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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 22nd July 2016 Written Update


Rahul maanvi nok-jhok over standing in rains
rahul argues that he will stand in rains so he can see windows. They argue like kids.
**eye lock moment**
maanvi convince rahul to come inside
rahul asks constables to stand in rain and keep a watch around the whole street and maanvi saves them from rahul

sonali asks driver bhushan about the route and sonali notices sandhya/yamini in mirror reflection
sonali figures sandhya/yamini is shapeshifting and causing all troubles
sonali wishes to inform rahul about this but no signal
sonali succeeds to keeping a ruse and escape when yamini pretends of engine fault
yamini blabbers


rahul changes cloths
upu talks nicely with rahul
maanvi comes in her yellow salwar suit and rahul maanvi share cute silent romance moment
shilpa brings haldi milk for them both
sonali comes banging on the door
sonali faints and rahul maanvi helps her on sofa
sonali becomes conscious for a moment but faints again seeing yamini /sandhya outside window
rahul looks towards window but no one is there
just then sandhya/yamini comes running
everyone inquires and sandhya makes up some story but maanvi says no there is something else
yamini blabbers again
shilpa suggests to take sonali inside
rahul about to call doctor but sandhya/yamini stops him
maanvi reasons again and sends rahul to get the doctor himself as no one will come in this weather
yamini wondering how to handle sonali when kabir calls
yamini kabir discussion… kabir gets frustrated and blabbers that he should send yamini to her yugant as well
yamini almost at phone //not sure if she heard that LOL
kabir notice the phone on call and worries if yamini heard him but the call is disconnected
kabir says if yamini’s truth is out, then all their plans are spoiled


maanvi brings food tray to sonali and sonali wakes up
sonali is all scared and inquires about sandhya and maanvi asks what happened
sonali says they cannot trust sandhya/yamini and she saw… maanvi asks what did sonali saw?
just then another maanvi walks in
sonali is scared. second maanvi asks first one who is she
both maanvi calls each other liar and imposter but sonali knows the mirror reflection secret and instantly knows the first one is imposter
sonali points the real maanvi and sandhya/yamini understands that sonali knows the truth
sonali asks why is she doing this
sandhya calls herself their doom
maanvi calls her out and slaps her
yamini and maanvi fights with words
yamini pushes maanvi aside and runs away
kabir wonders what is happening and tries to reach yamini but her phone is unreachable
kabir blabber about “horn” and yamini failing


rahul comes in with doctor and yamini runs into him
rahul asks where is she going but yamini run away
maanvi comes running and informs rahul about yamini doing everything
rahul goes after yamini
maanvi now feels she did mistake by sending rahul after yamini so she prays to goddess
rahul gets some tiger powers to chase down yamini
yamini wonders how does rahul has powers even without the full moon
shilpa and upu joins maanvi in her prayers
rahul about to catch yamini but she disappears
yamini beats rahul staying invisible
rahul asks her to fight from front
yamini attacks rahul with her powers
sonali also comes and joins maanvi
maanvi’s prayers works and rahul stands up as if yamini’s attack no longer works on him
episode ends

yamini and rahul face-to-face at maanvi’s house
yamini says did you really think you can save maanvi? she poisoned maanvi’s drink
rahul worried for maanvi

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