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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai watch online

The Episode starts with Varsha being worried seeing arrangements. Everyone joke seeing her and Dadi says Rajshri was similar to Varsha at Akshara’s marriage time. Akshara gets Ananya. Varsha compliments Ananya. Ananya says you convinced me by Bua. Varsha thanks Akshara. Akshara asks her not to worry, everything will be fine, when Naksh’s engagement got fixed, I was feeling so strange, we were at same point some years ago and now our kids. Naira says groom’s family has come. Ananya asks Akshara to stay with her.

Sangram asks Tara to say what is she hiding. Tara says nothing. Sangram says I know everything, tell me, is it about match, see your face, I was just guessing and you got scared, now I think something is upsetting you, you are hiding it. She says nothing like that. He says I know you dislike me and is annoyed, I did big mistake, but I did that mistake for you only, I m your elder brother, so I have your worry, think you are our only sister, I scold you, I love you a lot, you got a good family, everyone is diamond there, they are very mature people, they will keep you happy. He cries. She also cries and hugs him. She thanks him. He gives her money saying Dada ji gave money for shopping. He gets a call and asks the man to make good sweets for Tara’s engagement. Tara asks Aditya to say now, I don’t want to see tension in family, don’t worry, match and engagement will happen on same day, trust me, everything will be fine.

Bhabhimaa tells everyone that Akshara convinced Ananya to meet groom. Bau ji says its great, our family is together. Devyaani misses Naman and Karishma, and goes to make tea. Bhabhimaa asks Bau ji not to feel bad, every mother wants her children to be infront of them. Bau ji says yes, but did children give us any happiness that we miss them. Bhabhimaa says we have moment of happiness and Devyaani’s sadness does not look good. He says sorry, I can’t do anything.

Varsha and everyone welcome the groom’s family. Ranveer comes there and everyone like him. Ranveer greets them. Akshara says guy is very handsome Ananya, see him well. Ananya smiles. Akshara teases Ananya and laughs. Varsha sees Ananya smiling. Ranveer’s mum praises Ranveer and says he has his own house in London, he was school topper, he earns well. Ranveer says those things don’t matter now. Vishwamber says let your mum say, she will get happy. The lady says we started praising Ananya too, we read her blogs, she is very mature. Ananya comes and Ranveer gives a disliking expression. Ananya greets them. The lady introduces Ranveer. Varsha says I was thinking if Ananya and Ranveer talk for a while. The lady asks Ranveer to go. Akshara says I will take them.

Naitik comes Singhania house and thinks to call Akshara. He tells her I reached home, whats going on there. Akshara says Ananya and Ranveer are talking, guess it where they can be. He smiles and says same place where we were some years ago. She asks do you remember. He says its awkward moment, why do people think life’s important decisions can be taken, if they are on terrace, what are you doing there, shall I come there, we will become young too. She says yes, we recalled our time seeing Naksh and Tara, and seeing Ananya and Ranveer now. He asks shall we marry again. She says its our age now, its children’s time. He says I love you Akshara, will you marry me again. She says I will think. He asks her to think fast. She ends call and stops Varsha from going to Ananya. Varsha says I thought to take juice for them. Akshara says you did not change, you used to do same at my and Naitik’s time. Ranveer says I have urgent call, I will just come. Akshara and Varsha smile seeing Ananya. Ranveer tells his mom that he has to attend urgent call and goes. Rajshri says its good to talk outside. His mom asks Ananya did you both talk. They all wait for Ranveer for long. The lady says don’t know whose phone came, I will go and see. Akshara says no, I will check.

Akshara goes out and asks watchman about Ranveer. He says he has gone out in his car. She asks what, did you see well, fine. She tells everyone that Ranveer may have left. Everyone get shocked. The lady asks what. Vishwamber asks the lady to ask him what happened. The lady calls Ranveer and tells them that his phone is switched off. He says I m worried, maybe there is some emergency. Mishti says I don’t like him. Naira asks Mishti not to say such. The lady apologizes and says there might be something. Varsha says yes, I also feel there might be some work. The lady says we will meet again if Lord wishes and leaves. Ananya asks Varsha is she happy now, what did that guy do now, I know why he left, maybe his mum did not tell him about me, so he has run away. Varsha asks how can you be sure, did you say him anything wrong. Ananya says its good he left. Naira goes after Ananya. Varsha says Ananya is saying anything, I think maybe Ranveer had emergency, I liked him a lot.

Akshara tells Varsha that this is big thing that Ranveer left. He did not tell his mom too, don’t hurry, its about Ananya’s life, we should be careful. Varsha says yes, maybe it was really emergency, don’t explain me, its about my daughter, don’t put your decision on me. She goes.

Rajshri says Ranveer’s mom Savita might have reached home till now. Varsha gets Savita’s call. Everyone look on.

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