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Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum 21st June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rahul asking Sonali to take his promise and say. Sonali says I promise I went to Maldives with your dad. Rahul says then who is the one who is staying in our house since 2 days. He says some imposter is staying here. Yamini thinks of seeing Sonali and Raj coming back and running back to room. Rahul goes to room and sees it locked. He says she is some imposter. Raj asks him to break the door. Rahul breaks the door and couldn’t see her but just the saree which she had worn. Sonali asks how can that woman enter our house. Manvi says she looked like you. Rahul says she was exactly like you, and even has same voice. Raj says how is it possible. Rahul says she asked us not to call you and asks Manvi to tell. Manvi says she told that if we call you, then she will get angry. Sonali says she is such a clever woman. Manvi says she was trying to create misunderstanding between Rahul and me. Raj says we shall inform Police. Rahul says we didn’t know if she was imposter or some evil spirit. Manvi says what we will tell Police. Rahul says we shall not talk to anyone about this. Raj says this matter is serious one. Manvi thinks what does she wants from us.

Yamini thinks Sonali and Raj have ruined her plan and thinks she did a mistake by letting him alive. She recalls Rahul asking Manvi to apologize to her. She thinks I won’t accept defeat so easily and have to return somehow. She sees a couple and thinks Rahul and Manvi think that nobody can separate them, I will break their relation. A fb is shown, she is seen marrying a man Yugant 500 years ago, and says if he can break our relation. She says I will send your killer to you.

Manvi brings tea. Sonali asks her to come to her. Manvi runs and hugs her. Rahul smiles. Manvi says so much have happened, I am happy that you came. Sonali says I can’t understand who is behind this? Kabir? Manvi thinks about someone telling that they can get scene. She asks if Kabir can change his avatar. She tells Sonali that she doesn’t know if that person is kabir or not, but that person will try to return home. She says we have to be careful and shall support each other. Rahul thinks Sonali and Manvi’s relationship is the best and that woman tried to ruin it. Kabir tells his Amma that he have to go and find that scene. His mum asks him to believe on her. Yamini comes and asks did you kill them? Yamini says Raj and Sonali have ruined my plan. Kabir is shocked and worried about scene. Kamini scolds him. Kabir apologizes to her and says when Yugant was attacked, he was with him. He says Rahul might have seen us, and we are protected because of that scene. Yamini says I will bring the scene. Amma asks how you will return? Yamini says she will find a way out.

Nisha thinks she will take advantage of the situation and will kick Manvi out of house. She thinks to go to Sonali’s room on the pretext of giving her prasad. She goes to Sonali’s room and gives her prasad. Sonali asks since when you have started going to temple. Nisha says she went to thank God as everything is fine between us. Sonali asks what happened? Nisha says you have insulted Manvi and her mum and talked to her so rudely, which she truly deserves. She badmouths about Manvi which shocks Sonali. Nisha says you have shown her real place. Sonali asks what nonsense? She says you are from afluent family and asks did you change your mentality, disgusting. She says don’t forget that you are in the house because of Manvi, else I would have kicked you out. Nisha says I was supporting you. Sonali asks her to support herself. She asks about the bracelet. Nisha says you gave me this. Sonali asks her to return her kada which was gifted by Raj. Sonali doubts that Nisha is behind this imposter. Nisha is clueless and wonders what is happening. She thinks why mom is changing, sometimes I feel that mom’s twin is staying with us.

Yamini sees the pics and thinks this family is of no use. She thinks Sabarwal family have no control on this family. She thinks to take someone avatar of Sabarwal family member and thinks to kill that person. She thinks I have to know about that person before and gets an idea to take someone’s help. She tells Amma that she got an idea to enter Sabarwal’s home, and says she will get the scene after taking revenge from them. Amma smirks. Manvi thinks to make everyone’s favorite food. Servant asks what to make in food? Manvi tells the dishes. Servant says it seems my job will go. Manvi asks servant about his wife. Servant says she must have come from her mayka. Manvi asks him to go and be with his wife. He goes. Manvi thinks she will be happy to meet her husband. She thinks to make food for Rahul. Servant comes to his house and sees light off. He calls his wife Sandhya. Sandhya comes and asks how did you come early today. Sandhya holds his hand and takes him to room. Servant is surprised. Sandhya massages him and makes him lie down on the bed. Servant opens the eyes and is shocked to see Yamini. He asks who are you? Yamini looks on.

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Written Update by H Hasan

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