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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kartik praying that he could meet Naira. Mishti messages him and asks him to come, she is giving a treat. He gets glad and thanks Lord. Naksh asks Naira not to be upset, mum had to go for imp work, she had to send papers to Papa.

He recalls the pic and was eating spicy corn. Naira asks him since when is he eating spicy corn. He says no, and asks man to make less spicy corn. Kartik comes and sees Naira. He imagines Naira playing with rain. Yeh rishta kya……..plays……. Mishti says Kartik has come. Kartik says I forgot to get raincoat and came to celebrate. Naira jokes he is frog, so he got happy to come out in rain.

Naksh sees the goons and worries. The goons sign him to come. Police passes by and goons flee. Naksh goes to take corn and Kartik stops him, asking where is his focus, his hand would have got burnt. Mishti says I heard Naksh talking to the girl. Naira teases Naksh and asks who is she. Naksh lies and says I was talking to Krishna staff. Kartik asks is everything fine, I will try my best to help you, you can share things with me. Naksh says Kartik, I….. He sees goons there. He does not tell Kartik and asks them to enjoy the corn.

Kartik smiles seeing Naira. Jag ghoomeya………. Plays……….. He imagines Naira caring for him. He gives her corn with I love you written on it. She smiles seeing that. He hugs her and they smile. She goes away. He holds her hand and gets her closer. The man asks Kartik to give corn, will he eat it raw, give me, I will roast it. Kartik comes out of imagination. Naira asks for corn. She gets Kartik’s I love you written corn roasted and eats that. Kartik thinks very soon Naira will understand everything without my saying, that day will come soon.

Rama and Gayu are at home. Gayu says they have come, and sees Bhabhimaa coming. Rama says I know you are linked to them by heart, you love them a lot. Gayu says they all love me, Akshara loves me a lot. Rama says but blood relations are stronger. A boy gives a letter to Naksh. Naksh reads that and worries. He tells Kartik that he will go, and asks him to drop Naira and Mishti home. Naira says we will manage and go alone. Naksh says no, I will be relieved, go with Kartik. Kartik says sure, I will drop them. He thinks how did Naksh ask him to drop them, there is something fishy. Naksh goes.

Nannu gets vomit, and everyone worry for him. Rajshri says we will go to doctor. Nannu says no, I m fine, I will go and rest. Varsha says what happened to him. Naira tells Akshara that she missed her. They all eat corn. Rama sees Gayu upset and tells everyone that she wants to take Gayu along with her. They all get shocked.

Akshara asks why. Bhabhimaa says she stays with us. Akshara asks does Gayu want to go with you. Naira asks Akshara shall I go and give this file to Naksh. She goes. Rama asks don’t I have right on Gayu. Naksh scolds the goons for following him. The goons threaten him. Naksh says I will call police. Goons show video of the girl in their clutches. Naksh says leave that girl. The goons ask who is she to you. Naksh screams. The man says we will make you famous by putting your pics on net, girl will get defamed and your family will lose name, arrange 25 lakhs for us, we are keeping eye on your family too. Naksh sees Naira there.

Naira says I got your file. He asks why did you come, I would have called home. Naira says I thought to give file and have golgappas. Naksh asks her to go home and call him after reaching home. She goes. Goons look at her. Naksh scolds the goons. Goons threaten him and ask him to give 25 lakhs. They leave.

Gayu sits working. Akshara tries to talk to her. Gayu get orders on call. Rama says Akshara, I can’t stay till Teej, I m thinking to go soon. Akshara asks whats the matter, did you or Gayu feel anything bad. Rama asks what are you saying, why do you think so, you know Gayu better than me, if there is anything, you should know it before me. Akshara worries.

Akshara says all children are same for me. Rama says there is difference, else why is Naira wearing Gayu’s gifted pendant.

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