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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira looking for Akshara. Kartik asks are you finding your mum, I want to know whats the problem between you guys, I m talking to you. She says I m not talking to you, mind your own business. He says fine, all the best and goes. Gayu talks on phone and is glad. Mishti takes her phone and saves Kartik’s number. Devyaani talks to Naitik about Naira. Naitik says I will not lose Naira again, I won’t let her go anywhere, you know how are children, they say anything in anger. She says that’s why I m afraid, they don’t understand what they say. Gayu asks Naira to have ginger tea, and then take medicines. Naitik tells Naira that Devyaani got medicines for you. Naira is upset. Naksh tells them that Rajshri called them at home, Ananya and Ranveer came there. Naira is glad. Naitik says we won’t be able to go, Naira is unwell. Naira says I m fine, we will go.

Ananya and Ranveer have a talk. Ananya says we will buy more gifts for Naira. Ranveer says I don’t think there would be some problem by gifts. Ananya agrees. They all do arrangements. Naira calls Pungi and talks to her. Naira then asks Mishti about Akshara. Mishti tells her that she has seen Akshara going out with a big suitcase. Naira recalls her argument with Akshara.

They all leave for Rajshri’s house. Naira thinks how are they all not worrying for Akshara. Kohli tells Rajshri that they will meet Naira and be a part of celebrations. Rajshri says sure. Kuhu asks them to change clothes, else Naira will make them leave from party. Kohli and his wife go to wear good clothes. Kuhu smiles and locks them inside the room.

Ananya meets Naira and cries, asking why did she leave home. Dadi asks her will she leave them again. Naira cries. She asks Rajshri what is this good smell. Rajshri says its food, which has our love for you. She asks about Akshara. Kuhu asks Rajshri not to cry. Ananya hugs Gayu and thanks her for taking Naira’s place and caring for everyone. Kuhu asks Naira how did she find Rajshri’s house after so many years. Naira says its still same, but there are few changes. They all smile. Naira rides automatic walker board and bumps into Kohlis. Kohli’s wife taunts Naira about her stay in Rishikesh. Naira taunts them back for getting everything for free, I heard a lot about you guys from Kuhu and Mishti. Gayu asks how are you talking to them, they are elders. Naira says then they should stay as elders, else get habitual to hear such things. She goes.

Gayu apologizes to Kohli and says Naira is good at heart. Ananya and Ranveer have a talk about gifting to family. She says what will they think about you. He says I know that we should spend as much as we can, I can’t waste money to impress your family. Varsha comes and asks them to come. Rajshri serves food to Naitik. She says you did not come to us since many years, you made us strangers. Naitik apologizes and says I m a bad son, I could become good husband and father. Vishwamber says no, you can’t say this, we are proud of you and Akshara.

Rajshri asks Naira to come and have food. Vishwamber says you can get unwell again if you tire your body, come. Naksh and everyone have a talk over lunch. Naira looks for Akshara and thinks to go and see. She makes excuse and says I will come back and have food, I will just come. She goes. Naitik smiles and Vishwamber asks him to have food. Naira thinks to find Akshara, but she does not know aunty’s home. Akshara comes there. Naira stops seeing her.

Akshara asks Naitik will you also go abroad now like before. Naitik gets some call and says I have to go, its very imp.

Written Update by Amena

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