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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Manvi goes to look for Rahul. Is he in some trouble?

Razak is trying to escape when Rahul stands in his way. He lies to Rahul that he is a reporter. I wanted to take exclusive photos of his V-Day celebration. Rahul holds him by his collar. Whoever you are, you should not dare to come near me again. I wont spare you if I see you around me or my wife.

Manvi is worriedly walking in jungle. She is calling out for Rahul. She gets hurt yet she continues walking. Rahul is standing before her when she turns around to see if someone is behind her. He says I asked you to wait. She asks him why he came here. Rahul asks manvi to come. There are a lot of wild animals here. She asks him if he isn’t scared. He denies. you only called me a wild animal today. they should be scared of instead as! She asks him if he is their king. I should be scared of him also then. He agrees. It might be that I brought you here for that very reason. It might be that I want to kill you! She is taken aback by his answer. He notices the blood on her hand. She has no clue when it happened. he holds her hand. let us leave.

Doc tells Raj about Rahul’s reports. His heart rate is not normal. His DNA contains chromosomes which are not found in normal people. His blood properties are different. If it was sent to me then I would never believe it is of any human being. It is only found in wild animals. It is as if some animal’s blood has been mixed in it. Raj asks him if he realises what he is saying. There is something wrong with your lab. You want to make profit out of Rahul’s stardom. Media can ruin everything if they get hold of it. Doc assures him he has checked the sample personally. Raj says I will get it checked again from some other lab. Keep these readings to yourself. It should not go out to anyone. Next time my lawyer will come and close down your hospital!

Raj comes home. sonali asks him about the reports. He tells her everything. I am very much concerned about Rahul. Guru ji said there is time in Rahul’s transformation. I don’t think there is time. Sonali is in tears. Our son is in trouble because of us. How will we save him? Raj also has no clue. We will have to do something though. She requests him to do something.

A man comes to brush his teeth near the river. He finds a dead body floating in water (of Razak). Inspector reaches the spot with his team. There is indeed some secret behind this! He notices the marks around Razak’s neck. They are of a paw. They are exactly like on the marks on Niru’s body. Is the killer same? He heads towards the jungle with his constable to look for a clue.

Manvi tries to wake up Rahul. He wants to sleep more. I did so much yesterday. They tease each other about the surprise dinner last night and bicker cutely. She asks him how many girls has he taken out on date. He lies that he took some 18-20 girls out on date. She is shocked / angry as he increases the number. You should feel happy as I chose you out of all these girls. She retorts that she should have gotten him some injections in hospital yesterday. I wont give you your gift now. He is excited but she refuses to give it. He holds her in the duvet and asks for the gift. They both end up falling on the bed. They share an eye lock. She asks him to leave her. He asks for gift. She tells him to ask for gifts from those girls. He honestly tells her there was no one! You can ask mom. She goes to get his gift. He is happy that she has started to like him. Very soon she will also trust you. She gifts him a guitar.

Raj scolds Shaleen for cheating his brother. Rahul asks him what Shaleen has done. Raj shares that a guy from foreign came to get a contract signed. I thought it will be for you but it turned out to be your brother’s. Your brother stole your album. You are a thief! I cannot believe you will fall so low. Rahul went to jail for you. Rahul requests his father to stop but in vain. Raj asks SHaleen to leave. I will see what a shallow person like you will do without talent. Nisha tells him not to speak like this but Raj asks her to stay quiet. Sonali asks Raj to calm down. I know Shaleen has done wrong but you cannot talk to him like this. Raj tells her to ask Shaleen to leave or he will slap him. Rahul says Shaleen will not go anywhere. He dint do anything wrong. I knew about this already. Raj is taken aback. You knew? Rahul nods. SHaleen told me himself. Foreign producers could not wait anymore. I was unwell. Shaleen gave audition to keep our family’s respect intact. It is a proud thing for us. Where is that guy? He asks Chotu to call that guy. Nisha says Shaleen hid it so he could give a surprise to you (Raj). He spoke to Rahul but then thought to do that with the contract. The foreign producer comes there. Rahul thanks him for giving a chance to his wife and brother. The guy says we want to do an album with you too. Rahul agrees to do so. But firstly, my wife and brother should be given a chance. I want them to become bigger stars than me. we should celebrate tonight. He asks the producer to invite everyone from his team on his behalf. The guy nods. Rahul gives the responsibility of organizing today’s party to Nisha. Raj says maybe I overreacted. He excuses himself. Shaleen feels bad.

Inspector finds blood and Razak’s phone in the jungle. Killer often leaves behind a clue. Maybe this mobile will help us in tracking down the killer.

Precap: Manvi asks Sonali to tell her anything. I went to hospital to meet Baba. Doc told me that Papa has brought Rahul’s report. Is everything fine with him?

Written Update By Pooja


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