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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira and Kartik being on the way, and talking to Akshara asking her to say anything she hears to know about the track. Mishti says Akshara and Naira are not at home. They all ask Gayu why did she lie. Devyaani says even Kartik is not here. Naksh asks Gayu to tell them. The goons stop the truck at the dhaba. Akshara says the truck stopped at dhaba, some rajasthani dhaba is playing here. Kartik says it means dhaba is on highway, we are coming. He calls police and informs. The goons talk. Akshara says I think there is someone else too. Kartik asks inspector to trace the red flag truck.

Kartik says I had to call Gayu, can you end that call. Naira says no, I won’t. Akshara says truck started again. Naksh calls Naira and Kartik. He says its not connecting.
They all start praying. Naksh says I will go and see. Mohit says we will come along. Gayu apologizes to Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa asks why did you not tell us before, time got wasted, they would have gone to find Akshara before.

Naira and Kartik reach dhaba. Naira says we are on right direction, and tells Akshara not to worry. Akshara says its traffic jam, horns are heard. Bau ji, Vishwamber and Naksh are on the way talking to police. Akshara says truck is going straight. Akshara gets jerk and says maybe truck took right turn, its rough way. Naira says maybe they took other way than main road, give us clues, we will reach you. Akshara says I can hear train sound, maybe railway track is close. Kartik says I know this way, rough road and railway track, my bike stopped there yesterday. Naksh says they are saying no one can seen Kartik and Naira, and Akshara left much time before. Inspector calls Bau ji and says we traced the truck at highway, reach there.

Naira says this way is very rough, we can’t find her easily. Kartik asks Akshara to switch on internet and send her location. Akshara says I will do that. She worries as her phone gets off. Naira and Kartik try to trace the truck. The goons stop truck at another godown and reach Akshara, thinking to get all her jewelry. She beats the goons and runs away.

She shouts for help. The goons catch her. The goon says I have beaten you lightly before, I will hit now such that you die. Naira hits on his head and beats him. Kartik comes there and kicks the goon. Kartik beats one goon, while Naira manages to fight with other one. Akshara hits the goon on his head and saves Naira. Naira cries saying Maa and hugs Akshara. Akshara happily cries. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai….plays………… police reaches there.

Everyone get relieved seeing Akshara fine. Akshara says Naira and Kartik saved my life, we should thank them, Naira gave that idea to give clues about way, else I would have died. Naira asks how would you die and cries. Akshara asks where is Gayu. Gayu cries and apologizes. Everyone ask Gayu not to feel sorry. Akshara apologizes for not telling anyone. Bau ji asks Kartik and Gayu why did they not say. Vishwamber says we would have come along or suggested anything. Akshara, Naira, Gayu and Kartik apologize to everyone. Yash says function is not imp than you, you take rest, you are hurt. Akshara says I will take part in qawwali round, I m fine, I will go and change. Akshara asks Gayu to wear Rashmi’s necklace, I want to see how it looks, we got necklace by police help.

Everyone smile and start qawwali round. Kartik and Naksh dance on Parda hai parda……… They rotate the bottle and dance turn wise. Naira dances on Gajra mohabbat wala….. Gayu joins Naira. Elders look on and smile.

Akshara, Rukmani, Martha, Rose, Yash and everyone join the dance. Kartik does not get the words. The girls dance around and sing. The girls win the round. Everyone clap.

Yash and boys plan to party, while the girls also plan party at Nandini’s house.

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