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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira asking Akshara where were you, we all were worried for you, why did not you tell anyone, they all were trying to contact you. Akshara says calm down, I m fine, I m not going anywhere. Naira says actually, Mishti told me something. Naksh looks on from far. Naira goes. Akshara cries and hugs Naksh happily. Naksh says you are having happiness tears, so I won’t stop you from crying. She says I have seen my worry in her eyes. He says yes, I also felt, don’t worry, she will hug you soon, we should give her some time, everything will get fine slowly. He hugs her.

Rajshri asks Naira where did she go. Naira says my phone was not getting network, so I was talking on phone outside. Naitik says we are also trying to get network fine. Akshara and Naksh come there. Naira, Ananya and Gayu talk about some game. Gayu asks Naira to play with them. Mishti says we will decide who is better. Akshara sits thinking of Naira’s words and smiles. Naitik smiles seeing Akshara happy. she asks since when are you here. He takes her pic. She asks what are you doing. He says I m recording your happiness. They have a talk.

She asks him will he go abroad now also. He says I m thinking to hire someone and spend time with family. She says you will get fat sitting at home. He says you look old. She says so that I can match to you. He laughs and says I m sorry Akshara, I don’t know what happened to me, that I thought you are culprit, anger makes a person blind. Gayu has a talk with Gayu. Everyone ask Naira to stay with them for some time. Naira refuses and tells Naitik that she will go with him. Ananya says we would be glad if you stayed here, but go home and rest, we will come there in morning. Naitik says fine then, we will leave for home. Akshara and Rajshri wish that Naira forgets everything soon.

Kohli and his wife are happy. He gets some call and tells his wife that he arranged some way to save their rent. He shows her an apartment rent ad, and tells her that they will get money. Kartik sees the same ad and smiles. Naitik tells Bau ji that I have to leave for some urgent work. Bau ji asks him to take Naman. Naksh says Naman will have work here, I will go. Naman says no, I will go with Naitik, issue is big there, here you and Kartik can manage. Naitik asks Akshara to manage things here, I wish we all can stay together just like before.

Naira packs her bag and says I won’t stay here without Papa. Naitik comes to her and asks her to stay at home till he returns. He says if you are not here, for whom will I come back, I want to come back and see my daughter here, everyone missed you, you also missed them, don’t try to run from relations, if I come back, I will be glad to see you back, if you are not here, maybe I won’t return, please agree to me once. She cries and hugs him, asking him to come back soon. He says I will come soon. She asks but your work. He says I will see work, Naman is with me, he manages legal matters, I m legal owner, so I have to be there, smile now and say bye to me, why are you crying. She says I m not crying, and hugs him. He smiles.

Akshara sees the wind chimes and feels restless. She asks what did Naira say, did she not agree. He says its not easy to change Naira’s thinking. She asks him not to go and send someone else. He says I was joking. She says me too and laughs. She says I knew you will convince Naira, thanks. He says spend time with Naira till I come, then you will get sideline she says maybe there won’t be any space till you return. He says such confidence, great, but I won’t be jealous. He says I will miss you a lot. She says time is testing us, like time gave us Naira back, time has to give us everything back. He asks her to be strong. She asks him to come back soon.

Naitik is leaving and stumbles. Akshara and Naira hold him. He asks them to get close so much that there is no place for him.

Written Update by Amena

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