Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th September 2016 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nannu shouting to Dadi to stop. He calls her old woman and catches her. Akshara is looking for Dadi. Dadi says I will tell everyone that you take drugs, you got too spoiled. Nannu asks her not to tell anyone. Dadi slips on the stairs and rolls down. Akshara sees her and shouts Dadi. Everyone see this and worry. They rush to see Dadi.

Akshara sees Nannu tensed and holds Dadi. They rush Dadi to the room. Kartik gets the drug injection there and thinks where is Nannu. Everyone ask Dadi to open eyes, say something. They do the aid. Gayu says doctor is coming in 5mins. Rajshri says wounds have much bleeding, ask doctor to come fast. Kartik looks for Nannu everywhere and says where did he go, he is involved in this, else Dadi would have not got this injection. Nannu hides and cries.

He feels sorry and says I did not do this intentionally. Doctor checks Dadi. She says her heartbeat got very low. Vishwamber asks her to check again. Doctor asks for all equipment which they used last time. Rajshri says everything is there. They all cry. Akshara asks Dadi to come to senses, you always encourage all of us. Kuhu asks Kartik will Dadi die, she is old. Kartik says she can’t die, I m sorry to scold you, I mean we will pray and Lord will make Dadi fine.

Doctor says Dadi is not responding. Akshara asks what are you saying, she will respond, she is my Dadi, she does not agree on one saying, she has become kid in old age. They all ask doctor to try again. Dadi gets a breath. Everyone happily cry. Vishwamber asks will nothing happen to her now. Doctor says she has head injury, we will monitor her for 24 hours, anything can happen. Kartik keeps a letter for Lord. Naira comes. Kartik asks how is Dadi. Naira says doctor said she will be monitored for 24 hours, her breath is not stable.

Kartik says I understand when loved one goes through such pain, its painful to see loved one dying. She cries and says I have been away from my family for many years. He calls her strange to get scared when its time to show bravery, this is not my Naira, its time to fight, don’t cry, I hate tears, we have to play well else Lord will fail us. She says no, I will see Lord. He says no, we will see him, are you listening, Krishna ji we are on strike now.

Everyone is with Dadi. Akshara holds Dadi’s hand and cries, recalling the old moments. Doctor asks all of them to go out. Akshara leaves Dadi’s hand and says I just left hand, not togetherness. Gayu takes her out.

Naira asks what. Kartik shows injection to Naira and says I got this with Dadi, smell this. She says I have seen such things with some people in Rishikesh, maybe you are saying right. Kartik says I m sure Nannu is involved in Dadi’s fall, he was upstairs. She says yes, he did not come for aarti, he is behaving strange and we did not notice. He says I wanted to tell everyone…… They see someone.

Rajshri and Kaki talk about Dadi, why did she go upstairs, what did this happen. Vishwamber says if anything happens to Maa then…. Bau ji says nothing will happen. Akshara thinks of Nannu and thinks I want answers from Nannu.

Naira says we were just talking….. Varsha says I know what you were discussing, don’t hide anything, I feel the same, maybe you both are same. Kartik asks what do you think, did you see anything. Varsha tells them about Nannu. Kartik says Nannu is not at home. Varsha says I m not getting anger, but pity on him, don’t know in what company did he get.

Akshara says I have to tell everyone now, where did Nannu go. Nannu gets a call. She hears ringtone and finds him. She asks what did you do, what are you hiding, tell me. Nannu hugs her and cries. She asks whats the matter, I will help you. He says I did not push Dadi, I m saying truth. Varsha, Kartik and Naira come there. Kartik says we have to tell you something about Nannu. Naira tells about injection. Nannu worries and does by the balcony. They get shocked.

Next Episode (On MONDAY): Precap:
Kaki scolds Naira and says you all scared him. She blames Akshara. Kartik fights with goons and gets stabbed. Nannu looks on.

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