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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 5th July 2016 Written Update

Rahul tries to make Manvi believe him but she promises him that she will get him punished and get her Dada justice. Yamini thinks Manvi doubts someone is there who can change forms. I have to change her mind set. I have to make her blame Rahul and create as many differences between them as possible so they never get back together. Sabharwals leave.

Rahul comes to talk to his mom. She tells him not to say anything against manvi. She is not going through a good phase right now. He says you know her. She never listens to anyone. she notices him looking away and understands he is hiding something. I got to know that some animal was involved in Harsh’s death. Do you still? He nods. I turned into tiger last night but my gut feeling says I cannot do it. She seconds him. But Manvi’s anger is also justified. She wont be able to handle all this. You will have to act maturely. He agrees to try. Yamini brings green tea for Sonali. Rahul thanks Yamini / Sandhya for taking care of his mom. He excuses himself. Sonali is not feeling like drinking it but Yamini talks sweetly to her. Sonali drinks green tea. Yamini gives her a head massage simultaneously. Sonali begins to feel dizzy. She tells Sandhya / Yamini she is sleepy. Yamini helps her lie down on the bed. It is very important for you to sleep so Manvi loses her sleep.

Sonali (Yamini) is pacing in the drawing room when Manvi enters. She speaks in Rahul’s favour. Why will he kill Harsh? Manvi says do you know what Rahul did. No animal attacks anyone by entering in their house. But this tiger came inside our house in the presence of my parents. No one heard my Dada’s cries. It means it was a powerful tiger. It seemed like an old enmity. Sonali tells her to stop it. You cannot blame my son just like that. Manvi says Rahul blamed Dada so much before the incident. I am tired of being his shield. I trusted him when he dint trust himself. He called police! You know how your look alike came in the house in your absence who created so many misunderstandings between us. Could it not have happened with Dada? Sonali accepts it all. Can you not forgive my son though? Manvi refuses. Sonali gets angry. You are forgetting your etiquettes here. Manvi reasons that she is in her senses even after what happened to her and her family. Rahul is cursed. Why should we bear its punishment? Sonali reminds her how she was given a choice to leave the house after knowing Rahul’s truth. Raj and I wanted to do puja but you wanted to be God. You will have to forgive Rahul. Manvi stays put. I will get Rahul punished for his misdeeds even if I have to bring out his truth before everyone. Sonali slaps her. I tolerated you and your family all these days because you knew one of our secrets. Don’t forget your limits next time before saying something like that. Think before warning me next time as your family wont look good as beggars in this age. She goes upstairs. Yamini comes to her original avatar. I did my work. Now I have to wait and watch this family getting destroyed. It is time to play my next card.

Yamini comes to where Rahul is. He is surprised to see her in tears. She shares that Manvi is downstairs. He is relieved to hear it but she says Manvi Bhabhi spoke so rudely to SOnali ji. Rahul says you might be mistaken. Manvi can never be rude to mom. Yamini says wish it was so. Manvi Bhabhi isn’t ready to hear anything. She thinks you killed Harsh so she said too many bad things to Sonali ji. She was feeling so bad after what happened. I made her lie down to rest.

Rahul asks Manvi what he said to his mom. She says I dint do anything. You slapped my Dada right here. What did I do? He reasons that there is no connection between these things yet I apologize to you. try to understand me a little. She says you dint lose anything. I lost my brother. My parents lost their son. What did you lose? You are Sabharwals who aren’t answerable to anyone. They only make everyone look down. Mummy ji said so much today. He says mom loves you so much. I came to talk about that only. How can you misbehave with her? She says I have respected her right from day one yet today she. Anyways, its no point telling you anything.

Sonali wakes up with a headache after Yamini does something to her. She is surprised to see Yamini / Sandhya there. Yamini tells her that Rahul and Manvi are having an argument downstairs. I thought no one else can manage things other than you. I don’t like Manvi Bhabhi’s behaviour. She blamed Sir before everyone. I don’t find it good. Please try to make her understand. Sonali agrees to check. Yamini smirks.

Rahul and Manvi continue to argue. Sonali comes there. She asks them why they are fighting. You know what manvi is going through. Why are you talking to her like that? Manvi looks at her in shock. Rahul says mom still is supporting you. Don’t you see it? Manvi replies that she is seeing the changing faces of everyone. Don’t you think you should apologize to me mummy ji after knowing what happened? Rahul and Sonali ask her about it. Sonali still apologizes to her which irks Rahul. It isn’t a big thing. Manvi asks him if it isn’t a big thing to raise your hand on someone, especially the DIL of the family. Both of them are shocked. Manvi begins to explain when Rahul tells her not to blame anyone without any reason. She speaks of the old times when Raj tried to ruin her Baba’s career; when Rahul turned into a tiger yet she supported him as his shield. It was my biggest mistake. Dada would have been alive today. Sonali knows she is angry so she is saying so. You love Rahul a lot. Manvi calls love the biggest enemy of anyone. Dada lost his life because of it. Sonali folds her hands before Manvi which upsets Rahul. Sonali still goes ahead and begins to apologize to Manvi who shakes her hand away in anger. Sonali gets hurt. Rahul tells Manvi to stay wherever she wants to. I wont stop you now.

Precap: Rahul brings Manvi to the main door of the house and closes the door on her face.

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