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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira recalling Sukanya’s suicide and talking in sleep, asking her to stop. Everyone hear her. Naira shouts Sukanya and wakes up. She says I did not do anything and cries. She sleeps again. Everyone worry. Akshara and Naksh ask inspector to wait for some time, Naira is scared. Inspector says Sukanya’s family asked us to investigate Sukanya’s murder soon. Naksh says it was accident. Inspector says you feel so, but we see some other thing, we cooperated, now its your turn. Akshara says yes, but once Naira gets fine.

Naitik comes home and asks what happened to Naira, why is police here. Everyone tell Naitik what happened. He gets shocked. Naitik defends Naira and says she can’t do this, I will call commissioner. Inspector says I will do interrogation. Naitik says fine, but let wait for some time. Inspector says we got to know that Vicky did not die. Akshara says Gayu said right, Naira did not kill Vicky. Naksh says she can’t kill her best friend Sukanya. Inspector says we will check CCTV footage. They leave.

Akshara and Naitik sit aside Naira. Akshara cries and says why is this happening, so many bad things, this time I m responsible for all this, everyone told me its not good sign, we should not go, I did not agree, if any problem come on Naira, I will be responsible. He says no mother can wish bad for children. I can’t forgive myself. He says even I can’t forgive myself, I did not come there, maybe Sukanya would got saved. She says I felt there was some matter, I should have asked, I did not, see what happened.

Naira recalls Sukanya’s and her argument. Sukanya says your mum has habit to say truth, she will not spare us. Naira says whatever it is, I will tell my mum. Sukanya sees someone behind Naira and gets shocked. She moves back and falls down the running train. Naira shouts Sukanya and gets up. Naitik says I m here with you, we know you can’t hurt anyone, give statement to police, tell the truth. Naira cries. Naitik goes to police station that Naira is ready to give statement, you can come home anytime, did you get Vicky. Inspector says no, we are finding him. Naitik says maybe he is involved in accident, find him, else it can be bad for us also. Inspector says we have CCTV footage. Naitik asks really, can I see it.

Devyaani answers call from reporter, who says about Naira’s affair and murder case. Devyaani ends call. Naksh also gets such call. Naitik checks the CCTV footage. He sees Vicky entering train and asks inspector to catch him. Naira will get saved. Inspector says we have doubt on Vicky and Naira.

Naksh goes to cheer up Naira. He says we all are always with you, don’t worry.

Akshara says Naksh took food for Naira. Bau ji says Naitik called and said police is coming to take Naira’s statement. Akshara says its good if she says truth, if she hides anything, it will be problem. Karishma asks do you think its possible that Naira pushed Sukanya. Akshara says you know Naira, it was an accident. Police comes. Akshara says Naira is feeling better, she will answer you, we want Sukanya to get justice. Inspector says rich parents cover up mistakes of children, so we were strict. Akshara says we will always be with truth, law and justice, even if I have to send my daughter to jail, I won’t move back.

Naira hears this and gets shocked. Inspector says good to meet people like you, pray that Naira is innocent, else no one can stop her from going to jail. He gets a call and says senior called me, I will take statement later. He goes. Naira thinks of Akshara’s words and runs to her room. She cries. Akshara asks Naira to open the door, police came to take statement. Naira says please mumma, save me. Akshara says I told you to say it, you did not say. You did mistake.

Naira says I swear, I did not do anything. Naira screams seeing handcuffs. Her imagination ends. She cries. Naksh tells Bhabhimaa that doctor asked us to take care of Naira, kids panic and take wrong step in such situation, where is mumma. Devyaani says she is talking to Naitik. Naira hears Akshara on phone and runs away.

Akshara tells everyone that Naira is innocent, its proved, Naitik says I will be with her till she gets out of this trauma. Naira runs on the road.

Written Update by Amena

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