rashmi’s fate. Rajshri says now Naksh’s marriage will be next. Akshara gets worried. Rajshri says your son age is of marriage. Naitik says yes, this will happen. Akshara says you are teasing me. Naitik and Rajshri laugh.

Naira says she got to know about shoes, now how to get it. Naksh asks them to get any waiter first. The pandit asks Rashmi’s parents to do Kanyadaan. Devyaani asks Rama to do Rashmi’s kanyadaan. Rama says no, you are her mum. Devyaani says you have regarded her your daughter always. Rama says you have loved her even when you were not her mum, you have more right on her, you thought about her happiness, you worried for her the most, I want you to do this kanyadaan. Devyaani and Bau ji do the kanyadaan.

The pandit asks them to take wedding rounds. Everyone shower flowers. Sameer and Rashmi take rounds. Naksh and Yash fool Sameer’s sisters as thieves and run with the shoes. She sees them and says I will not leave you. All the rituals get completed. The pandit says marriage is completed. Sameer says great, we did it and hugs Rashmi. Everyone smile. Sameer says we will take blessings from everyone.

Naksh shows the shows to Naira and Gayu. They run and pass on shoes. Naira asks Sameer for nek. Sameer says its too high, negotiate please. Naksh says no way. Gayu gives the shoes to Sameer and they all smile. Naira saks what did she do, this is not fair. Gayu says sorry, he is my Papa now. Sameer thanks and hugs her. He says they did much hardwork, they fooled my sisters, and gives them nek. Naira gets glad.

Akshara talks to Varsha and is annoyed. Varsha asks why is she worried. Akshara tells about Naksh’s marriage talk, he is very young, he is careless. I do all this work, its not easy to become saas. Varsha says it becomes easy when it happens, first we have to find guy for Ananya and get her married, Ananya has gained much weight, I m tired telling her and argues with her today, so her mood is off, she challenged that she will lose weight in one month. Akshara says she will realize and lose weight. Varsha teases her and laughs.

Sameer and Rashmi choose Dadda ji and Gayatri’s blessings. Naitik hugs Rashmi and blesses her. The elders also bless Rashmi they usually get psychological. Rashmi asks Bau ji not to worry for her and take care of his wellness. Naksh claims no person is crying. Akshara says we’ve been pleased for Rashmi. Rashmi hugs Akshara, Naksh and Other folks. She cries though her bidaai is completed. Sameer suggests I have to cry with Rashmi all my daily life and laughs. Naitik claims it was superior joke, but should you make my sister cry, this won’t be very good. Sameer laughs. Naksh claims We’ll proceed now, nobody will cry now, I want Rashmi to go Fortunately and smiling.

Akshara tells Naitik that we married yet again on Rashmi’s relationship. They exchange varmala and say I like you. He hugs her they usually smile.

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