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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 27th June 2016 Written Update

temple, but they are not aware that we are not ghosts but devils. Kabir smirks. Yamini sits down to move the lamp. They see the box empty. Kabir asks where is the scene? Yamini says Rahul might have changed its place. Kabir says I will kill him. Yamini asks him not to get bad and says he has become more powerful now and can kill you. Kabir asks how do you now? Yamini says may be you don’t know my powers. She says I understood this when I came here as Sonali. She says Rahul might had a doubt when Sonali returned and that’s why he changed its place. Anyways, I will find it. Kabir asks how? Yamini says Rahul will be busy with Manvi at his inlaws home and here we will search for the scene. Kabir nods.

Next morning, Manvi wakes up Rahul. Rahul asks her to let him speak. Manvi says baba has done a limit and have fixed Harsh and Protima’s engagement. Rahul is surprised and asks when is the engagement? Manvi says today. Rahul says I am still in sleep and asks Manvi again. Manvi says yes Rahul. She says I don’t understand why is he hurrying up for engagement, just they have met. She says Harsh is bowled over by Protima. Rahul says it is not Harsh’s mistake, Protima is so good. Manvi gets jealous. Rahul says I am seeing her since childhood. Manvi says if you are regretting for marrying me then go and find a second wife for you. Rahul says God gave me success and wife. Manvi says go to hell. Rahul compliments her beauty and says I will never leave you.

Shilpa calls Manvi and tells her that Upmanya have kept the engagement, but arrangements such as ring, decoration and clothes for the bride is to be brought. She says don’t know we will manage. Rahul asks her not to take tension and asks her to give call to Upmanyu. Upmanyu asks are you coming? Rahul says I was thinking if you could keep engagement at my house, and says event management people will do arrangements quickly. Upmanyu says it seems to be strange, but I agree if everyone is okay with it. Manvi also insists. Upmanyu agrees.

Sonali tells that it is good. Manvi asks Raj if he is fine with it. He says yes. Yamini says she will cook the food for everyone. Sonali says no, and says we will keep caterer and asks her to supervise the food arrangements. Sonali says I will give nice saree to you. Yamini thinks to spoil everything. Later Upmanyu comes with his family. Upmanyu and Raj greet each other. Mr. Mukherji and his family arrive and them. Rahul jokes about Harsh. Yamini thinks destiny is with her, it is easy for her to execute plan today. Harsh and Protima are ready for engagement. Manvi jokes that Harsh is staring Protima. Protima smiles. Someone asks Rahul to sing a song for Manvi, if not for others. Rahul sings Aathate… He looks at Manvi and sings. Yamini gets irked. Manvi smiles.

Rahul dances with Manvi….Yamini gets irritated and couldn’t see them dancing happily. She recalls her marriage with Yugand and then his death by someone’s gun. She thinks they can’t celebrate happiness after snatching my happiness. Rahul holds Manvi closer and dances with her. Yamini burns the music system with short circuit. Rahul is surprised and wonders how did this happen. Upmanyu asks if everything is ready? Manvi nods. Harsh and Protima exchange rings and get engaged.

Manvi gets scared seeing someone. He turns out to be Rahul. Manvi says this is wrong. Rahul holds her hand and says we didn’t get officially engaged so I thought to get engaged to you. Manvi says Harsh is very happy today and she don’t want anyone to put black eye on them. Rahul says nothing will happen. Manvi thanks him. Yamini thinks it is enough of their drama and says she will start hers. She calls Manvi and spills juice on Protima’s clothes and says she didn’t do it intentionally. Yamini takes Protima to washroom and says no stain will not get erase. She changes herself into Harsh. Protima is cleaning the stains. Yamini as Harsh holds her and says now I can do anything with you. Protima is shocked and asks Harsh to leave her alone. She thinks I want this Harsh to go to jail. She pushes Protima on bed. Protima calls Maa. Rahul hears Protima shouting and Harsh trying to molest her. He is shocked.

No Precap.

Written Update by H Hasan

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