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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mishti calling Kartik and talking to him. Naitik tells Kartik that Naman and I are going abroad, work should not suffer, you manage work here, if you need anything, Bau ji, Akshara and everyone are here. Kartik asks Naitik not to worry, everything will be on time and if you need anything, text me. Gayu and Naira hear him. Gayu smiles, while Naira makes faces.

Rajshri says if Naitik goes, who will become link between Akshara and Naira, they can get apart. Vishwamber says maybe they can come together. Dadi says yes, something can happen which we did not imagine. Vishwamber says Naitik will come in some days. Ananya says Naitik’s wish to see family united will be fulfilled. Rajshri says yes, they should just happiness.

Gayu asks Naitik to take medicines on time. Karishma asks Naman why is he going along. Naman says its very imp. Naksh says its time for you to leave. Naitik hugs Naira. She cries and asks him to come back soon. Naitik hugs Gayu and asks her to take care. He hugs Mishti. He meets everyone well. Akshara feels restless. Naitik hugs Bau ji and Naksh. Naksh asks him to leave all worries, I will handle everything. Naitik says yes, that’s why I m going, when sons grow up, father’s worry gets less. Naitik hugs Akshara and holds her hand. Naitik starts leaving and stumbles. Naira and Akshara hold him, while Naksh worries. Naitik says I m fine, these two hands should come so close that there is no place for me in between, its okay. He hugs Naira and asks her not to cry. Naitik and Naman leave. Naitik waves bye to everyone.

Naksh talks to Akshara and asks her not to worry, he will fulfill all duties. He promises to unite Akshara and Naira. Its morning, Bau ji and Devyaani talk about Naitik’s need at home. Naksh says we can also try to get Naira and Akshara close. Gayu says yes, Naitik will get surprise when he comes back. Naksh says I thought of everything, just you all support me.

Kartik comes to Maheshwari’s house and meets Kohli. He says you gave ad in newspaper. Kohli says yes, I was waiting for you. He sees Rajshri and scolds Kartik asking him to leave. Kartik says fine, relax. Rajshri asks who was it. Kohli says someone was coming when I was stopping him. Kohli thinks to make all efforts again.

Gayu shows Naitik’s ring. Akshara says he never removed this before. Naira asks them not to think wrong. Akshara asks Naira to wear Naitik’s ring, he loves you a lot, I will be glad if you wear this ring. Naira takes the ring. Akshara smiles. Naira goes. Gayu asks Akshara not to think wrong and not worry. Akshara says yes, I m sorry, I could not talk to you well. Gayu says I understand, I will be annoyed that you said sorry to me. Akshara says I m sorry, no I won’t say that again. She hugs Gayu and says sorry, I will apply hair oil, help in making your designs, I will make your fav halwa. Gayu says no. Akshara says sorry. Gayu hugs her. Naira puts Naitik’s ring in her chain, and sees them.

Kohli says we would have got tenant. His wife asks him to arrange tenant and rent. He thinks to call Kartik. Naksh and Gayu ask Akshara to come with them. Akshara refuses and says what will I do among kids, I don’t want Naira to get upset seeing me. Gayu says our try got waste. Naksh says one more try.

Ananya is irritated as her phone is not working. Varsha and Shaurya ask her to buy a phone. Ranveer looks on. Shaurya and Varsha ask her to choose a phone and that would be gift from their side. Ananya says I would have bought earlier if I wanted. Varsha insists. Ananya selects the phone. Ranveer goes.

Akshara sits making food for ashram kids. Everyone plan and make excuses, saying they can’t help Akshara this time. Akshara says its fine, I will work. Naira comes and sees Akshara working alone. She asks is anyone coming. Devyaani says we have to send food to ashram kids, I m unwell and now Akshara is working alone. Naira thinks Gayu and Naksh are always with Akshara, and not helping Akshara.

Naira helps Akshara and tells her that she is doing this for ashram kids, as she knows the kids’ state well. Akshara smiles. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai….plays…………

Naira screams seeing Kartik sleeping in her room. Devyaani knocks the door and asks what happened.

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